Escentric Molecules perfume

Escentric Molecules perfume

Brand Escentric Molecules launches a wonderful perfume in a wide range. The flavors of the brand are very popular, because they are distinguished by the highest quality, resistance and versatility. In this article we will get a closer to Escentric Molecules perfume.


Escentric Molecules is a German brand, but a manufacturer of high-quality perfume under this brand – United Kingdom. Firm products are very popular and widely known. It has many positive qualities that make it in demand among modern buyers.

Escentric Molecules perfume is presented in a wide range. Only professional perfumers work on each instance – real masters of their case. We will understand the main advantages of Original Perfumery Products Escentric Molecules.

  • Smells from Escentric Molecules can not fall in love. They are distinguished by polyhedral, brightness. Brand flavors fascinate and conquer users literally from the first breath. Fragrant bouquets are very thoroughly thought out by perfumes, so only ideal combinations for which you can not pay attention to.

  • Escentric Molecules Escentric Molecules and Toilet Water are created exclusively using Safe and Eco-friendly Components. In the composition of branded flavors there are natural components. Harsh and aggressive chemical elements are not observed here, so it does not go about the dangers of health.

  • As part of most flavors there is a very small number of ingredients. Very popular specimens that are manufactured using a special ISO molecule. Its action turns out to be very original and spectacular. The specified component is completely harmless.

  • Original perfumery Escentric Molecules can be used by allergy. Once on the skin of a person, perfume and cologne of this brand does not cause unpleasant sensations, annoying itching, redness, swelling and other symptoms of allergies.

  • Many buyers attract a remarkable resistance of brand fragrament compositions. Even a drop of perfume, hitting the skin, will stay on it throughout the day. People do not have to update the branded smell, resorting to additional pixms every hour – half an hour. Brand flavors are perfectly held not only on the skin, but also on clothes. Many buyers noticed that the Escentric Molecules perfume does not disappear anywhere, even if things were posts manually or in a typewriter.

  • Many buyers choosing the perfect male or female fragrance, pay attention to the design of the bottle in which he “hid”. Escentric Molecules perfumery is in very stylish and attractive bottles having minimalistic and clear forms. On the surface of the bottles there may be various inscriptions of contrasting colors. In the store, such goods are difficult not to notice.

  • Breaks with perfume brand are equipped with high-quality pulverizers. They are attached as hard as possible and securely, do not fly and do not fall. All pshits are clear, not in the form of a fine trickle. This suggests that Escentric Molecules Escentric Molecules products use not only pleasant, but also convenient.

  • Original smells of the famous manufacturer leave behind wonderful loops. Very many buyers for this quality choose Escentric Molecules perfume.

  • Assortment of high-quality smells from Escentric Molecules amazes by variety. Having considered the company’s commodity series, finding the perfectly suitable and decent product can almost every consumer.

  • Perfume Products of the Brand considered fine IT Approach for different conditions, seasons, reasons and sentiment. Fit the appropriate option, a person can charge energy and positive, or tune in to a romantic way. Original odors Escentric Molecules are able to create a mood, than attracting so many consumers.

  • The undoubted advantage of branded perfumes is that they are not too obsessive. Even if the smell assumes sweet components, it is not felt showing and too catchy. Thanks to this, people do not “get tired” from brand perfumes, do not experience the severity from their notes, chords and a loop.

As you can see, branded fragrant products Escentric Molecules can boast a lot of benefits. The smells of a well-known brand have a lot of fans who give preference only to them.

If the user decided to select and buy a high-quality product of Escentric Molecules, it is necessary to familiarize himself with the disadvantages that he can possess.

  • Unfortunately, in stores for sale countless fake spirits and colognes, which are issued for Original Escentric Molecules products. Many replicas are made so good that it is extremely difficult to calculate them. Because of this, buyers often spend impressive amounts, getting a counterfeit product. So as not to face similar failures, people have to show maximum caution and attentiveness, contact only the best stores / boutiques.
  • For many consumers, a serious disadvantage is the high cost of branded perfumes Escentric Molecules. The assortment of the famous manufacturer has plenty of positions with not the most attractive price tags. Not every buyer agrees to such spending.

But in the justification of the brand it is worth saying that his high-quality products with more than their money.

Description of flavors

Popular brand produces first-class fragrances in a huge assortment. Buyers have all the possibilities of buying men’s, female and unisex products of the highest quality. Each position has its own characteristics and distinctive features that fall to taste different people.

We will get acquainted closer with the most popular and high-quality perfumes brand Escentric Molecules.

Molecule 02

Top Toilet Water Employed Brand. Presented in several variants of volume. You can find a bottle of 30 and 100 ml on sale. This original and high-quality aroma has a natural 100% ambroxan in its composition. The copy belongs to the family of aldehyde fragrances.

The aroma of the original Molecule 02 is very subtle, deep and amber. It plays only 1 the main note, but it is quite enough for truly chic fragrant sound.

The position under consideration has a lot of fans, because she fascinates and seduces.

Escentric 02

Such a name received an amazing fragrance of type unisex. Molecule 02 is one of the most popular and purchased products of the famous brand. It comes from the family of eastern and flower perfumes. Can boast of excellent resistance. High-quality fragrance will delight its owner for the whole day.

High-quality perfume Molecule 02 attracts buyers not only by the fact that it is a long-playing, but also by demonstrating a good loop. The fragrant composition of this brand copy is made up of artfully combined elements, namely: Iris, jasmine and ambroxan. Above the creation of the top perfume Molecule 02 worked talented perfumery of Geza Schoen.

Molecule 01

Very Original Niche Perfume. In its composition, as in the above version, there is only 1 primary component – ISO E Super Molecule. Her aroma is so difficult that the human body takes and assimilates it as slow and stepwise. In some points it may seem that fragrant notes have disappeared at all, but then they show themselves again.

Amazing branded fragrance Molecule 01 is able to create a unique aura who attracts and excites around its owner. This aura is not so much fragrant as spectacular. Thanks to such an interesting action, the perfume Molecule 01 can be called, indeed, the original, perfect.

With it, it is possible to emphasize the natural sexuality and irresistible person.

Molecule 05

High-quality universal perfume, which very much like many men and women. Molecule 05 perfectly suitable for any time. It sounds luxurious and in spring, and in summer, and in the fall. However, in winter, the Molecule 05 sound is slightly dulled and seems less expressive. The fragrance is completely new – it was created in 2020.

The original Aromatic Product Molecule 05 is demonstrated by such main chords: Musky, woody, amber, powder. As the above copies, this perfume product has only one main note in the form of a kashmera.

Molecule 05 is stable, reserves an expressive and unusual train.

Molecule 03

Very interesting unisex perfume, dressed in a spectacular bottle, decorated with small attractive prints. The box of this product also looks modern and bright, so it is difficult to not pay attention to the store. Nontrivial fragrance demonstrates fuys, wood, earthy and green chords. It is made since 2010 and is perfect for all seasons. Only in winter Molecule 03 sounds less bright.

Basic note in this aroma – Vetiver. The smell is persistent, demonstrates a good loop. Many people really liked this product.

Molecule 04

Unique woody perfume, which is ideal for representatives of both sexes. Molecule 04 is wood. The role of the main note here is performed by sandal. As for the main chords, there are wood, powdered and warm spicy options. The original smell of Molecule 04 from Escentric Molecules is characterized by very high resistance and pronounced loop.

Universal perfume Molecule 04 walks in a stylish transparent bottle, decorated with avant-garde prints in the form of thin divorces, numbers and points. The product looks futuristic and very neat.


In the assortment of the famous brand you can find flavors of not only the class of unisex, but also intended for women. The Beautiful Mind Series Volume 1 Intelligence & Fantasy Product is designed specifically for them. It is filled in red tones. It has much more rich notes, rather than in the above products.

The Beautiful Mind Series Volume 1 Intelligence & Fantasy, The Beautiful Mind Series Volume 1 Intelligence & Fantasy includes such long-playing notes: Bergamot, Pepper, Mandarin, Magnolia, Freapers, Osmanthus, Rosa, Musk, Sandal, Cedar. The smell turned out to be very resistant. It refers to several main categories, namely, flower, musk and wood.


On the perfumery products reviewed above, the range of the famous brand does not end. Escentric Molecules releases other interesting positions. We will get acquainted with some of them.

  • POWER OF 10 LIMITED EDITION ESCENTRIC 02. Unique smell, suitable and men, and women. It is possible to catch very interesting notes of gentle iris, jasmine, ambroxane and Molecules E Super. The original aroma is ideal for the addition of summer and autumn images. Weaker it sounds in spring and winter. Ideal time for the limited product POWER OF 10 LIMITED EDITION ESCENTRIC 02 – DAY.

  • POWER OF 10 LIMITED EDITION MOLECULE 02. Unisex Perfume Product, which demonstrates only 2 chord – musky and amber. The composition of this product has only 1 main note – it is Ambroxan. The smell is very unusual, reserves a huge loop, characterized by excellent resistance.

  • Escentric Molecules Boudicca Wode. Popular unisex fragrance made of several long-playing notes: black dope, opium, saffron, musk, amber, cumin, tobacco and wood resins. The composition turned out, indeed, exciting, hypnotic, very bold and expressive.

The product under consideration will be the perfect solution for interesting and mysterious personalities, confident in their own.

  • Kinski. And this gorgeous toilet water is created exclusively for men. It is characterized by a very bright and original design box and bottle. Perfume has become a dedication to the Day of the 20th anniversary of the famous German actor Claus Kinski. Nontrivial male fragrance of a well-known brand is represented by amber, musk, ginger, oak moss, cedar, patchulas.

How to distinguish the original from the fake?

Unique perfume products from the German manufacturer Escentric Molecules fakes in huge volumes. Buyers are risking all the time, acquiring even the most expensive positions under this brand. There is too many replicas of original perfumes Escentric Molecules.

In order not to give money for counterfeit product, buyers should be maximum attentiveness and caution. It is advisable to look closely to certain features and parameters of the purchased product. We learn what exactly you should pay particularly attention.

  • Design and vials, and perfume boxes Escentric Molecules is the work of one company – Mecompany. Many positions are complemented by drawings and prints stylized under the barcode. Boxes of originals are always made of very dense cardboard. Fakes look quite differently, complemented by thinner boxes.

  • Inside the box should be a special holding, which is also done from cardboard. It effectively protects perfumes from possible damage in the course of transportation. If there is no such protective part, or it does not hold the perfume in the right place, it will say that the product is non-original.

  • This manufacturer of Escentric Molecules Indicates on the box, and on the bottle all the necessary information regarding the country of production, volume and composition of the product. Absolutely all the inscriptions and names should be correct, without errors and curves of letters.

  • It is advisable to look at and to the fleaks themselves with perfume Escentric Molecules. Original bubbles look minimalist and restrained. Reclinists are characterized by harmonious and slightly glossy pattern on bottles. It will not be able to erase these drawings.

  • In the original products, the dispenser is always performed as high quality and reliable as possible. It is firmly fixed in his place and works correctly.

  • Do not be afraid if the perfume is not supplemented with a cap. For original corporate products, Escentric Molecules is a normal phenomenon. Molecules do not destroy, so the caps are not particularly needed.

  • On the bottom of the bottle there may be no corporate triangle. This should not be afraid. When the Escentric Molecules brand has just started his work, this element, indeed, turned out to be a sign of product quality. At the present time it is no longer there, but it does not mean that the perfume fake.

  • Many buyers immediately pay attention to the colors of the brand perfume. In the original products, this parameter can vary from absolutely transparent to oil, saturated yellow.

Acquire Original Brand Perfumes Escentric Molecules Recommended only in specialized perfume houses and boutiques. Meaninglessly looking for a genuine product on the market or in a retail point with a dubious reputation.

Review reviews

Modern non-trivial perfumery of the German brand Escentric Molecules causes the current consumers a variety of emotions and impressions. Someone branded smells madly likely, and someone is completely not satisfied. First, we learn that people most of all had to do in the soul in brand perfumes from Escentric Molecules:

  • The lion’s share of positive feedback is related to the interesting and vivid sounds of many branded flavors+
  • Many buyers remained very satisfied with the level of resistance of branded spirits and colognes from Escentric Molecules+
  • Among buyers there were many of those who attracted bright individuality, nonstandarity and originality of perfume Escentric Molecules+
  • Many positive responses are associated with the unobtrusion of the firm spirits+
  • Many branded flavors seem to be very sexy, dopeful and messy users+
  • Very beautiful bottles and boxes were marked in a large number of positive feedback+
  • Buyers noted that the smells of Escentric Molecules reveal very effectively, expressive+
  • Original perfume products of the German brand especially liked this to people who love to be in the center of attention, attract the views of others.

In the address of Escentric Molecules, buyers leave many more enthusiastic reviews. A lot of people call the fragrances of the company with their loved ones.

And now we will find out what the main disadvantages noticed by consumers are related:

  • Most negative reviews are associated with a very high cost of brand perfumes+
  • Some people smells Escentric Molecules seemed not too persistent+
  • Among buyers there were those who did not like the brand smells themselves, their composition and sound+
  • Some perfumes seem to users too strong and brutal, close to men’s, not unisex options+
  • In rare cases, users say that Escentric Molecules perfume simply did not meet their expectations.

Basically, buyers do not speak about the noticed shortcomings of brand perfumes. A lot of people did not find any minus for themselves in Escentric Molecules fragrances.

Overview of popular flavors from Escentric Molecules Line, see next video.

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