Female perfume lacoste

Female perfume lacoste

French brand Lacoste specializes in the production of branded clothing, shoes, accessories and perfumery. Almost every aroma in the designer bottle, it is possible to become a fragrant hit, captivating out of time.


The peculiarity of perfume products of this brand is easy to moral and energy. Despite the fact that the manufacturer’s country lacoste France and this is a luxury grade produced by her compositions do not have claims for age and status. On the contrary, perfumes sound cheerful, mischievously, do not burden a heavy loop or stuffy emotions.

For women, French perfumers offer different types of aromatic compositions: Oil perfumes, perfumes and toilet water. Women’s flavors are distinguished by a variety and decent resistance.

Description of flavors

Bestsellers from Lacoste conquer the smell of women of different ages, as they smell like youth, dreams and fresh emotions.

Sparkling Pour Elle

A perfume masterpiece under this title appeared in 2015 as a dedication to attractive coquettes with a sparkling smile. In the composition, the sensuality of sensuality, true femininity and charm of immediance. It emphasize ripe mandarin and blackberry, sweet apple and bright spices in the upper notes. In the middle of the aromas of almond pastries Makarun and sugar wool, besides, this is all framed by the freshness of the valley. Pink composition satures the base from Kashmir tree and vetiver with a loop based on patchouli and musk. This fragrance is suitable for young and ambitious lady: Sweet, but not shown, with a highlight.

More suitable for use in the autumn-winter period.

L. 12.12 Natural Pour Elle

Attractive and air, like a cloud, fragrance with a thin green tint, emphasizing the female charm and natural beauty. Cool fruit accents emphasize perfume sensuality, and warm chords of the iris create aura of lightness and sophistication. Attractiveness and tenderness – these are synonyms of this aromatic masterpiece from the Lacoste brand.

The smell turned out to be seductive, enveloping sweetness. In perfume feel notes of coconut milk, smoothly flowing into the depths of Tuscan colors. At the end, the wood fragrance of sandalwood sounds.

Suitable for winter and spring.

Eau de lacoste

The aroma, titled classic – a snow-white polo shirt, opens with a freshness of a wood-green chord with grapefruit bitterness and notes of rosemary, cardamom and conifer cedar. White notes are mixed in a heart with lush tuberosa, ylang-ylang and resinous olibanum. The fragrance base is represented by cedar and vetiver, emphasizing the versatility of the classical, but such a modern perfume.


A novelty, saturated with fruit overflows, blossoming notes of blunt bergamot, mischievous pink pepper and juicy black currant. Under the chords of sparkling champagne concluded between Jasmine and Rosa, the heart of this perfume is formed. The loop is revealed by a woodcut bouquet with a haze patchouli.

On each bottle, as well as on any cult product of the brand – Polo Lacoste, depicted a corrosion logo. Elegant design made in the style of Color-Block – Red and White.

Touch of Sun

This female fragrance belongs to chypre and fruit groups. Touch of Sun – New Year 2006, created by a talented perfumerial orienen Gishhar. Opened with top notes of grapefruit and bergamot, peony, jasmine and roses sound in the heart. The base consists of a musk-sandal coctal flavored by vetiver. Yellow perfumes charge optimism and solar energy.

Lacoste Pour Femme

This elite fragrance was created in 2003 by Olivier Sprout for modern, energetic, rapid representatives of the beautiful half of humanity. They instantly appreciated the multi-stage charming composition of the fragrant masterpiece. The fragrance allows you to reveal to every woman and a girl, exposing the qualities that she is unknown to her, while maintaining a riddle and the notorious “highlight” in it.

Perfume elegant and touchingly beautiful. He will become a universal fragrant companion for one who craves to smell confident femininity in any situation.

For the expression of female charm, perfumers used floral notes with wood shades. Each ingredient can make something in a consonant aromatic bouquet. Initially, the smell is manifested by a purple freesia and Jamaican pepper, and then an turn of a gentle Iranian jasmine, light fluids of the Bulgarian rose with a hint of hibiscus. To top off in the air, a gentle loop appears, seasoned with cedar, sandalwal and velvety skin.

Designers suggest to combine this fragrance with outfits For special cases.

Ideally, these dresses stitched from translucent light fabric in beige and white shades. It is they who are associated with the style of the vial – the sophisticated and elegant, topped with a silver cover hidden under the carton of a creamy shade.


Amazing fragrance perfumers position as a universal seduction gun, effective at any time of the day. They successfully emphasize the romantic, charging female image. He is able to make sparks fun even in the most everyday days. Perfume in the blue bottle can like the buyers of different ages. Having to go to the cloud of refined perfume, they can feel confidence in any situation.

The fragrance consists of notes of juicy fruits. As part of ripe tangerines, fragrant pears, fragrant pomegranate and spicy podpick pepper. Inspiration Heart Sounds Floor Melody. PION, LANDRISH AND JASMIN. Iris chords sounded, mysterious musk and fascinating sandalwood. This bouquet is like a summer hurricane, followed by a warm invigorating rain.

Pleasant to the touch bottle of heavenly blue color is hidden in a laconic blue box. The fragrance of 2006 does not lose its relevance even after 15 years of existence.


In the elegant translucent beige bottle from Lacoste hidden elegant fragrance Pour Femme Timeless. It gives the image of brightness holders, emphasizing its unconditional femininity. Together with the truth elegance, this fragrance is the most sensual and seductive. Two pink essences are used in the composition, harmoniously intertwined in the bouquet, which added Jasmine and Gardenia, Citrus notes and flavors of fresh greenery.


Eau de Lacoste Sensuelle – perfume in a purple bottle for a warm romantic evening and a hot-night night. The aroma game begins with a light fresh breeze of pink pepper and black currant berries. Heart notes are revealed by a luxurious Turkish rose and elegant gladiolus strokes flavored with fragrant peas. Basic notes are responsible for the energy, mystically combining the fragrances of the future night: a soft fuel nuuu with a luxurious amber.

Pour Femme Legere

Unique Creation Lacoste, confidently applying to the status of perfumes bestseller. In the exquisite aroma of the fruit and floral cloud, any woman feels like a royal luxury. Fabulous airiness and magic of weightlessness with an incredible depth of sensations – this is characterized by this stylish perfume.

Spicy duet made of nutmeg and black pepper oil attaches piquancy, and fresh green apple and balsamic bergamot – playfulness.

They are replaced by a complex gamut of heliotrop, fresh jasmine, cherry-almond chords. Mysterious wood motifs supports a sensual sounding sandalwood in a pair with a cedar, and at the top of the aromatic pyramid, herbal musk and labdanum are tall.

Perfume magic can emphasize the presence of a beautiful taste and the refinement of nature, the beauty of the dreaming female soul. Stylish bloc minimalistic and majestic, like the famous Eiffel Tower.

Love of Pink

The fragrance that talks about love is emotionally bright, as if created for the most tender creatures on the planet. The composition dedicated to a cute lady went on sale in 2009. Perfumes fell in love with many fans of an elite perfume.

There is interesting, sunny splashes of exotic Maracuy, mature orange, slightly bitter citrus zest of lemon and magnolia in bloom. In addition, the bouquet is traced by quince of notes, jasmine, vanilla, coniferous cedar and musk.

Lacoste Pour Femme Intense

This is a more rich version of the cult female perfume Pour Femme from Lacoste. The composition is built on elegant femininity and sounds very original.

In a brown bottle, the spirit of exquisite caramel is hidden in the upper notes, where it is intertwined with a sophisticated rose and sensual muscue. Base of Wallowders from warm, enveloping with coolest notes of sandalwood.

How to distinguish the original from the fake?

The original perfume from Lacoste can not cost cheap. Low price – reason to doubt that a large discount is offered a French original.


It always looks flawless: sustained symmetry, no dents. The box is made of dense cardboard of excellent quality, on top of which cellophane is perfectly stretched. The seams are securely processed by thermal spike, without the use of glue.

All inscriptions on the packaging well readable. On the box necessarily there are reference to the return packaging in the form of two arrows located in a circle.

The first digit on the barcode necessarily coincides with the country where the product produced.

Determination of the authenticity of the barcode on the product is not labor: you only need to look at the first digit and find out the country-manufacturer.

Cellofan fits tightly cardboard packaging and has no visual defects. Inside the cardboard gently and reliably fixes the bottle, preventing its damage. The original always has a sealing stamp on rectangular polyethylene or round shape.

Attention should be paid to the fact that the address of the manufacturer is specified directly in the middle of packaging with perfume.


Of course, he should not be defective. The uneven glass surface and the presence of air bubbles will be bred into the eyes and the presence of air bubbles in its structure.

The original bottle is always made of stained glass. Even in transparent externally, there is always a barely intact view of a color shade. If the paint is applied over the glass – the bottle is 100% non-original.

Plastic instead of glass or coarse glass surface treatment – obvious indicator of falsified products. All irregularities that are available on the bottle can be exclusively elements of design. Lacoste symbols can be knocked out on the lid. Not only the bottle itself must be produced from high-quality material, but also the lid. She fits tightly to the bottle of the bottle and necessarily fits him in size.

You can determine the quality on the tube-dispenser. He must barely touch the bottom, and not lie on it. And almost not viewed against the background of aromatic fluid.

Lacoste usually produces perfume in bottles of 30 and 100 ml. So, 15 ml containers cannot be original. Testers are often spilled in 5 ml tanks.


You need to pay attention to the competent writing of the brand logo and the name of the collection. On the fake perfume in the inscriptions, present on the box and the bottle, are very similar to the original. In this case, there is often no one letter. Either she is superfluous, written incorrectly or not adds. Instead of lacoste may be lacosta and even lacost.

It is also important to remember that All branded women’s flavors of the brand come from France. This fact is reflected in the smallest font – thus the manufacturer seeks to protect the quality.

Branded symbolism

The most notisable difference between the script from the falsification lies in the design of the Lacoste symbol. Crocodile exclusively green, with a white contour and a red mouth, deployed strictly right. Well, the real fragrance, turning on the receptors, remains in memory, creating emotion, the effect of which is unrealized to fake.

How to applied?

Perfume to properly apply on the skin in the places of pulsation. He also “worn” on the hair. Temperature in the place where the pulse is tested is slightly higher, and the sweating is stronger in the hollows: on the inner bending of the elbow, in the cervical depression.

In these places, the aroma is better revealed and remains for a long time.

If the perfume has a dispenser, it is enough to carry out a couple of “PSHICS”. Otherwise, one drop is applied to the pad of index (medium) finger and light touches are transferred to place.

Review reviews

Original perfume distinguishes persistent fragrance. He does not disappear throughout the day. The lower notes of the fragrance are felt even the next day.

Women like the brand offers an impressive range. There is a perfume for any lifetime, age and status.

Men consider very attractive and feminine smells of this brand. And gladly choose them for their halves and as a gift to close families.

Many noted that the flavors do not lose relevance for many years, they want to return to them again and again.

Objectively evaluate all products from the Lacoste brand difficult, as well as to run existing samples. For quality and popularity, each of them is worth a certain attention and high estimates from their owners.

In more detail how to distinguish the original perfumes from the fake, you will learn by looking at the following video.

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