Perfume from Ex Nihilo

Perfume from Ex Nihilo

Ex Nihilo is a relatively new brand. The earliest fragrance was released in 2014. Over high-quality EX Nihilo perfume work the best perfumes. In this article we will get acquainted closer with the original perfume of this French brand.


Ex Nihilo is a perfume house that creates high-quality and very original flavors in Paris. The concept of this popular brand itself is to create alternative odors that differ significantly from the products of mass production.

In the creations of Ex Nihilo, unique avant-garde notes are traced, spectacularly combined with true French sophistication.

Currently, brand products from Ex Nihilo are very popular. Original fragrances from France attract buyers a significant number of positive characteristics. Read the most important of them.

  • The main advantage of perfumery products ex Nihilo should be considered high quality smells created. Original flavors make plenty of versatility, nice saturation.

  • All products of the French brand are produced from high quality and environmentally friendly natural components. In the content of EX Nihilo perfume, there are no aggressive chemicals or harmful additives.

  • EX Nihilo perfume boasts Very good resistance. Original smells do not destroy all day long. They do not have to “refresh” every half hour. Moreover, hitting clothes, French perfume remains on it even after washing.

  • High-quality French brand ex Nihilo perfume demonstrates Very pleasant loops. Consumers may pick up different options that differ in both light and more expressive loop.

  • It is worth noting what the original fragrances of the French company look like. EX Nihilo perfumery is in very beautiful bottles, distinguished by correct and strict forms. Corner bubbles are complemented by contrasting rounded round caps with shiny surfaces. Brand products look expensive and exquisitely, so they can be safely present in the quality of the gift, without buying bright bags or boxes.

  • French perfume Ex Nihilo Does not provoke allergic reactions. When contacting the skin of perfume and toilet water, the brand does not cause itching, the formation of red spots, swelling or irritation. Thanks to this, enjoy the chic long-playing fragrances from Ex Nihilo can even those users who are allergic.

  • EX Nihilo smells differ in that may fit for different times of the year and different times of the day. Pick up a decent option is possible almost for any occasion and mood. Through the original perfumes, people can effectively add and brighten up many images.

  • Many users in EX Nihilo perfumery attracts her bright personality and originality. The smells of this French brand are not similar to anything else, they are very difficult to confuse with the flavors of other popular companies. If you want to make interesting and avant-garde notes in my appearance, the EX Nihilo perfume is best suited.

  • The aromas of the manufacturer under consideration are not intrusive. Even if the smell refers to a sweet category, it does not demonstrate excessive gentle by most people nausea and headache.

  • Ex Nihilo perfumery is presented in a good assortment. A lot of first-class fragrances is presented to the choice of buyers. Each person will be able to find a worthy copy for himself, which will be perfect for him.

Since the perfumery of the young brand Ex Nihilo has so many advantages, the choice in her favor makes many buyers. However, deciding to acquire high-quality products of this French manufacturer, you should consider the disadvantages that it possesses.

  • One of the weighty minuses of brand French perfumes consists in its high cost. Not every buyer agrees to spend similar amounts on perfume and toilet water. In justifying a young brand it is worth saying that the quality of the aromas produced by them quite consistent with the cost. The price tags on the EX Nihilo perfume cannot be called unnecessarily overestimated.

  • Like most other famous brands, ex Nihilo undergoes serious losses Because of the huge number of fakes. Many flavors of the French company are fake by unscrupulous manufacturers. Because of this, replicas are very often on sale, many of which are difficult to immediately calculate. In order not to spend money on a fake, buyers have to show maximum caution, visit only specialized stores / boutiques.

Other weighty shortcomings Modern original perfumery ex Nihilo has no. Cons, which are sometimes marked by buyers, are strictly subjective.

Collection Les Interdites

This popular collection of the French brand is very famous and in demand. It includes several first-class fragrances, among which are women and unisex products. We will get acquainted with Perfumes from the Les Interdites series closer.

Sweet Morphine

This chic smell was created specifically for beautiful ladies. The original female perfume is made since 2015. It boasts an excellent level of resistance. The Sweet Morphine cable is very expressive, but at the same time pleasant, not heavy.

In the exclusive smell of Sweet Morphine, amazingly combined lilac sheets, juicy bergamot, mimosa, luxurious roses, iris, and patchulas, vetiver and gentle vanilla are traced. The flower aroma of pink shade is bottled into the neat bottles, the design of which is made in the spirit of the brand. Transparent glass bottle complemented by a beautiful golden cap.


Amazing perfume, which can be easily supplemented with images of modern ladies and gentlemen.

This copy comes from the family of eastern and flower aromas. It will be an excellent solution for the addition of winter, spring and autumn images.

Explicite is suitable for day, and for the evening.

In the considered perfume product, the famous brand is present several primary chords, skillfully selected by talented perfumes. We are talking about sweet, floral, amber, fresh, spicy, powdered, vanilla, pink and other components. The smell is very resistant, demonstrates a bright loop.

Devil Tender

Beautiful pink perfume created for women. It turned out very gentle, floral. Devil Tender literally created for spring and summer days. It is implemented in different volumes. Buyers may choose a great version of 100 ml or a smaller bottle.

The female fragrance in question is mainly Pudrov. It also present chic combined bouquet of peach sheets, grapefruit, tea and different varieties of roses. In the base here there are original suede, sandalwood, cedar.

Of the listed components, it turned out very unusual, but at the same time a charming smell that many women like.

Viper Green

Another unique unisex perfume, which is difficult not to submit. It is very nontrivial, fresh, light. For him, perfumers have chosen several dominant chords, which includes a fuas, green, citrus, wood, balsamic and earthy. A very interesting instance of Viper Green first saw the light in 2017. There is no large number of bright notes. The fragrant bouquet consists of only Mandarin, Galbanum and Vetiver.

The smell of Viper Green Naturalism is distinguished. It is clearly traced shades of juicy green herbs and lily. Perfume turned out very curious memorable.

It is ideal for spring and summer seasons.

Love Shot

If you want to pamper yourself with a unique aroma, being both chiprov and fruit, then it makes sense to look at this option. The smell of Love Shot is resistant, loop. It is made up of fruit, leather, musk, sweet, animal, powdered and smoky chords. The fragrance turned out to be practically Universal. It is suitable for any seasons for day and evening time.

Fleur narcotique

Universal Unisex-copy, which includes Only natural flower-fruit ingredients. Fleur Narcotique Aroma is demonstrated by chic sheets of lychee, peach, bergamot, musk, moss. He is unusual, watery, very thin and exquisite. FLEUR NARCOTIQUE falls in the users of both sexes.


In the popular collection of Les Interdites, there are other interesting products that are in great demand. We learn about some of them.

  • Bois d’hiver. An exquisite smell in which wood and floral components are present. A unique fragrant bouquet of bois d’hiver is made up of cardamom, spicy pepper, snow-white cedar, patchulas, sandalwood and harmonious musk.

The original product of the French brand can be called universal. It will be relevant in any season and at any time of the day.

  • Vendomania. Exclusive perfume, which sounds especially bright and luxurious in winter and autumn. It is wood and east, perfectly complements and adorns both men and female images. VENDOMANIA instance is made up of such main chords: sweet, spicy, violet, full, earthy, lactone.

Assortment of Aromas Unisex

Ex Nihilo produces high-quality and bright unisex type flavors. The range of such perfume products of the French producer is quite rich. Consider what the difference between some of the top odors created for both men and women.

Citizen X

Specified Water Perfume falls in love with the first breath. It is very non-standard, long-playing, refreshing. For the role of the upper notes, perfumers chose an original mastic tree and pepper. As a heart note, Iris flower appears here. The base of the smell of Citizen X was the combination of Olibanum and Musk. Of these components, a stunning branded fragrance leaves, leaving behind a beautiful loop.

Oud Vendome

Unique Perfume Product 2014. It is especially pleasant and harmoniously sounds in winter and autumn. Oud Vendome universal, Therefore, maybe the ladies, and gentlemen. The fragrance is very persistent, long-playing. It is especially clearly and noteworthy, chofran, ginger, malleable cedar, musk and incense. The plume of this instance is average.


And this is a terrific cologne, which comes from the citrus and fuas products family. It is implemented since 2014. The role of the main aroma is played by citrus, fuels, wood, pink, spicy, green, powdered and musky chords. In the smell clearly traced gradually drop-down notes of juicy ripe lemon, juniper berries, roses, valley, cedar, Govetka.

Atlas Fever

Cool copy, closed in a very beautiful bottle with a gradient transition effect from black to golden color. All branded emblems and inscriptions have a gold color, corresponding to the collar of the cap. This universal fragrant product is Eastern and gourmet. He attracts a lot of attention to himself, because it demonstrates the thin notes of Ladan, Narcissa, Vanilla, beans thin, cedar and oak.

Sloane Ravers

This universal perfume is designed in the same design as the above option. Quality aroma related to category Unisex, Recently issued – since 2019. In the original and rich bouquet here are collected unique notes of plums, patchulas, muscat, saffron, incense. Many people who value high-quality niche products are in love with this amazing French perfume in this amazing French perfume.


In the assortment of the famous French brand there is still a lot of other unisex-flavors who are in great demand. We learn about the characteristics of some of them.

  • Signature. Relatively new unisex smell, which was created in 2018. It is quite good resistance, demonstrates a pronounced cable. In the aroma, carefully selected and combined sheet music, refreshing Bergamot, Iris, Narcissa, as well as skin and fragrant cocoa, are traced. The bouquet turned out to be very interesting and attractive.

  • Affair. This fragrance is also available not so long ago – from 2017. It is chiprov, it presents such original chords acting in the role of dominant: fuas, mossy, pink, ozone, musk, aquatic and gentle powder.

The smell will become an excellent choice for spring, summer and autumn images, but in winter it sounds less bright and multifaceted.

  • Fauve. Very light and universal smell for men and women. In it, only white flowers were chosen for the role of major chords. The smell is truly spring, but is suitable for summer images. Users consider this fragrance very expressive, “explosive”, but at the same time deafening gentle. He is able to make bright paints in many images. The Fauve perfume is instantly fall in love with people who have the smell of jasmine.

How to distinguish the original from the fake?

In the list of major flaws noticed behind EX Nihilo perfume, a large number of fakes are listed. They meet very often, which keeps the consumer in tension. No one wants to pay big money for a low-quality counterfeit product.

Consider in more detail what it is advisable to pay special attention when buying a perfume Ex Nihilo to determine the fake.

  • First of all It is recommended to adequately treat the price of the branded product. The cost of the original EX Nihilo perfume will not be surprisingly low and affordable.

  • It should be as thoroughly and carefully inspect the packaging French perfume. It will not have dents, torn plots or other similar damage. All branded labels on the package must be high quality. They should not have a single mistake. All entries and fonts of the original product will be neat, aesthetic, deposited and high-quality paint.

  • The bottle in which there is a brand perfume should also have perfectly smooth and neat faces. All the inscriptions on the bottle, as well as on the box, should be correct, devoid of blots and replacing letters. Entries should be applied by special compositions that do not appear and do not erase with your finger.

  • The cap of the original bottle will be attached Tight and reliable. This item should not spin and swing on the bottle, and also easy to subsoine from it.

  • It is strongly recommended to check Batch code Perfumery Product from Ex Nihilo. It is applied to the bottom of the bottles. In fakes, the Batch code will be incorrect, not having a embossed surface. Often, second-rate copies are not at all equipped with this code.

  • Check the loyalty of the batch code can be on special sites in online mode.

  • If you want to purchase an original perfume from a French brand, it is advisable to go after it in specialized boutiques and branded shops. You can contact the official site Ex Nihilo.

Review reviews

Amazing perfume of the French brand Ex Nihilo leaves no one indifferent. Original fragrances of this brand cause people a variety of emotions. Learning than Ex Nihilo perfumery more like modern buyers:

  • The quality of branded fragrances seems like many users of truly impeccable+

  • Many people celebrate excellent odor resistance ex Nihilo+

  • Attract users and very beautiful, elegant bottles, in which perfume and colognes are spreading Ex Nihilo+

  • Many EX Nihilo perfumes are relatively inexpensive, which is pleasantly surprising a large number of consumers+

  • Wonderful delicate or expressive branded flavors are marked in many enthusiastic customer reviews+

  • According to the allegations of many, the odors of Ex Nihilo are not only very original, but also frankly expensive+

  • People like how the original smells of the French perfume house are open on the skin+

  • Among users there were many people whom the spirits and colognes are ex Nihilo seem economical in terms of expense+

  • Most buyers do not get tired of the brand flavors chosen by them+

  • Throughout the smells of ex Nihilo, it is possible to effectively emphasize the bright individuality, make images more interesting and attractive.

Consumers leave the EX Nihilo perfume with a huge number of positive feedback. Most people are in love with French smells, consider them the best and original.

With regard to the notted deficiencies, they are associated with such reasons:

  • Many people do not like the very high cost of many positions Ex Nihilo+

  • The sound of some brand flavors seems to be a small circle of buyers rustic+

  • Buyers is saddened by the fact that the original product of the French brand has to be found very carefully because there is too much fakes on sale.

Most of the reviews, people do not speak any minus of the corporate perfumery products Ex Nihilo. Some smells simply did not fit a number of users. This fact cannot be attributed to the disadvantages of branded perfumes, since different people will relate differently to the same copy that does not speak of its low quality. The problem is only in the subjective sensations and views of the person.

Even more about the French brand Ex Nihilo, you will learn from the following video.

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