Choose atomizers for spirits

Choose atomizers for spirits

Those who like to travel sometimes face a difficult task of transportation of favorite perfumes. After all, on the road, even a securely closed and wrapped bottle can flow, crash, crack. In order to avoid such trouble, special containers were invented – atomizers. About all their features and will be useful to learn travelers.


Atomizer is a small bottler equipped with a sprayer. You can park your favorite perfume – thus disappears all the time wearing a whole bottle with you. Atomizers are available in different volumes: the smallest, as a rule, have a capacity of 2 ml, the largest – about 100. But the standard and most popular volume – 5 ml.

Atomizers have different configurations and design. In most cases, they resemble lipstick. Coloring Also different: Popular Sapphire blue, Pink, Golden, Black Colors. Often bottles are decorated with beads and rhinestones. In view of all these features, atomizers become an excellent gift for mom, girlfriend, colleague.

This small accessory will be a stylish image supplement, the taste and practicality of its owner will emphasize.

By the way, atomizers can be used not only to those who often travel. They also acquire them:

  • Cosmetics and Perfumes, Beauty Salons+

  • Specialists in brand perfumery+

  • Those who like to change flavors, but have no funds for the purchase of a whole bottle.

Review of species

All atomizers are very similar. As a rule, these are elongated products with square or oval ends. Sometimes you can find other forms, but such models are rare and cost more. Here are the most common types of designs.

  • Collapsible or non-separable pulverizers. Have different volumes, design, colors. Can be both color and transparent.

  • With roller applicator. These are mechanical models that resemble the ball deodorant. Used in the same way: the lid is unscrewed, and the perfume with the ball is applied to the skin.

  • Test tubes. These are the smallest and budget models. Closed with a lid on which a perfume application is located.

  • Retractable. This is a relatively new design, which has not yet been durable in everyday life. Such atomizers are most often round, equipped with a rotary-retractable mechanism. When using a part of the case you need to simply turn the sprayer to appear.

In addition to the above classification, atomizers are still divided by type of refueling.

With a removable pulverizer

Such models have an unscrewing lid, removing which you can fill the bottle. In the models with a lid, the contents need to be pulp neatly, trying not to spill. If it succeeds bad, you can use the syringe. But bottles in the form of a spray will fill in much more difficult. It will have to do PSHICS, sending a sprayer to an atomizer. Due to the complexity of the method, such structures gradually cease to produce.


Automatic self-controlling atomizers – the best solution than the previous type of models. Refuel them much easier. In the upper part of the design there is a small hole, thanks to which the perfume shimmes, not lost on the road. To fix such an atomizer, it is necessary to remove the spray liquid from the full bottle of perfume, and then put the design to the plastic tip appeared. Tightly connecting both tanks, press the atomizer on the tip several times. Fill, carefully remove the mini-bottle and tighten the cap.

Atomizers today produces quite a few companies. Consider brands and models, especially liked buyers.

  • Travalo. This company is one of the most famous. Produces atomizers in a wide variety of colors. There are very beautiful silver and golden models. Spray perfume with a pleasant cloud. Liquid does not deteriorate and is not shed due to the built-in protection system. All bottles are produced by a volume of 5 milliliters, which is quite enough for 65 spraying. There is a built-in indicator that will show the number of spirits remaining in the capacity.

  • By kilian. This perfume house is known worldwide, but he produces not only perfume, but also atomizers. Capacity is more suitable for men, as it is made in the form of a black ingot and decorated with a special pattern. Capacity – 7.5 ml.

  • Maison Francis Kurkdjian. This perfume company produces pretty beautiful atomizers, among which golden models are most popular. Rectangular bottles are equipped with a spray gun, and their container is 11 ml. Fit both for ladies and for men.

  • Tom Ford. This brand produces perfumes that have long been loved by buyers from around the world. However, atomizers are no less multifaceted. The most disclosed – models, decorated with white and black leather and having a golden funnel for comfortable transfusion of spirits. Capacity – 50 ml.

All of the above brands have the name and weight in the world of perfumery, and therefore products from them will be quite expensive. Alternative – products from China, which on Aliexpress will cost you a couple of hundred rubles. Consider what is most often ordered on this platform.

  • Little Grace 21025772. Such atomizers are made from thickened glass, on the surface of which patterns and relief are visible. There is a removable sprayer that is easy to replace in case of breakdown. Capacity capacity – 15 milliliters. However, it is worth noting the drawback – as the bottle is made of glass, there is a risk of damage.

  • Beauty Wholesale Py1-0040. Awesome atomizers in the shape of a heart will definitely like you and your girlfriends. Material of manufacture – Aluminum, Capacity – 25 ml. Coloring Miscellaneous, High-quality spubble. But due to the unusual form of an atomizer, it may be problematic to pour new portions of spirits.

  • Sambette BH0018. Matte atomizers with different colors and silver decor. Models are made of plastic, so the risk of breakdown is minimal. Capacity capacity – 5 and 10 ml, atomizers do not proceed. The only drawback is the difficulty in filling.

  • Vipberry. Beautiful and stylish atomizer with a capacity of 5 ml. Produced in a single color – powdered pink, has patterns on the bottle. Metal cover, ensures reliable closure of the container. The relative disadvantage can only be considered that the vials do not have diversified in color and design.

  • Flo Crystal Effect. Very elegant stylish 5 ml container. Has an aluminum case, thanks to which you can not be afraid of leaks and blows. Decorated by rhinestones. Minus – only one color (black).

How to choose?

Before buying an atomizer, you should familiarize yourself with some rules for choosing such an accessory. You need to pay attention to a number of parameters.

  • Material. For the production of atomizers use different materials, but mostly plastic or glass. Glass bottles are more expensive, but it is more convenient to wash, and they look more stylish. As for plastic, it is able to absorb the smell, so there is a possibility that your subsequent perfume will smell the previous.

  • The degree of transparency. Fully transparent bottles are extremely rare. Most often atomizers are translucent or, in general, opaque. In the second case, you will not see how many spirits.

  • Design. Models with a removable or non-removable lid – the most budget, but when refilling there is a risk of shedding perfume. If this I would not want to choose a self-removable atomizer.

  • Volume. It can be 2, 5, 10, 15, 30 or more milliliters. You need to choose what you need. For example, a 5 ml bottle is enough for 10 days – quite enough to travel on vacation.

  • Manufacturer. Do not even say that atomizers from brand manufacturers have shown themselves much better than Chinese mass production. But such things are not for everyone to pocket. If you choose an accessory from a Chinese company, it is better to take glass models with unscrewed strong lid.

How to use?

Use atomizer is quite simple. We have already talked about ways to refuel different designs, now it should be a little saying about direct use on a daily basis.

Use an atomizer just like perfume. It is only required to open the lid and spray part of the bottular content. If it is a roller model, you should spend several times on the skin. Test tubes have a plastic wand with the help of which spirits are applied. Retractable turn to the side. After use, you must make sure that the bottle cap is tightly pressed.

You can wear an atomizer in a handbag and in your pocket – everything depends on the wishes of the owner or the owner.

Tip: It is best to apply perfume from an atomizer on wrists, clavicle, elbow bends or for the ear. There the fragrance will last much longer. In addition, if you want to aromatize the hair, you can apply fragrance and on them. Just do it better in the parietal zone. Then you can create a spectacular train, just having swinging your head.

How to rinse?

As a rule, atomizers are considered to be a thing of one-time use. It’s not about the use of one day, but about one smell. After that, the accessory is customary to replace the new. But not everyone wants to change your favorite thing or spend huge money every time. There is a way out – an atomizer can be laundered and used again.

Remember that plastic absorbs fragrances literally in counting seconds, so mixing a bottle of such material – a disadvantageous occupation. But the glass containers can be cleaned. True, there is also a fraction of plastic in them – for example, a pulverizer tube, a button. To rinse the bottle, the device must be disassembled: unscrew the cover, remove the pulverizer. Then rinse all clean water.

After the actions done, a new portion of water is prepared, now it will be mixed with vinegar, alcohol or mustard powder. Cleaning the flask, it is put on drying. It is important to wait until the previous smell takes fully. Glass flasks will disappear in a few days, plastic can smell 2-3 months or, in general, never get rid of smell. That is why even in glass flasks need to carefully clean all plastic parts. The sprayer is cleaned not only outside, but also inside. To do this, water with one of the above substances are spared inside.

As for self-removable atomizers, they will not disassemble them, since the design is distinguished by complete tightness. Such models are intended only for one fragrance.

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