Choose perfume for girls

Choose perfume for girls

Children’s perfumery is an integral part of growing up girls, and this choice is to come seriously. Now the market presents a wide variety of children’s flavors, which significantly facilitates the choice. The main thing is to be guided by the personal preferences of the girls and do not forget about the composition and security of the selected product.


Adult perfumery children do not fit. When buying children’s flavors, it is important to control the only safe ingredients that do not affect the health of the girl.

  • Perfume for girls should not include petrochemistry, Hazardous coloring substances and a large number of essential and citrus oils, as they can lead to burns and cause allergies. It is also worth considering the individual characteristics of the child, especially if this child is allergic.
  • Incidentally important is the bottle. Children’s perfumery is not made in glass bottles so that the use cannot lead to injury. The design should be chosen, based on the preferences of the girl, it does not matter what it will be: blasting, sequins or rhinestones.
  • Another feature of children’s perfumes – it should have a small resistance, Since its spirits are given unsafe substances for the child: essential oils and alcohols. It usually does not interfere with children’s perfumes to disclose all the faces odor due to other, hypoallergenic substances.


In the modern world, even a children’s perfume has several types:

  • Eau de Toilette+
  • perfume.

Young fashionable toilet water can start using four years, which is its main advantage. It does not contain any harmful substances in its composition, has a delicate floral or citrus smell. True, and dishes toilet water quite quickly.

Eau de toilette is great for daily use, as essential oils and alcohol here are contained in minimal quantities, which means it is absolutely harmless to children’s skin.

Toilet water – the most popular view of the perfume.

Perfume, unlike toilet water, more persistent, and smells are harder and rich in them. But the presence of a large number of essential oils makes spirits inaccessible for the youngest buyers. Perfectly to pay attention to girls after seven years. The dignity is that when using a small amount, it will be enough for a long time. Also, spirits have more pronounced secondary notes and form interesting trainings, while the toilet water is content with the “central” smell.

Overview of aromas

Children’s perfume differs from adult, including a small variety of taste filling. Usually manufacturers use floral, citrus or fruit flavors.

  • Floral. Flower bouquet is popular in perfumes for the smallest and in the summer, older children. Fresh and light, they are able to give paints to any girl. Famous Brands Preferring Fruit Tastes: City Funny, Princess, Malizia

  • Citrus or hesperida. Citrus fragrance is not tied to age – he pleases both adolescents and adult women. It should be remembered that hesperides are not recommended to include in the composition of children’s cosmetics, so it should be accepted with them. Brand representing a good perfume set with predominantly citrus sounds – Zara.

  • Fruit. Unsurpassed classic perfumery. Suitable for all representatives of beautiful sex and is presented in the rules of any manufacturer. Bright notes cranberries, melons, apples, pineapple or mandarin emphasize tenderness and freshness of the girl. Famous brands: “Little Fairy”, Kaloo

How to choose?

For the smallest: 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 years

Children’s perfume sets are distinguished by a gentle citrus or fruit taste and are ideal as the first cosmetics. It is important to pay attention to the composition and packaging material. The most popular flavors are presented below.

  • Malizia Bon Bons Milk Shake. Toilet water with a thin milk and vanilla aroma perfect for girls. Her sweet notes turn the head of any fashionista. The dignity is unusual for this category durability: up to 8 hours. The disadvantages include the presence of alcohol, which, however, is almost instantly destroyed.
  • Malizia Bon Bons Butterfly. Continues Bon Bons. It has a stunning coconut-sweet aroma, dropped in several stages. Easy and pleasant, but, like the previous model, contains the alcohol.
  • Kaloo Les Amis. Toilet water with unusual lavender notes, mandarin and mint. Pleasant Delicate Taste of the Summer Garden. A truly hypoallergenic product to pay attention to.

For young princesses: 10, 11, 12 years

The girls of this age are becoming more picky and choose a rich, elegant perfume, allowing to feel adults. You need to pay attention to the models with a stylish design. But the composition still should remain absolutely harmless.

  • Princess By Vera Wang. Perfume with vanilla aroma, which is revealed in several stages. Light unobtrusive perfume emphasizes tenderness and ease of princesses. Vanilla notes complement the picture. Spirit design stylish and cute, not glass bottle.
  • Lacoste Fragrances Eau de lacoste. Refers to a group of floral aromas, but in a few minutes vanilla and fruit notes appear. Beautiful combination attracts attention. Fresh and moderately sweet, it is perfect for daily use.

For beginners of Modnitz: 13-14 years

The girls of this age will already eager to show their independence, tenderness and femininity, but at the same time remain children. You should choose restrained, light shades that emphasize the uniqueness of their carrier.

  • Lancome Miracle. Unusual fragrance with bright notes of exotic fruits. Very sweet and gentle option for real lady. Pluses include hypoallergenicity and good resistance. But the perfume is quite expensive for your category.
  • Blugirl Jus de Fleurs. Light flavor is disclosed in several stages: first felt bright citrus notes, which are then replaced by a berry bouquet. Stylish resistant perfumes with a pronounced loop will surely like the growing girl. By minuses include a sufficient sharp smell.
  • Lanvin Jeanne Couture. Saturated berry perfume with bright raspberry notes. The fragrance remains long on the skin, over time is transformed and gives the light loop. Original packaging like young girls.

For teenagers: 15, 16, 17 years

Especially acute the problem of choosing spirits is in adolescence. Girls are no longer satisfied with the “children’s” tastes, they want to sweat as much as possible on adults. Therefore, it is not worth a girl to buy children’s brands. Big shop with endless shelves shelves – what you need. It should be remembered that the perfume for a teenager should not be too sharp.

  • Nina Ricci – Nina. Magic apple taste with caramel tint will like any girl. Smells are disclosed gradually, thanks to which the aroma holds a very long time on the skin and adds a mysteriousness note. Especially attracts attention bright unusual packaging of spirits. The only minus may be a rescued smell.
  • TRUSSARDI – MY NAME. Cheerful fruit notes in combination with striking resistance give a gentle flavor aroma. Bright designer bottle complements the picture.
  • Salvador Dali Dalilight. In perfume predominate notes of mandarin and apple, when disclosure, a fresh loop is guaranteed. Ideal as a summer fragrance. The advantages should be attributed to the durability and bright design of the bottle. Of the minuses – the volume of the bottle is very small.

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