Choose summer flavors for women

Choose summer flavors for women

To date, on the shelves of perfume shops, you can find a lot of different aromatic compositions for women from domestic and foreign brands. It is summer, and spring, and winter perfumes that are replenished annually all new and often successful flavors. Next detail you will get acquainted with the summer compositions for women who are not so easy to choose how it may seem at first glance. Summer aromas are of a variety of formats, and they can be revealed by the most unexpected composition of notes.

Classification of flavors

To understand more detail how to choose a suitable flavor for yourself to this or that season, we recommend you to familiarize yourself with the detailed classification of all perfume products.

Perfume compositions are primarily divided into:

  • Perfum (Parfum)+

  • Perfumery water (Eau de Parfum)+

  • Toilette (Eau de Toilette)+

  • Cologne (Eau de Cologne).

The smell of each of the varieties, for example, from one brand can be very similar.

But it is worth understanding that the spirits are always very saturated and concentrated, there are about 30% of oils in them, and their cost is always higher than any other formats. In addition, spirits are always more persistent. It is believed that their fragrance lasts 8-10 hours. But in fact, their smell on clothes can be felt not one day, but even a few.

The concentration of oils in perfume water is slightly lower – it is usually about 20%, but it happens 10, and 15. The fragrance is often rich, but not so concentrated like the spirits. Resistance, respectively, below. Perfume water fragrances about 5 hours.

As for the toilet water, then in it the concentration of essential perfume oils is usually the lowest, range from 5 to 10%, the content of alcohol 75-80%.

As for the cologne, they are even easier than the toilet water, the concentration of oils is less than 5%, but the brightness of the smell is usually no more than 2 or 3 hours.

For the summer period, it is usually relevant to acquire toilet and perfume water, perfume in their durability, especially in the heat, may be suffocable. Or they should be used minimally.

As for another classification, the entire perfumery can be divided into:

  • lux+

  • niche.

Luxury aromas Sold almost everywhere, they have a relatively affordable price tag and high quality. As for the niche, such perfumery is also referred to Selective. It is worth noting that it is infrequently sold everywhere. It is usually implemented in branded boutiques. If the aroma from the category of suite can be purchased for 3-5 thousand rubles, then niche is usually worth 20-25 thousand rubles and more expensive. Of course, there are exceptions. For example, selective Montale fragrances can be purchased at the prices of luxury compositions, but their quality will be at the height. The same applies to the suite – some vintage luxury flavors can be bought for prices above selective.

There is also a budget category of flavors, It is usually very light smells sold even in large supermarkets. Price tag no more than 1000 rubles.

We also list the varieties of flavors by their smell.

  • Eastern. Such flavors are very difficult in their sound – they are dense, saturated, can be quite sharp. They are often present vanilla, spices, dd, incense, tobacco, amber, resins and different spices.

  • Woody. The aromas of this group may sound the notes of Patchouli, Sandala and Cedar. Very multifaceted.

  • Floral. The most popular category of fragrances, which is understandable without unnecessary words. Usually in compositions there is a rose, jasmine, peony, violet and other flowers, as well as their combinations.

  • Fruit. Fruit compositions are popular as well as floral. Usually unfolded by peach, apple, lychee, drain, pineapple, pears, figs and other fruits.

  • Citrus. Despite the fact that some citruses refer to fruit, this group is considered separate. Citrus flavors are suitable for summer, because they are light, fresh and invigorating. Usually without citrus, it is almost impossible to imagine the fuys.

  • Schiprovy. In the chip flavors, moss, neroli, leather, incense sounds successfully. Schille flavors are perfect for the summer, but usually they are produced in unisex format.

  • Gourmet. This group includes all sweet compositions. Usually, they feature notes of caramel, sugar, honey, pralines, almonds, macs and other sweets and desserts.

  • There is also a group of green aromas. They are fresh and lungs, best suitable for the sultry heat and relaxing on the beach.

The combination of several categories of aromas in one, for example, the composition may be a flower-fruit or wood-oriental composition.

Spirit rating for women

Consider the top of the best women’s compositions that are best suitable not only for everyday summer weekly, but also for the exit warm evenings.

  • Mary Kay Upbeat. Toilet water belonging to fruit-chip compositions. Reveals notes of berries, nectarine, apples, roses, valley, patchulas, honeysuckle, musk and amber. This fragrance can be called bright, although from the first notes he begins to open gently and gradually.

  • Versace Bright Crystal. One of the most popular fragrances from Versace, it is most often chosen for the summer young girls. This toilet water is very gentle and lightweight, successfully plays notes of flowers and fruits, she has a wonderful basic loop. Special attention deserves a bottle with a luxurious massive lid.

  • Luybov (love) brocard. Floral fragrance for women in which there are notes of violet, orange, jasmine, peony, magnolia, roses, and powdered notes and musk. This perfume is produced by the domestic brand, as a result of which he has a very affordable price tag.

  • Shakira Sweet Dream. Luxurious sensual toilet water with long loop. Reveals notes of currant, bergamot, raspberries, caramels, roses, patchwork and musk. The fragrance is created specifically for the temperamental representatives of the fine sex, preferring light summer compositions with a long-playing loop.

  • Halloween. Female fragrance relating to the flower-east group. Reveals notes of violets, tubers, magnolia, valley, pepper and incense. Perfume dedicated to young and sensual wonderful sex representatives who are accustomed to being in the spotlight.

  • Nina Ricci. Nina Pop 10th Birthday Edition. This toilet water can be called elegant. Despite the fact that it belongs to Gurmansky, it is not too shred. Reveals notes of citrus, dope, praline, vanilla, peony, cedar, apples in caramel and musk. The fragrance is produced in a bright festively bottle. This version of the fragrance was released for the anniversary of Nina fragrance in 2016.

  • Dior Addict Eau Fraiche. Fresh toilet water belonging to the category of flower arrangements. Reveals notes of citruses, white mills, lilyhold and musk. The composition is a luxurious long-playing loop. The fragrance is produced in a glass bottle with gentle pink content.

  • Tous Gems Power. New fragrance, released only a year ago. Reveals notes of fruits, peony, cedar, amber, musk and vanilla. This aromatic composition is light and air, perfectly complement any summer image in day or evening.

  • MARC Jacobs PEAR. Fruit Toilet Water With Light Woody Notes. The fragrance itself is filled with citrus freshness, because the notes of Bergamot and Lemon played in it. Ripe pear very well fits into the overall composition. This fragrance is perfect for any occasion in life, as well as perfectly complement any everyday image.

  • Other

There is another summer perfumery for ladies.

  • Kenzo L’Eau Par Kenzo. The lightest toilet water that can be bolder to call indispensable for summer. It is used on the hot days of a woman of many different ages, because it successfully plays notes of mandarin, mint, pita, amaryllis, violets and vanilla. Fragrance refreshing, gentle and at the same time very energetic.

  • And also recommend paying attention to the toilet water Blv Eau D ETE from BVLGARI. The fragrance relates to musky and floral, disclosed by lemon, mint, iris, amber, benzoine and cinnamon notes. Perfectly complement the image of any young person, as well as a happy older representative.

  • Les Infusion D’Iris from Prada. Gentle exciting fragrance with wood-musky subtock perfectly suitable for summer holidays. It successfully intertwined sheets of cedar, citruses, neroli and iris. He has a thin sound and a wonderful long-playing loop.

  • Eau de parfum Acqua di Gioia from Giorgio Armani. Perhaps one of the most famous from this brand. Lightweight and air aroma reveals notes of jasmine, mint, lemon, pepper, peony, cedar, incense and sugar. This fragrance can be safely called exotic filled with bold shades.

  • Finally, consider another sought-after fragrance for the summer season from DOLCE & GABBANA – LIGHT BLUE. The composition refers to the flower-fruit, it is played by the types of citrus, cedar, bamboo, jasmine, musk and amber. Perfume created to conquer male hearts, for reproaching and conquering. At first it seems easy and simple, but over time it is revealed in full power, filling itself all the space and awakening fantasy. The aroma is not too daring and not suffocating, perfectly suitable for summer and spring.

How to choose?

When choosing a fragrance, all perfume compositions are very important to test on themselves, because paper blotters only are captured by aromas, without revealing them in full power.

When choosing a “summer” fragrance, it is worth dealing with brands, swing those who are closest to the soul. You can consider the aromas rules that offer brands, familiarize yourself with their description and the pyramids of notes. Thus, it is possible to significantly save time in search. And already in full readiness to go test in advance selected compositions in stores.

For summer, perfumers recommend choosing fragrances with the most natural sound, without any chemical shades. These may be aromas resembling nature after rain, compositions with the smell of grass, leaves, wildflowers, as well as aromas with the smell of sea breeze. Any summer composition should not demand the smell in the warm season.

That is why with any tart and eastern aromas should be extremely cautious.

When choosing a favorite fragrance on the skin, it is not necessary to immediately run for the purchase. With aroma, for example, on the wrist, we recommend to like 15-30 minutes, and only then decide, it is suitable or no.

Women in 30-35 years old can pay attention to floral, fuys and light gourmet compositions. But older ladies, in 40-45 years old, you can choose flavors with bright accents, as well as with notes of wood and leather, which perfectly emphasize the best faces of this age. The ladies after 45-50 are recommended concentrated aromas – perfume, they best emphasize the feminine image and wisdom of fair sex representatives in adulthood age. For summer perfect perfumes with music sheets, berries and colors.

In general, it can be said that the choice of aroma by age is pretty conditional. The main thing is to be guided by your own preferences.

How to applied?

Very important, any perfume, regardless of its concentration, apply to clean skin. Before going somewhere, it is advisable to take a shower. To strengthen the fragrance of perfume or toilet water, many brands offer perfume gels for a soul with a fragrant fragrance, as well as perfume creams and lotions. Such means help not only strengthen the fragrance of your favorite perfume, but also to extend his sound for the whole day or evening.

It should be noted that it is not very pointless to apply toilet or perfume water on the hair, it usually does not hold on them, but worse than the fact that such perfume compositions dried curls. For hair brands produce special perfumery haze, and it is worth applied for the chapels.

In order for any fragrance to sound for a long time and revealed gradually and beautifully, it should be applied to certain points, namely: on the wrists, for the scene of the ears, on the bends of the elbows, as well as the zone.

It is very important to remember: you should not rub the perfume hand in hand, alcohol from the flavor applied to the skin should weathered himself without unnecessary friction.

Do not mix different groups of odors from different brands, such a move can not always be successful. Combine spirits can be combined from those collections in which it is permitted, or there is a proven information that two fragrances on the skin are beneficial to play each other. Otherwise, you can get an unpleasant and caustic cocktail, which will certainly do not scratch summer days.

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