Choosing a female perfume with pheromones

Choosing a female perfume with pheromones

Female perfume with pheromones has gained popularity several decades ago, but still does not leave fashion. Reviews on how oil perfume work, toilet water and other types of such products, indicate that the effect really has. A detailed review will help to find the best perfume with pheromones, will make it possible to understand: what it is for what they need, how to apply.

What it is?

Female perfumes with pheromones – a variety of perfumery products, which contains special chemical compounds identical to the fact that they are produced naturally. Products for girls are aimed at drawing the attention of the opposite sex, strengthening sexual attraction.

Simply put, perfume, toilet water and other means make a woman more attractive, desirable.

The principle of Feromonov is based on the ability of the sentence authorities to perceive certain odors, often barely distinguishable. These chemicals affect the neuroendocrine communications in the body, provoking the selection of sexual entry hormones. In nature, pheromones are highlighted by animals during periods when they are ready to reproduce. That’s just not on all people such specific flavors act equally.

Pheromones are customary to divide on 2 large groups.

  1. Synthetic. These are matters of artificial origin, obtained in laboratories.
  2. Organic. Having natural origins. Stand out by the human or animal organism, extracted from vegetable raw materials. Among natural substances with a similar action, a black amber, musk, Patchouli, Tmin, Anis, Ylang-Ylang can be distinguished.

Among the synthesized pheromones are most common 2 substances. Osmaferon aims to strengthen the sexual attractiveness of women for representatives of the opposite sex. Another substance – Osmoferin – responsible for the activation of the genital functions of a man.

Pheromones of natural origin (organic) are much more diverse in its composition. Some of them act only on women, causing a sense of security or joy, the desire to be close to a specific partner.

Among those organic pheromones that influence men, it is worth highlighting such.

  1. Kopulin. Affects sex reproduction instincts, emphasizes women’s fertility, her willingness to sexy contact.
  2. Androstenol. There are both men and women. In vivo, actively produced in youth, making people more attractive in the eyes of potential partners. With age, its development decreases.

Perfumery with pheromones contains in its composition, in addition to aromatic components, also special substances, often not having a specific smell. Since these chemical compounds are easily destroyed by alcohol and means based on it, the base of the spirits, toilet water can only be oil. Such perfume products are applied only on clean body and hair.

Contact with deodorant, foam or varnish for laying strands blocks the work of Pheromones.

For what is needed?

The main effect of the use of perfumes with additives to attract men is to increase the interest of representatives of the opposite sex to a woman. But it is important to know that Pheromones act only with close contact, they work far from everyone, moreover, for some people their smell seems unpleasant. Substances help attract a man only if it is configured to relationship with a specific woman. This is not a miracle tool for which fans will fly like bees on a flower.

Applying perfume with pheromones, you can achieve the following results:

  • Enhance your attractiveness for partner+
  • get rid of specific changes in natural smells of the body+
  • form a feeling of joy while walking near the man+
  • Stimulate libido.

The use of special aromatic components helps a woman to attract a random representative of a strong floor, increases its chances of being chosen among others. Chemical and natural substances work equally, highlighting a specific girl from the total row. That’s just when refusing to use additional stimulating substances, the halo of attractiveness can collapse.

Assortment of flavors

Perfume for women with pheromones produce many firms. Perfume and toilet water from well-known brands often also contain substances ranging to the category of aphrodisiacs – ambru, patchouli, musk, but directly about the presence of special excitation components does not declare. It is necessary to say directly that any compounds on an alcohol basis cannot contain pheromones.

Accordingly, only perfumes, toilet, perfume water marked with Non Alcohol on the basis of isopropylmiristat and other solvents are worth considering. Separately, it is customary to consider Arabian perfume products on an oil basis, with a high concentration of components and maximum resistance. About the best of them worth telling more detail.

Eau de Toilette

The average concentration of aromatic composition in the toilet water reaches 5-15%. These are light fragrances for daytime use, caught after 4-6 hours without a trace. Among the popular types of toilet water with pheromones can be distinguished.

  1. INVERMA Intimite by Fernand Peril Frau. Luxurious red bottle produced by a famous German perfume house. In addition to Pheromones, the flower notes of cyclames, peony, lilies, freesia and lotus are presented. Fragrance will like self confident women.
  2. INVERMA AVEDITE by Fernand Peril Frau. The solid bottle of 50 ml in concise black color is in itself a composition of pheromones, bitter almonds, wood and moss in combination with jasmine notes.


The most concentrated in the composition of perfume or Parfum include 20-30% aromatic substances. They are capable of holding on the skin up to 12 hours, without losing the brightness of the flavor. This is the perfect choice for evening access or a romantic date. Among the interesting flavors with pheromones in the concentration of spirits, such.

  1. Adore Premium Parfum Pharomone Woman. The luxurious fragrance of the premium class is produced with a spray gun for easy application. The composition of the berry-floral, not too obsessive, with a base of amber and musk.
  2. Classic Erotica Simply Sexy Lust. Spirits produced by the American company contain highly concentrated pheromones of synthetic origin. In addition to them there is a rich composition based on white musk, Vanilla, Bergamot, jasmine.
  3. Perfume Sexy Life. Perfumes with pheromones from the Russian manufacturer have a wide range of aromas, inspired by the best perfume compositions. You can easily find an option. Among the advantages can be noted the roller applicator and the democratic value.

Spirits “Not Smell”

Women’s perfumery falls into this category, which has no pronounced flavor, but can make a couple for classic spirits or toilet water. Among brands producing such products, you can allocate “EroMan neutral”. The series presents the concentrate of synthetic pheromones in a liquid form, which can be applied to the skin.

It is allowed to use a means with any oily spirits.

Edelstar Desire – Another version of perfumes with firms odorless. The tool has an oil, and not a chemical basis, packs in vials of 10 ml. The manufacturer declares the hypoallergenic composition of its product, it will suit those who have increased sensitivity to perfume compositions.

Eau de parfum

In the concentration of perfumery water, products contain from 15 to 20% of aromatic components. Resistance of such an aroma lasts up to 6-8 hours. Popular options include such.

  1. HOT MIAMI SEXY WOMAN. Perfume oil on oil base with pheromones produced in Austria. This is an energetic, bright fragrance with the dominant notes of jasmine, raspberries and patchouli.
  2. Shiatsu. The compact bottle with a spray nozzle hides a high concentration of pheromones. Flower-fruit composition is based on lilac flavors, patchouli and mandarin with an addition in the form of pink pepper, peach, geranium. This is a good, easy version of perfume water.
  3. Natural Instinct Woman Code. Presented in the form of spray, easily sprayed, keeps around 6 hours. In the aromatic composition, in addition to Pheromones, lavender honey, sandalwood, orange, ginger and pear are presented. Flower-fruit flavor well suited for daytime application.

Choosing perfume water, you can not doubt that the fragrance will last long enough. In addition, in this category there are often products with high content of Pheromones.


The most popular among perfumes with pheromones are precisely oil perfume. Non-alcohol solutions based on them, but natural oils of valuable plants:

  • Mirta+
  • Almond+
  • Roses+
  • Jasmine+
  • neroli+
  • patchouli.

Oil perfume with pheromones Less flying than their analogues on a non-compartment basis. But even in this case, the action of special components is preserved not more than 4-6 hours, while the fragrance itself will be preserved on the skin another 36-72 hours.

TO Benefits Oil perfumes can also be attributed to the fact that they do not have the effect of “disclosure” of the composition. Selected fragrance will not change its notes. This property makes oil bases such popular in niche perfumery. Among the popular spirits of this type can be noted dry (solid) compositions.

Among them, the Pharomon series from the Bizoreuk health factory, where there are products with the following names:

  • “Note of Love”+
  • “The sophisticated heart”.

As part – natural oils, bee wax, amber and customer, considered by natural aphrodisiacs.

How to choose?

Find the best perfume products with pheromones are not so easy. Of course, you can choose popular or most expensive options, protecting yourself from possible fakes. But it will be much better to pre-examine useful tips to help take a right decision.

Here are the highlights that need to pay attention to the purchase of perfumes with pheromones.

  1. Purchase place. It is worth purchasing such products only in proven, officially operating outlets. Distribution according to the “From hand to hand” scheme is usually used for illegal or fake goods. Optimally, if the first such perfumes are purchased in the pharmacy network or the store of erotic goods.
  2. The presence of alcohol in the composition. If it is, the products are better to leave on the store shelf. Pheromones are neutralized with alcohol, such perfume or toilet water – just marketing cheating for naive buyers.
  3. Type of used raw materials. If we are talking about the extracts from animals, it is worth considering that the use of sex enzymes for these purposes is considered to be illegal in the Russian Federation. If possible, it is worth a preference to synthetic substitutes or facilities based on plant extracts.
  4. Method of application. In the case of the compositions containing pheromones, the optimal solution is the roller / ball applicator. With it, the spirits are slower, are applied point, evenly distributed on the skin. If you want easier effect, you can choose an option with a spray tip. In the classic format of spirits, presented mainly expensive versions of famous flavors.
  5. Dosage. The standard mini-vial of 10 ml volume is convenient because it can be worn with me in a handbag. In the variant of classic 50 or 100 ml, you can buy a fragrance that I liked. In some cases, Pheromones in a large bottle in time act worse. For the first experience, you can find a mini version of the spirits or oil composition of 5 ml.
  6. Personal preferences. Perfumery with pheromones although focused on the persons of the opposite sex, still it should be pleasant and for its owner. Do not even choose the most advertified perfume, if their fragrance causes rejection, dizziness, it seems too sharp and strong. People react differently to the action of pheromones, you should find an option suitable for a particular girl or woman.
  7. Availability of smell. There is a category of perfumery to enhance the libido from a partner, without smelling. If a man reacts negatively to ordinary spirits, you can try this option.
  8. Flacon design. He is important not only when buying funds as a gift. The use of pheromones without a partner’s knowledge can insult a man to cause other negative emotions. If you want to leave everything in secret, it is worth choosing perfume, where the presence of additional ingredients is indicated by small font or not put on the bottle itself.

Given these recommendations, as well as guided by your own preferences, you can find a suitable perfume with pheromones for any case: from the seduction of his own husband to the first date with the desired man. In any case, the experiment is worth.

How to use?

Parfumes with pheromones need to be correctly used. These substances have an increased volatility, which means they do not hold long on the skin. Even the most persistent retains their action to 6-8 hours. Weaken action can intensive production of sweat, a large amount of clothing. Applying means of this type need to open body parts after taking water procedures.

It is impossible to pre-use creams, lotions, alcohol deodorants.

The correct use of perfumery with pheromones looks like.

  1. A small amount of perfume or toilet water is applied to the point of pulsation – in a sneaker at the neck, the bed of the chest, behind the ears, on wrists or elbow bends. Usually grabs 2 drops.
  2. The remedy is uniformly distributed.
  3. Perfume should open. Need some time to avoid contact with clothing, water.

In the case of toilet water, the order will be even simpler. It is necessary to spray the cloud of fragrance in the air, and then pass through it, gives to settle on the skin, hair. Put perfume with pheromones on clothes.

Apply such funds directly in front of an important meeting or date, entering light.

Review reviews

Among the buyers of perfume products, you can find a lot of those who have already tried the action of perfumes or toilet water with pheromones. Reviews about it most often leave in slightly humorous form. The overall impression is quite positive, especially if we take into account the durability of the oil base, which is noticeably higher than that of the alcohol. The variety of flavors is also large enough, especially in the mass market segment, but it is possible to purchase products mainly in pharmacies or specialized stores of erotic goods.

Judging by customer reviews, perfumes with pheromones still works. Many celebrate the raising of the libido in regular partners after using a new fragrance with such additives. In fact, an unusual smell simply produces the production of hormones for a short time.

TO Disadvantages Pheromone spirits often include a small volume of bottles – usually it does not exceed 10 ml. In addition, compositions with ambra and other natural components have a rather specific smell, a pleasant far from everyone. Lovers of luxury perfumery compositions of such spirits or toilet water may seem too simple and banal. In addition, the quality of goods, especially distributed through remote sale, leaves much to be desired.

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