Features of the original perfumery and its differences from the fake

Features of the original perfumery and its differences from the fake

Today, dear spirits are fought as often as branded clothing, and sometimes it is possible to stumble upon fake sometimes in large stores. In order to avoid an unpleasant situation, it is important to learn to distinguish the original from a poor quality copy.


Original, it is also licensed, perfumery is always produced in enterprises owned by one or another brand. For example, women’s French flavors can only be manufactured in French factories with access to patented technology and have received the right to implement the finished product. In the case when the drug is created under license in another country, it is already about the production of copies. Features of the original products can be considered on the example of the Spirits Lacoste.

  • The company sells perfumes only by a minimum of 30 milliliters, so all the containers of smaller size are fake.
  • The lid should not hang out, and when closing it is necessary to publish well-hearing click.
  • Smooth and almost straight pulverizer tube slightly pulls out to the bottom.
  • Brand logo – crocodile – necessarily looks right. Animal is clearly drawn with all the details, mainly eyes and teeth. Reptiles also contains edging of white and red mouth. On large bottles, a textile logo is usually placed, and it is thoroughly drawn on the miniature.

Perfumery products of the Dior brand also have its own features.

  • The protective code is applied to the bottom of the packaging in its lower part, and the CD sticker is fixed on the mica side.
  • All label inscriptions are performed by a white font, and the lines on the matte cardboard are stamped at an angle of 30 degrees.

On the example of these brands you can see that the authenticity of the perfume is always ensured by a dozen diverse details.

Perfume check criteria

Even a person who is not a professional in this field is able to distinguish the original spirits from the fakes, since everything is necessary is determined visually.

Cleanofan packaging

Understand whether the toilet water is real, you can still at the stage of unpacking. Cleaphian wrapper should be very tightly fit to the box, without forming “bubbles”, wrinkles and races. It is important to estimate the quality of the packaging material – it should be thin, smooth and, of course, transparent. The width of the seam, ideally, does not exceed 5 millimeters. Good spirits this line always looks little and neat. Irregularities and traces of glue will immediately indicate a fake product, since manufacturers are sealed with a thermal method, that is, heating. As a rule, in the upper, or the lower part of the package directly on the cellophane is a round-shaped stamp stamp – most often white and black font.

It is necessary to still mention that some manufacturers of selective perfumery, like L’Artisan Parfumeur, cellophane packaging is not used at all.


Determine the authenticity of the perfume will also be barcode. Combination of black strips of different widths with numbers below is located on the packaging of any product. The first characters make it possible to find out the country of the manufacturer. For example, the code of France corresponds to the numbers “30-37”, so if Made in France is written on the bottle, and the numbers are different, it means that something is wrong here. The first digits of the goods produced in the United States and Canada must comply with the sequences “00-09”, in the UK – “50”, Italy – “80-83”, Germany – “400-440”, and Spain – “84”.

You can also read the barcode information using a special application that first scans the sequence and then decrypts it.

Serial number of party

At the bottom of the box, as a rule, the batche code is located, it is the serial number of the party. It consists not only from digital, but also letter symbols, but, deciphering it, you can get information when this perfume was made. Batch code can not be simply printed on a package or adhesive white sticker. It is either implemented by embossing on paper, either placed on a transparent thin sticker, or even engraved directly on the surface of the bottle. The serial number must be the same and on the tank, and on the cardboard package.

Cardboard inside the box

You can learn about the originality of the goods in the cardboard. Inside the licensed packaging, an additional sheet of dense cardboard should always be located, fixing the bottle in a static position and retaining its integrity. You can check its availability right in the store, slightly shake the box. If the glass container hangs, rattles and makes a characteristic sound, most likely it is a fake. By the way, this liner can be performed not only from cardboard, but also plastic. In the case of paper, it must be white, no matter warm or cold shade. Fakes are usually characterized by the presence of a dirty gray liner.

Manufacturer country

Parfume Manufacturer Always indicates phrase like Made in France or Made in Germany. The font must be small and legible. If this information is completely absent, it is reduced to France or Italy or is replaced by the incomprehensible Paris-London-New York-Moscow or Poland-France, that is, it makes sense to think about the authenticity of the product.

Information on the package

The packaging usually contains the following information: Product Name – Perfume, Toilet Water or Perfum Water (Parfum / Perfume, Parfum de Toilette, Eau de Parfum) and for whom it is intended for women, men or both sexes (unisex). Below is it possible to have data on capacity capacity and manufacturer. Fake products are often found inscriptions with typos or spelling errors. For example, it may be skipping, replacing or doubling characters (Eau de Toilete instead of Eau de Toilette, Eau de Parfume instead of Eau de Parfum), as well as adding or removing diacritical signs characteristic of many European languages. Often manufacturers of fakes change the original name to Russian transcription. By the way, it is worth paying attention to the sign of ecological packaging – that is, a couple of multicolored arrows forming a circle. In the original, the black element is always located on top of light.


The reason to be alened can be the cost of perfume. Despite discounts, sales and stocks, the original perfumes can still be sold in two or three times cheaper than the real price, as they themselves have a high cost price. Too low price – fake sign.

In addition to the listed, you should pay attention to other details.

  • And text, and graphics presented on the package should be distinguished by a good drawing. It is important to monitor the color of color fragments to be bright and uniform, and embossed images were processed clearly on the boundaries of convex and concave. No lubricated or not printed letters is allowed. Persistent dye can not wear from touching the fingers.
  • Inside the box should be a bottle made of high-quality glass. Poor if cloues are found on the surface, scratches or some deformations.
  • It is important that the lid sends so tightly to keep it for it, the bottle could even lift. Elegant pulverizer tube must be practically imperceptible.
  • At the first two pressures, the device of natural spirits usually works in a frightened – instead of the liquid, air leaves, and only then the aroma spray begins.
  • Distinguish genuine this product or not, it is possible in the color of spirits. Fakes often possess an unnaturally bright shade, or they seem fragile. Saturated Acid Tones are found only in fakes, while the color of the original ranges from fawn to dark yellow, and sometimes it happens slightly greenish, purple or pink.
  • Fragrance perfume can not be too sharp and unpleasant. Bubbles arising from the shaking of the bottle should not be dissolved immediately, but over time.
  • The size of this perfume is always fixed, and the available options can be seen on the official website of the brand. As a rule, in the case of perfume and toilet water, we are talking about bottles of from 30 to 100 milliliters, and the original spirits are 7.5 or 15 milliliters. Cologne can be sold in a larger format. However, there are some exceptions – compact versions exist from brands Salvador Dali, Escada and Victoria S Secret. The contents of the bottle must be homogeneous. The sediment in new spirits cannot be.

Where to buy?

Despite the fact that sometimes fakes sell even in quite decent stores, it is still better to avoid stalls with bottles of Chanel 500 rubles and contact places with good reputation.

Particularly often products are falsified in little-known online stores, so ordering something in an unverified place, having hugged at a small price, not worth.

Replicas almost never make suppliers of single brand stores, as well as luxury institutions. A big advantage of shopping in proven places is the ability to explore the certificate of conformity. This document is obliged to show on the first request of the buyer. This certificate has a seal must be “wet”, and not copied. Find out this will turn out, looking at the document slightly at an angle – the image will rise a bit above the surface.

Features of the original perfumery and its differences from the fake in the video below.

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