Female perfume with berry aroma

Female perfume with berry aroma

In the late spring, when the weather becomes as close as possible by the summer, all the fair sex is beginning to dream of fresh sweet berries. And it’s not just a fruit basket on the table. Exquisite flavors with notes of summer fruits based on and in the heart of the composition will allow you to supplement any female image ease, air and relaxed sweetness.


For women, berry perfumes are a symbol of summer. These include flavors, in the compositions of which are easily distinguished by a tart cherry, light sourness of blackberries, sweetness strawberries and strawberries, refinement of currant and raspberry, plum and cherry juice. This is not the entire list of berry used in compositions. Modern perfumery is filled with berry notes associated with a home garden and exotic islands – it remains only to choose the most suitable flavor. Someone believes that the berry spirits have unpleasant saturation, but it is not. Such compositions are characterized by unobtrusion and ease.

It is worth noting that it is the berry summer perfumes who have a lot of fans who are extremely important every day be in the spotlight.

Assortment of perfumes

The coming summer makes its own adjustments – a change of fashionable images, accessories, and most importantly – the acquisition of a berry fragrance, able to emphasize the beauty, femininity and ease of their owner.

Donna Karan Dkny Be Delicious Electric Loving Glow

Appetizing composition that declared itself in 2016, still stands on the highest level of popularity and constantly occupies a leading position in different tops. The ripeness and tasty of grapes “Isabella” is accompanied by notches of black currant and tropical pineapple. In the heart of the composition enclosed blasting freshness of flowers and fruits. Without having aroma in hand, it remains only to imagine how the violet and jasmine connected to one whole, and Apricot allows you to strengthen fragrant bouquet magic.

Finishes the magnificence of the composition of steel amber, saturated musk and vanilla notes. The aroma with the smell of grapes “Isabella” was developed for women, but after some time he was retracted to the unisex category.

According to famous perfumes, his unobtrusive sweetness is ideal for strong sex representatives not only for the summer season, but also in the period of winter cold.

Abercrombie & Fitch 8 Uncovered

This fragrance appeared in 2012. But, despite his age, still popular with the representatives of the fine sex. Modern perfumers include the composition of the fragrance to several categories, namely, flower, fruit and sweet. In the initial notes of the aroma, the tartness of citrus, the heart of the composition is filled with forest berries, and the flavor is felt by the aroma of orchid flavored by vanilla.

Adrienne Vittadini Amore

Unusual female fragrance, the composition of which is capable of changing the world. The appearance of the owner of this fragrance will learn from the first notewas – red berries, tangerines and apple. In the heart of the composition, a refined bouquet of pink freesia, jasmine and linden colors. In the end notes there are amber, vanilla and a little musk. The resulting aroma is characterized by quite high resistance. His owner almost all day may not worry that the smell will start to evaporate.

Alice & Peter Cheery Cherry

Amazing fragrance, allowing to emphasize female image ease, tenderness and pleasant sweetness. In the initial notes of aroma, cherry, currant, citrus and a little bergamot are presented. The heart of the composition is filled with a bouquet of roses, lilac and white freesia. To enhance the flower composition, notes of red berries, apricots and peach. But the flavor of the fragrance is a magic. It enclosed with caramel, strawberry, vanilla and musk. Such a combination will accurately affect others.

Antonio Banderas Spirit Night Fever

Eastern composition filled with flowers and berries, ideal for representatives of the beautiful sex of any age. In the initial notes hidden citrus, red berries and drains. The heartset of the composition entered into a bouquet consisting of peonies, white mills and irises. Afterword of the fragrance filled with incense and sandalle. The duration of the resistance of the fragrance is no more than 8 hours. But this is practically a whole working day, so you can not worry that the charm of the image will disappear before dinner.

Lalique Amethyst Eclat

The resulting fragrance can be compared with a berry basket. In the prepared assorted there are black currant, blackberry, raspberry. Inhaling the composition, it seems that freshly coloned berries were washed with cool spring water and left on the table. After a while, the fragrance around the berries is changing, it acquires some density and density. Remove the occurrence of saturation allow rose petals that exude light freshness.

This is how the presented fragrance is revealed. Primary notes carry airiness and refinement. The heart of the fragrance turned out to be more rich and languid. And the composition of the composition turns the luggage of fragrance to the initial lightness and a pleasant aftertaste.


The owner of this fragrance compare it with a dance of a bouquet of roses and chilled grapes. Several droplets of the toilet water resemble freshness of morning dew. Extravagant filling of the heart composition with sharp pepper, blueberries and lychee aroma give the smell softness and sweetness. Perfumes also compare this fragrance with a transparent haze, allowing to emphasize the female image from the most profitable side.

How to choose?

First of all, you need to remember that women’s perfume can be the most different. The difference depends not only from the brand, the manufacturer, but also from the concentrate of flavored oils. Regarding saturation and stability, aromas are divided into several categories:

  • Perfume – the most concentrated product, characterized by stable characteristics and the corresponding value+
  • Perfume water is a lightweight form of perfume fluid, almost not distinguished by the scope of resistance from spirits+
  • Toilet water – light perfume, requiring multiple applications+
  • Cologne – mostly perfume products for men, not distinguished by stability and saturation characteristics.

Bouquet of perfume affects the stability of odors. Fragrances having a nutmeg and woody filling, more durable than berry compositions. That is why choosing one or another perfume version, it is necessary to take into account its type and component composition.

How to applied?

The duration of the action composition of the perfume depends on the method of its application. It turns out that many do not even know how to use their fragrance in which. That is why it is not noticeable. In fact, it is recommended to apply perfume fluid to the wrist area, on the back of the ear, in the region of the depression between the clavicle and from the back of the knees. Surely, many realized that the pulse is checked in these places. It is here that the vessels are located in the maximum proximity to the skin, respectively, the temperature in these parts of the body is higher, and therefore the disclosure of the applied fragrance occurs significantly faster.

This method of applying is designed for perfume. Capacity with spirits is closed with a lid, at the base of which the wand is located. It is she who is applied a small amount of aroma to the specified places. The remaining types of perfumery are represented in the form of sprayed aerosols. Lovers of aerosol perfumes apply her last time, before the rest of the street. And this is the main mistake.

Perfumes argue that the fragrance is necessary only on the body, ideally immediately after the bathroom procedures. Spaled soft skin as much as possible absorbs odors and will have a pleasant aroma for quite a long time.

If you failed to take a shower, the place of application of the perfume should be lubricated with vaseline. This is a kind of smell fixer who will not spoil the composition and will delight the owner and the sophistication of the aroma. It is impossible to apply aerosol perfume on the wrist and rub it. So the components of the fluid lose the connection, which means that the sequence of notes will not be able to distinguish.

There are several Lifehakov, allowing to fiercely with your favorite aroma for a long time.

  • Several “PSHIKS” or drops of perfume liquid on a comb enrich hair with a favorite smell. At the same time, no one will determine what the raisin of long resistance of smell.
  • Strengthen the fragrance will allow a woven disk with perfume water, hidden in a handbag or a native pocket.
  • Store perfume follows in the factory box so that they do not get sunlight.

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