Female perfume with cherry smell

Female perfume with cherry smell

Women’s perfume with the smell of cherries saturated and unique. This berry symbolizes the summer and inherent solar abundance. In perfume with the aroma of the cherry bone, tenderness and naivety are combined with passion and bright feelings. Such spirits produce many manufacturers. In most cases, we are talking about a fruit combination, but sometimes perfumers mix unusual components to obtain unique compositions.


Cherry perfume tempting and romantic, he sounds very beautiful. If you wanted a holiday and bright impressions, it is worth choosing it. He attracts the attention of the opposite sex, contributes to the incarnation of what is dreaming of, in reality.

Each bottle with cherry notes personifies carefree summer time. Such compositions are a bit obsessed and enthusiastic. Cherry juice filled with juice delight. That is why the perfumes fell in love with this note.

Sweet – in combination with a rose – it forms erotic subtext. Spicy in wine drink awakens passionate fantasies. True with flowers symbolizes tenderness and romance.

Top flavors

Cherry perfumes for women are presented in the rules of many brands.

Chocolate Covered Cherries

DEMETER FRAGRANCE brand offers perfume with cherry notes.

In the composition, except for cherries, there are cognac and chocolate notes. This is a trio tempting, dark chocolate gives a light mustard, a cherry in Cognac – Hop.

Saturated fragrance emphasizes attention due to sweet alcohol motifs resembling a holiday.

Spontaneous Generosity State Of Mind

Toilet water contains black tea sheets, pink, figs, sandalwood and caramel. These are the eastern perfumes in which the aroma of the cherry bone is clearly felt.

Tea notes echoes others, awakening bright thoughts, good memories and stormy emotions. All flavors of this brand have a certain semantic load. Fit both for a young girl and for a mature woman, draw sensual images, make you enjoy life.

The main hero in the ensemble is black tea Assam. It is organically combined with floral notes and sweet honey, ideally conveys natural generosity. This symphony is complemented by caramel shades and ripe figs. Clearly fishes the sweet taste beans thin. This symphony shakes the notes of wild cherry, some arelaced and spicy.

To create a composition of perfumes inspired the image of Natasha Rostova: the latitude of her soul and selfless love for others.

PURPLE HEART V. 5, Map of the Heart

The following motifs are present in the formula of these spirits:

  • Cherry+
  • Pink+
  • Philekovaya+
  • Woody+
  • Sandalov+
  • vanilla+
  • plum.

Flower-fruit perfume has a strong attraction, it is filled with passion. Toilet water as if creating a contradiction, but very attractive in its neutrality. Fragranus intrigues ink aroma, surprises smoky notes, conquers cherry-plum sweetness and vanilla fler.

Perfume perfect for connoisseurs of sweet and bright perfume.

Memories The Gate Fragrances Paris

Formula contains cherry, black, tobacco shades. It also includes beans thin, sweet maple syrup, frangipani and olibanum.

In these spirits, the cherry appears not poured juice, but a thick caramel, frangipani petals. The decoration of the perfume become tobacco notes, imposing thoughts about the dropped hookahs, seized with the colors of the patio.

Perfume awakens pleasant memories, makes you relax with the body and soul.

Wild Cherry Mancera

The following motifs are intertwined in this composition:

  • Cherry+
  • jasmine+
  • Lemon+
  • Bergamot+
  • Irisovye.

Formula Supplement Notes Patchouli, White Musk and Vanilla.

Weaving motifs presents unexpected surprises. In a juicy sweet, tobacco is felt, and hardly tangible puffs are complemented by brandy motifs. Lemon notes balancing a bold cherry haze. The composition has a beautiful sound.

Matsu Sakura

Masaki Matsushima Breed Water Conquers Hearts Cherry, Perevok, Musky Notch, Enchants Magic Patchouli.

This perfume choose people who bored spring freshness, washed rain to trees. All his charm is easily. He personifies the coolness, breeze, blooming on flower beds.

The fragrance holds for several hours.

Miss Dior Cherie

Spirits from Christan Dior have persistent odor, they have an unobtrusive loop. They are counted for the group of chip fruit. In the formula, cherry notes are combined with strawberry, anise and mandarin. Flower composition complement popcorn and caramel.

To whom will fit?

Many brands offer perfume with cherry flavor, perfectly harmony with autumn sometimes, velvet outfits and high heels. Such flavors fascinate, envelop and attract attention. They are chosen for romantic dates and friendly meetings. For office, they are not too suitable, but much depends on the image.

This perfume is most often preferred by young young ladies. Evening flavors, emphasizing the passion and sensuality of their carriers, in which, in addition to Cherry, there are also spicy wood notes, decorated with more mature women.

Spirits with severe cherry notes cause associations with this juicy summer berry. Their creation of perfumes inspires Japanese Sakura, they are perfect for warm pores.

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