Female perfume with tobacco notes

Female perfume with tobacco notes

The smell of tobacco is usually associated with male start, but women and tobacco smoke is a whole type of aesthetics. This is something unpacable mysterious and controversial when women’s fragility and elegance faces a classic male attribute, such as the smell of high-quality tobacco. On the female skin, tobacco notes are revealed by an amazing mounted aroma, and the most bold women without inflatable choose this line of fragrances.


In perfumery, you can often hear tobacco notes. It can be both men’s aromas and purely female, and, of course, unisex flavors. No need to think that flavors with tobacco notes smell the usual cigarette smoke. In the rules of perfumery, tobacco smell is represented by noble, warm, spicy and expensive. Aromatic oils for future spirits are extracted from tobacco leaves or colors. Oil obtained from tobacco flowers, has flavors of flowers mixed with tobacco and carnations notes.

In toilet water for women Popular combination of tobacco with ginger, vanilla, honey and other sweet and spicy notes.

Perfume Review

Women’s perfumes with the smell of smoke are represented both in the niche line of flavors and in the category of toilet water premium segment. You can pick up high-quality perfumes on any budget. Below are odors definitely worthy of attention.

Vivienne Westwood Boudoir

Spirits, revealing femininity owners. Posted by notes Patchley, Sandala, Hyacinth, Carnations, Coriander, Cinnamon and Tobacco. Was presented in 1998 and still keeps his popularity. A perfectly selected combination of components leaves the chalifing odor.

Tobacco Vanille Tom Ford

All the famous brand did not stay away from the tart smells. A stunning mixture of vanilla, cocoa, tobacco, spices, wood and dried fruits will not leave anyone indifferent. It is recommended to wear this smell in the cold season.

Nasomatto Black Afgano

Unisex aroma keeps its popularity from the end of zero years. Classic oriental bouquet assembled in her composition notes incense, tree, coffee and tobacco. Different with its resistance. The provocative smell is not suitable for young and romantic.

Tobacco Rose from Siordia

Beautiful selected mixture of white tobacco, nutmeg, roses, leather, bergamot and musk. Aroma contains more female notes than smell of tobacco. The smell of roses in the smoke is suitable for passionate natur.

Franck Boclet Cocaine

Truly gourmet aroma. A mixture of tobacco with caramel and berries creates the main mood of the perfume. Lily and orchid perfectly complement the cocktail, and vanilla and patchouli make up the flavor aroma. Qualitative, resistant perfume is suitable for bright personalities.

Agent Provocateur Petale Noir

Stunning toilet water from the famous underwear brand. Many ingredients carry the atmosphere of beauty and sexuality. Eastern tobacco perfume collected the notes of violets, lotus, magnolia, mandarin in a mixture with tobacco, ginger, cedar and leather.

SyComore Chanel

Luxurious perfume from all the famous brand. Suitable for both women and men, revealing on every person in different ways. Notes of violet and tobacco, spices, cypress and juniper join the aroma of the sandale.

Paco Rabanne XS Extreme Girl

Aroma for self-confident women. The skin, cinnamon and tobacco give spirits the main fragrance, whose palette is successfully complemented by cedar, pistachios and almonds. Toilet water as if he carries freshness, and he wants to wear in spring.

Red Tobacco Mancera

Noble smell from the French brand. Filled with the atmosphere of the East and Travel. The first notes are apple, cinnamon, nutmeg and smoky incense. Gasmine, tobacco and musk are gradually entering. Perfumes are in the Unisex category and are suitable for cold times of the year.

Gucci Envy Me

Perfume fits young women. Fruit fragrance contains notes of pink pepper, sandalwood and, as an amplifier of the whole composition, – tobacco. Resistance and footweight of spirits from the famous brand are at the height.

Back to Black Aphrodisiac Kilian

Unisex fragrance will fit both in male and female style, and will delight everyone. Eastern, you can even say the Arab smell contains almonds, tobacco and patchouli, supplemented by bergamot, chamomile and wood notes. Perfume perfect for evening events and dates.

“New Zarya. Kuznetsky Bridge

Smell for nostalging at Soviet times. Modernity and Soviet era are intertwined in aroma. Tobacco, oak moss and amber make up the base of the composition to which the floral flavors of the Iris and the Lily of the Lily of the Orange and Bergamot are joined.

Antonio Banderas Spirit Night Fever

Toilet water from the famous actor. The smell seems to transfers to the Latin American party, full fire, dancing and passion. Represented by citrus notes, with a tobacco base, supplemented with spices and green notes.

Pineapple Dolce & Gabbana

Juicy and sweet fragrance presented by a popular brand. The first in the bouquet felt Mandarin and Pineapple, later join Jasmine and tobacco in the company with Vanilla and Ambro. Perfectly suitable for wearing in the summer.

Mystery Tobacco Carolina Herrera

Mainly a female popular smell that men enjoy. The composition mainly consists of vanilla and tobacco, is gradually revealed by the notes of ginger and citrus. Leaves the train with smells of baking, sweet cherry and chocolate. Status and expensive perfume leaving the impression.

Tabac Licorii Maison Incens

Feminine and changeable fragrance in which a cigarette note is skillfully connected, licorice and oriental spices. For femininity in perfumes, the violet is responsible, and marine water carries freshness. Each weather is revealed in a new way.


Incredibly resistant and bright smell cocktail. In the composition combined rum, tobacco, cinnamon and vanilla. Festive fragrance, not always relevant to wearing every day.

Naughty Fruity Thierry Mugler

In the literal translation, naughty fruit aroma sensually reveals his notes. The first smell of exotic plum is felt, gradually replacing a saturated tobacco. Perfumes are tandem temptation and spicy sweets.

Recommendations for choosing

Properly chosen perfume can be perfectly complementing the image of their owner. The choice of fragrance – the case is purely individual, because on every person the smell will reveal in its own way. Any smell must be tested on the skin for a few hours, and only then decide on the purchase.

In the selection it is necessary to take into account factors such as age, character and temperament. Fragrances suitable for young girls are most often not suitable for mature women. Universal perfume “no age” of course exist, but rather in limited quantities.

Time of day and reason also need to take into account so that the smell is to the place. Smells suitable for evening events are not suitable for the morning or work in the office.

Amateur flavors have always selected a few perfume bottles for each year of year.

Toilet water suitable for cold season, will not open properly in summer or spring.

Tobacco flavors for women should always be selected with extreme caution, comparing with their image and lifestyle. Choosing such a tart smell, you need to not forget about the measure, and apply a small amount of perfume, because such odors are usually distinguished by high resistance.

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