How to carry perfume in hand baggage in the plane?

How to carry perfume in hand baggage in the plane?

Airplanes are distinguished from other types of transport not only increased speed of movement of passengers and their baggage, but also more stringent requirements for the baggage. With perfumes, for example, there is a lot of subtleties, if notes can lead to the fact that when landing, the precious liquid will make it easy to pour.

General rules

Let’s begin with that Perfumery products are one of the most common gift options from abroad – In some foreign countries, the choice is much wider than domestic, and prices may be more pleasant. At the same time, the passengers rightly believe that in the luggage compartment, a fragile bottle can be crashing, and when you try to carry toilet water or cologne to the salon in hand bag, problems often occur. If, in the role of a person who wants to carry perfumes, the lady acts, and the flight is supposed to be long, then the additional reason for disputes can also be the fact that the means is the component of the cosmetics.

Immediately clarify that You can still take perfume in the salon, but there are certain limitations, non-compliance with which just leads to the requirement to get rid of the perfume agent at all.

The main reason for this is alone: ​​with an inaccurate circulation, the toilet water may break, and it will create a lot of problems in the air.

  • First of all, such a substance contains alcohol, And then the slightest spark in the cabin at a height of several kilometers above the ground will endange the life of dozens of people.
  • Other Potential Danger – Allergy In individual passengers on a specific aromatic component, because to ventilate the salon at high altitude, it will not be possible – it is sealed because of much lower pressure outside.
  • Finally, with a large number of spilled perfume in a closed room, it can be bad for anyone, And this will require the crew of decisive actions right up to the unplanned boarding of the board, which will fall into huge inconveniences for passengers and giant losses for the carrier.

After we have figured out why airlines are so come up with the principles of transportation of perfumes, more attention will be paid to the existing rules. It remains only to clarify that in different countries and even among individual carriers, accurate rules may vary. We give the following information for familiarization, you, as a responsible passenger, are obliged to appeal to the carrier and learn how this airline belongs to the issue of transportation of cologne.

Allowed volume

If you, after reading the foregoing, have already frightened that you can not bring gifts to everyone who planned, do not worry – Restrictions are not so strict. On Russian legislation, one person has the right to transport a liter of perfumery products, and it is only in the cabin! In other words, in the luggage compartment you can carry more significant amounts of perfumery, but then, of course, it is better at home to pack the bags correctly, so that you do not have to shift anything right before landing, and that the valuable cargo does not give during the trip.

Please note that the liter volume of perfumes per person is a requirement relating to all the perfume products in general.

You can not carry 0.5 liters of cologne, spirits and toilet water, because they are all perfume, and the total is already 1.5 liters. If you have a lot of bottles, do not be lazy to calculate, did you get out of the scope. Your personal perfume from the cosmetics is summed up with gifts – this moment must be taken into account.

But more importantly, it is the requirements for the volume of dishes. The law provides that no packaging with perfumes may not be the volume of more than 100 ml – That is, your liter of cologne can be divided at least 10 separate bottles. This is done just to ensure that there is a leak of a substance, it was still not a liter of spatial liquid in the air. During the test of the hand-made bag before planting, no one will rate as weight as much toilet water in your vial, even if the walls of the vessel transparent – the controller simply makes it throw away all the containers whose volume exceeds 100 ml. That argument that liquids remained only a little bit at the bottom, will not help, and pay for the provision of a larger bottle either will not be able to.

As for baggage in the luggage compartment, it is “not rubber”: It is allowed to carry no more than 2 liters of perfumery, which is now allowed to be made in a bottle of up to 0.5 liters. Pay attention to the fact that the rules of perfume is regarded as “alcohol-containing liquid”, which means that the volume of cologne is summed up with the volume of alcoholic beverages that you can also carry as a gift.

Requirements for packaging

Even if in terms of the volume you did not exceed the provided limits, when landing, it can still be forbidden to carry with you perfume, referring to the fact that it is incorrectly packaged. Yes, all right – air carriers are so pedantic, which provided for the rules even a completely specific way to packing cologne.

The slightest deviation from the conditions issued by the company – and you will have to throw a purchase, because it is unlikely to overpass it on the go.

In order not to fall into such unpleasant situations, consider how to pack perfume.

The first requirement is quite logical: packaging should be hermetic and close quite tight. If the checking sees that the lid does not hold the liquid, such a cargo in the cabin will not be missed. At the same time, cardboard and other packages, even branded and very beautiful, can throw away immediately – inspecting at the airport generally do not like multi-layered packaging, in which you can hide anything unnecessary. All perfume products should be in glass bottles, the rest of Mishur will not be exactly missing, and you only wonder the queue.

Nobody relies on the reliability of the lids, so Perfume transparency is possible only in a transparent plastic package equipped with a special clasp – Velcro is suitable, castle or cord in good condition. At the same time, one passenger such a package should be only one, and the vials cannot be laid in it more than 10. In other words, if you have a bottle of 30 ml each, you forget about the liter LITRY – for you it is 300 ml.

Prepare on the first requirement to provide an employee of security access to the contents of the package – it may not be limited to a visual inspection of transparent packaging.

Even after completing the rules marked above, you can still run into the unwanted development of events – it is enough to just open a package with perfumery (not one of the bottles, namely the package!) During the flight. Open it in the cabin is strictly prohibited, And you, violating this requirement, risk risks to confiscation of what has already been successfully brought to the destination.

Transport of fragrances from Duty Free

Purchase of perfume in Duty Friend is interesting to travelers from any point of view: the choice of goods on the conditional neutral territory is often wider, the prices here, in view of the duty-free trading nature, lower, and even on products purchased at airport stores, the general rules for the transport of spirits are not covered.

States protect their own economy from the shuttle export of inexpensive goods from Duty Friend, so you can usually purchase something in such stores only on the fact of presenting a passport and landing ticket to the plane to be seen that you will fly away. Check to throw out in no case – He will show the security service that this is the most product from Duty Friend, which does not apply to the general rules of provision of such products.

To customers it was more convenient, most shops in the duty-free zone specifically pack sold goods to a special brand package, recognizable on the border – it helps to comply with packing requirements and immediately show the security service that you have a product that has the right to go beyond restrictions. Interestingly, Theoretically testing do not even have the right to open the package from the store trading without duties.

Just in case we recall that you do not have such right and you are even a duty-free shopping of perfume does not mean that the owner is allowed to open the package in the cabin.

The tightness rule remains relevant, and open the package sealed by the seller, it is possible not earlier than on the fact of arrival.


Really even perfect Strict following the above rules does not give any guarantee that the passenger will still take a grated cologne to the final point.

  • Security service employees have the right to increased suspicion. If they do not like that perfume that you carry, they can confiscate it without missing the aircraft salon. Moreover, theoretically, they do not even be obliged to explain to the stunned passenger, which is not so with his things.
  • In addition, the rules may vary depending on the current situation in the shipping or arrival region. Let’s say in January – April 2014, during the winter Olympiad in Sochi, in Russia the terrorist attacks were very afraid, therefore, in principle, it was forbidden to carry any liquids on board. There were no values ​​for the transportation of alcohol-containing liquids – they were simply impossible to carry in hand baggles and all here!
  • The third important point, because of which it is possible to lose property when landing, is non-compliance with the rules of transport of goods from Duty Frei at the airport where you perform a transplant. Rules may vary even within one airport – it all depends on where you come from and where you fly further. It may even have been to find fault with the fact that duty-free goods last airport you bought for too long ago, and therefore it is no longer subject to unlimited perfumes and, let’s say, exceeded the limits of the allowed limit.

The most experienced travelers advise not to break their heads over the rules of each individual airport, and it’s easier: do not buy any perfume in Duty Fri, if you still have a transplant. Come in duty-free shops only at that airport, from which you fly away to the main destination – Then the seller of the airport store will be able to advise you about the carriage of the goods you like.

Additional information about fluid in the aircraft you will learn from the video below.

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