How to make perfume at home?

How to make perfume at home?

Creating a perfume – a fascinating process. After all, thanks to a variety of combinations, amazing flavors can be born, which will inspire and amaze. And it is not necessary to always acquire expensive toilet water in the store, you can try to experiment and come up with something, individual. To do this, you just need to know the basic principles and stages of how to make perfume at home.

What do you need?

In order to make perfume on their own, you need to pre-prepare the entire set of tools and materials that can be useful, and, of course, determine the method of manufacturing your exclusive composition, since home perfumery can be created in different ways. It doesn’t matter from which fragrances your fragrance consists, it can be done on an alcohol basis (as alcohol, and vodka), from essential oils.

The compositions taken as the basis of the future perfume may consist of flowers, herbs, leaves, fruits, berries and other ingredients, which also need to be prepared according to a specific technology.

So, it is worth considering the entire arsenal of funds and items that can be useful in work.

  • We will definitely need small bottles of dark glass. We need a car with a dark color, through which sun rays do not penetrate, capable of cutting the life of the fragrance. Naturally, containers for future experiments must be perfectly clean. Extraneous smells that were not removed before that, can spoil the whole composition. Therefore, if bottles are not new, you need to wash them very thoroughly and dry.

  • Should be purchased the oil that will be taken as the basis. It should not be smell, the main function of this component is that the main smell is on the skin and fixed on it. In this oil already add aromatic components. You can take the basis of olive oil, boil it and add vitamin E.

  • The required component in the production of spirits – alcohol. If it is not available, you can do by vodka fortress 40-50% without various additives. This component can be replaced with grape alcohol.

  • Next, it is worth choosing ingredients that will be part of the future composition. It can be aromaasla, flower buds, leaflets of trees and grass.

  • In the process of work, clean containers for processing all ingredients, mixing sticks, pipettes, funnels may also be needed. All components need to rinse well and boil to reliability.

When all the ingredients are collected and the necessary attributes are ready, you need to find a sufficient amount of time and you can proceed to work. In this case, it is impossible to hurry in this case, this is a kind of meditation, which should bring a feeling of harmony and peace.

After all, in the manufacture of its fragrance it will be necessary to invest not only the necessary components, but also the soul, positive emotions and a good mood. And these moments are very important. Therefore, these components will also be needed in this difficult, but pleasant.

Features of the creation of the composition

Before creating the composition itself, you need to determine the method that will be used. And it depends on what ingredients are chosen. Homemade perfumes manufactured at home most often include essential oils or vegetable components – Flowers and herbs. From the selected method and will depend on the algorithm of actions, the proportions of selected ingredients.

To begin with, consider how to properly prepare flowers, leaves and herbs.

  • You should take the glass container of any size and shape, the main thing is its purity. Necessarily the presence of a cover. The darker glass, the better.
  • Then you need to take the oil that does not smell. This can include jojoba oil, almond or grape bones.
  • Collect plants for future handmade works need in dry weather. At the same time, those herbs and plants should be collected, which have a pronounced fragrance.
  • It is necessary to separate the extra garbage and unnecessary parts. If we are talking about colors, we only take the petals, if about the leaves, we remove the extra shoots and stems. In order for the smell to be more intense, a wooden spatula or a pusher slightly, the petals and leaves.
  • Then put the prepared plants in the glass container and pour oil. It should be quite a bit so that the plants are barely covered. Then closely close the lid.
  • Capacity remove into a dark cool room for 2 weeks.
  • After this time, you need to open the container and profile oil. If its smell is not so intense, as I would like, you can add the same components to the already filtered oil and remove the same components again in a dark place for a week. So you can do as long as the aroma of oil will not fully satisfy the manufacturer.
  • When the oil is fully formed, you need to fix the result and add vitamin E – it will play a preservative role.

If you want to do balm, it is also easy to implement. You just need to melt beeswax in a water bath or in a microwave, add to fragrant oil and leave to leave.

If the composition is created from essential oils, without inclusion of plant components, we act as follows:

  • First of all, you need to prepare 2 tablespoons of base oils (odorless), 6 st. L. Alcohol or vodka, 3 st. L. Clean water purchased in the store, essential oils according to your choice, which will be used in the composition (only 30 drops)+
  • In addition, a filter should be prepared (the one is suitable for coffee), a funnel, 2 pure glass containers+
  • Then the base is poured into a bottle, 30 drops of essential oils are added to it in such a sequence – basic, medium, upper notes (how to distribute odors – solves a home perfumer), then add alcohol or vodka+
  • Next, the fragrance must be broken, the minimum time is two days, and the maximum can be a month and a half+
  • When the home perfume acquires the desired smell, you need to add 2 tablespoons of water, mix thoroughly, and this is considered to be completed.

Then, using a funnel and a coffee filter, you need to pour the resulting composition in clean bottles of dark glass. If the spirits were made specifically as a present, it makes sense to acquire a beautiful bottle and glue the label with the name and wish. Such a gift will be pleasant to everyone. As you know, any perfume has its own shelf life. It is better to start a special notebook in which you can fix your experiments.

There you can also find out how much perfume is stored, as well as fix all recipes in order to repeat your most successful result.

Best recipes

Each perfume of famous brands is distinguished by their mood, and makes it yourself – especially. Make handmade oil perfumes not so difficult. But if there are doubts, you can visit a specialized master class for women. Surely in your city you can find such, now handmade goods – in trend.

But if the cooking process is decided to master on your own, it is better to follow the instructions and use those ingredients that are already checked in this process. It is difficult, for example, to prepare perfume from the shower gel, soap, shampoo, hair balm and other components on a soap-based basis. It is permissible to use natural components or oils.

Light aromas

These include compositions that are very convenient to use on a hot summer day. They refresh, it sounds unobtrusively, such compositions are called thin and barely catchy. They may have floral, fruit and fresh notes – the smell of the sea or rain, for example. At home, the lightness of the sound can be achieved using the following ingredients:

  • Rose oil – 20 drops, vetiver and lime – 10 drops+
  • Grapefruit oil – 30 drops, lavender and orange – 10, chamomile and sage – 5+
  • Geranium oil – 30 drops, incense – 5, orange – 8.

You can also add an iris, jasmine, lilac, lemon, mandarin, mint as light notes.


This is a relaxing option that allows you to rest, feel comfortable in a cozy space. Such odors should be configured on a quiet time in a very warm company of loved ones and friends. With these features, it will be great:

  • Rosemary (5 drops), cedar oil (15), orange (30), mint (10)+
  • Fir oil (30 drops), bergamot (15), vetiver (10), cedar oil (10)+
  • Lavender oil (30 drops), clove (10), vanilla (5), nutmeg (5), ylang-ylang (5).


These are bright fragrances for parties, dates, attracting attention. But here the main principle is not to overdo it in order not to achieve the opposite effect and not scare away too saturated aroma. You can experiment and create the following compounds:

  • Coconut Oil (30 drops), Patchouli (5), Cinnamon (3), Jasmine (3)+
  • Cedar oil (10 drops), Patchouli (10), Bergamot (5), Ylang-Ylang (5), Lavender (5), Orange (10).

Installing confidence

Perfume, allowing you to feel at the height, confident in yourself, should be in the arsenal of every girl. They will always raise the mood and inspire bold actions. The composition may be, for example, as:

  • Sandalwood oil (20 drops), Vanilla (20), grapefruit (15), Bergamot (10)+
  • Orange oil (20 drops), cedar (15), Vanilla (10), Ylang-Ilanga (5)+
  • Lavender oil (15 drops), Rosemary (5), Lemongrass (5).


Classic floral perfumes most often do not cost without fragrance of roses petals, but not everyone likes such a sound. However, in combination with other flowers, the rose may look in a common bouquet very elegant, fresh and exquisite. The main thing is to combine it with other components. Successfully look such options:

  • Rose Oil (15 drops), Lavender (10), Cinnamon (5)+
  • Rose (15 drops), Mandarin (10), grapefruit (15), sandalwood (5), ylang-ylang (5)+
  • Rose Oil (15 drops), cardamom (10), lavender (15), chamomile (5), cedar (5).

Improving mood

Sometimes for a positive attitude of something lacking. And perfume in this can help. You can try to create compositions from the following components:

  • Patchouli (40 drops), orange (25), Mandarin (25), Ylang-Ylang (5).
  • Grapefruit (20 drops), ginger (15), vetiver (10)+
  • Rose oil (25 drops), lime (10), vetiver (10).

It is worth remembering that the reduced recipes is not the only possible possible. Experimenting with smells is very exciting, besides, it is possible that you can find your only fragrance that will be loved.


Going to feel in the role of perfume, you must first figure out some of which notes can be combined with each other, and which are not friends with each other. To do this, it is worth considering well-known brand products and find out which chords are created using certain components. It will at least approximately make it possible to understand what you would like to get in the end.

Starting a challenge over homemade perfumes, you need to clear the space from other extraneous smells – food, cleaning products. The air must be fresh and clean. This will not get confused in various oils, herbs and colors. Cookware for work should be clean and dry, in which there were no products with sharp odors before. If this occupation is so fascinated that I want to experiment infinitely, you should not try to create more than 2 fragrances on the day, otherwise you can get confused in odors.

And even better to first make the first fragrance and wait for his ripening. Perhaps something in it can be improved or a little change. This is a creative job, you should not rush.

Sometimes it makes sense to take advantage of ready-made sets that can be found in stores for creativity. This is also a good first experience. After all, there are already selected ingredients, combined with each other, in the right proportions. Besides, It is worth clearly understood that they are notes – upper, medium and basic. This will allow you to properly make your own compositions.

The top notes sound in the chord immediately, but soon disappear, the maximum in half an hour. For them the game enter the average. And here you can clearly feel to which class belongs to perfume – for example, from a series of floral or fruit, oriental or spit, marine or woody. Basic notes are the foundation, thanks to them, the aroma on the skin holds long hours.

  • Most often, bergamot or grapefruit, orange or mint, lime or lemon can be detected as the upper notes.
  • In the middle, the shades of cardamom, pepper, cinnamon, neroli, muscat, juniper, roses are well audio.
  • Basic notes can please vanilla, cedar, cypress, sandalwal, vetiver.

Creating a composition, you should focus on the proportion where the basic notes are one part of the composition, the notes of the heart – two parts and the top – three parts. In this case, and under the condition that correctly selected ingredients can be relying on a harmonious fragrance. Even if something from the first time did not work, do not be upset, the fragrance can always be corrected. If the home perfume completely satisfied, you can make it so that it is more resistant. For this, enough to add a few drops of glycerin.

And one more important point – your individual works need to be properly applied to the skin, do not use too much perfume immediately, even if it seems that the smell is weak. First, it would be nice to test him surrounded by loved ones, maybe hear their assessment.

Application areas – for ears, on the neck, wrists, on hair, elbow bends, kneaders. But this does not mean that you need to apply everywhere, it is enough to choose one or two places.

How to make perfume at home, look in the following video.

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