Perfume overview for boys

Perfume overview for boys

Currently Perfumes for boys Enjoy great popularity. Many parents are convinced that it is necessary to attach a child to smells from early age.


All the actions of parents become an example for a child to imitate. Every day watching the father before going out perfume, the boy involuntarily adopt this habit. However, adult perfumery contains alcohol, harmful to the children’s body.

Parents should not disdain from the sins if he wants to use spirits. Instead of hiding perfumes, you should help in choosing your fragrance, explain how to use it. So he will feel his adulthood and however, it will not be closed from parents.

Children’s perfumes are brought up in a child’s own taste, form preferences and become one of the tools for teaching cleanness and constant care.

    If the child does not express interest in perfume, he should not impose it, if he wants, he will come to this himself.

    Children’s skin is very sensitive and vulnerable, prone to allergic reactions. Buying the spirits of the child, should consider a number of features.

    • Hypoallergenic composition. Fragrances undergo a strict check on the appearance of allergic reactions.
    • Unlike adult male perfumes, in children there is no alcohol and coloring substances.
    • Light, fresh flavor of fruits or berries is great for teenagers.
    • Bright packaging design with the image of your favorite heroes will be an excellent gift for boys shame.
    • Safe plastic bottle.


    Of the most popular types of children’s perfumes are especially allocated Perfume, toilet water and cologne. Perfume Much longer persisted on the skin, the fragrance holds at least 12 hours. Produced in small, often exclusive bottles without sprayers, are distinguished by high cost.

    Toilet water and cologne Identical, the resistance of them is about 3 hours, so for a permanent fragrance will have to update them several times a day. Their difference is that the toilet water is a term used by French producers, and cologne – American. It is better to use them in the heat, at work and in sports. These are more budget options than perfume.

    Toilet water vials are always with a spray, not so sophisticated, like the spirits.

    Many world brands began to produce a line of children’s perfume. Givenchy, Dolce & Gabbana, Bvlgari Different with restrained bottle design. The aromas of these brands are similar to an adult perfume, therefore will become an ideal gift for a teenager.

    The exact opposite is brands Disney, Mattel, Nickelodeon, Marvel. Bright packaging with images of the heroes of favorite cartoons will be subjected not to their aroma, but with their stylization.

    The following manufacturers of children’s perfumes have acquired the greatest popularity.

    • Jacadi – Pretty expensive French brand, producing children’s clothing and shoes. Jacadi offers several types of toilet water that does not contain alcohol and with excellent composition. Come older children and very small. The aroma of mandarin, peach and bergamot in stylish blue packaging will be a great idea for a gift.

    • Mustela – Another corporation from France, the creator of children’s high quality goods, which has released its fragrance. The perfect hypoallergenic composition of coupled with a gentle aroma is suitable for both babies and older boys.

    • Burberry – World famous trendy house that created an incredible citrus fragrance with floral notes. Produced without alcohol for the smallest and in the traditional version.

    • Love, Chic Baby – Manufacturer of popular and high budget toilet water for children. The official website lists a lot of star parents – fans of this product, as the manufacturer claims. For boys presented flavors of melons, strawberries and citrus.

    • Popular product manufacturer in Russia Johnson’s Suggested a fragrance in which flowers and fruits are gently combined. Immediately there is a feeling of crystal freshness. The composition with the lack of alcohol tested by clinically. The product will suit children of any age.

    • American brand cosmetics and perfumery Zermat Created two aroma unisex with soft floral notes, suitable even the smallest.

    How to choose?

    On the shelves are presented with many options for children’s toilet water, but the real, high-quality perfume is quite difficult to find. Choosing a gift to the child, it is worth carefully shifting online stores, and not order the first fake from China, which does not guarantee security and quality.

      • For children 5, 7 and 9 years It is not very expensive aromas, light and unobtrusive. If the packaging is stylized by the heroes of the favorite cartoon of the boy, this will play a key role in choosing. At this age, the perfume is unlikely to be used for its intended purpose, but rather will become a toy. The bottle must be plastic, glass containers are prohibited. If the parents are confident that this is a minute caprice, and the child will not use spirits for its intended purpose, you can buy the cheapest option in any supermarket.
      • When choosing a perfume for a boy of 10-12 years It is worth paying attention to his hobbies and be sure to take into account his opinion. At this age, the child begins to make a conscious choice. What a parent like does not have to like the child. Perhaps it will be delighted with a bottle with trolls, and maybe he will appreciate perfume from the famous football player. Many athletes produce their own aromas line. The choice is great, the main thing is to know what is passionate about the child.
      • Guy 14, 16 and 17 years want to somehow stand out, feel adults. They are suitable citrus, fresh flavors in classic bottles. They look solid, and the smell resemble adults. Perfume with the Sport Prefix Choose Almost all young people. Notes Bergamot, ginger and citrus fruits are present in the line of almost every manufacturer. Adidas and Lacoste brands are suitable for adolescents, creating flavors for sports, mobile and cheerful guys.

      It would seem difficult to buy a ginger perfume?

      But upon closer examination it turns out that there are a lot of conditions that must be taken into account in order to preserve the health of their child, and also not to destroy his individuality.

      Review of children’s perfume in the video below.

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