Perfumes with violet aroma

Perfumes with violet aroma

Violat (Viola Tricolor) – probably not to explain what kind of flowers. Their subtle fragrance know everything. Parfumes with this smell choose women who value subtlety, tenderness and sophistication. She satisfies the tastes of people who are characterized by elegance, impeccable style in combination with a negligence note.


From the point of view of perfumery, violet is difficult to sell. In this note, there is a vintage shade – the atmosphere, which many would be called outdated, but also a strong association with Parma Violets confectionery. Exquisite violet has long been used in perfumery and has become very popular during the rule of Queen Victoria. The perfume was known for its sweet floral notes, and the first fragrances of violets were obtained from Parm violets with a painstaking extraction process, which made the flavor very expensive and affordable only for a certain class.

Most of the characteristic elements have become available only since the end of the XIX century. But it was only imitation. Viewing the real smell of a flower, you will find a set of nuances, for example, related to blueberries, daffodils. There is also the likelihood that the violet in your own spirits is a synthetic perfume: Chemist Ferdinand Timan in 1893 found a way to divide the aromatic compounds of violet.

Filter simulate quite simple, but it is more difficult to reproduce all the nuances, subtlety and naturalness of a bouquet. After all, the smells that you feel in nature are not quite the same as in perfumery. Palok has a very short flowering period. Their fragrance changes from the moment you collect flowers, and up to ten hours later.

Natural smell disappears after a few hours. This is a decisive moment for the proper flower analysis. Flowers are not saved for a long time after harvest. Their smell is elusive and delicate. Violets smell gently, powdered, romantic, a little bit like Iris. Leaves also contribute to the smell.

The violet has one amazing feature: Chemical Jona, thanks to which the smell disappears, and then appears again.

Josephine Bogarne just because of this unique quality loved violet perfume.

Napoleon Bonaparte chose a violet as his corporate flower. When Josephine died in 1814, he decorated her grave with violet plants, and when he went to Elbe, he promised his loved ones, which would return to the violet season. Shortly before he was finally exiled to the island of Saint Elena, Napoleon visited Josephine’s grave and threw several flowers. After his death, they were found in the medallion, which he always wore on the neck.

Top flavors

Favorite fragrance Queen Victoria has long been associated with vintage and old-fashioned spirits. Nevertheless, perfume houses found ways to modernize the violet, mixing it with Iris, Vanilla and even skin to create new interpretations.

Guerlain Insolence Eau de Parfum

Violet and iris – perfect flower combination. In the female aroma of Guerlain Insolence, these two notes are used together with berries to create powdered, but modern shade.

Frederic Malle Lipstick Rose

Lipstick Rose – an excellent example of how the violet can awaken old memories. The fragrance of Mother’s Mother of the famous perfume Ralph Schwieker inspired him to create fragrance. In this toilet water combines familiar notes of roses and violets with grapefruit, musk and vanilla, which also cause Hollywood glamor in imagination.

Tom Ford Noir Eau de Parfum

While the violet can be associated with flower female flavors, Tom Ford Noir Eau de Parfum is a bright example of how floral notes can be used in men’s fragrances. Classic fragrance with refined notes of Bergamot, violet colors, nutmeg, amber and vanilla.

Acqua di Parma Rosa Nobile Eau de Parfum

Those who are looking for a subtle introduction to violet will appreciate the Rosa Nobile perfume from Acqua di Parma. The composition dedicated to the rose is accentuated on soft, velvet accents with peony and violet. In combination with sparkling notes of mandarin and warm shells of cedar wood and musk, this non-fulfiguous aroma recreates floral chords.

How to choose?

Regardless of whether you are an expert in perfumes or a newcomer in this case, find the fragrance that you like may be not easy. When you approach the counter with spirits, the only information you can get about any of the smells in front of you is how the bottle looks like that, of course, you don’t talk about.

Often have to try several options from hundreds of available bottles using a seller, which usually does not help at all.

Favorite fragrance can really be part, continuing you. Therefore, choosing a perfume with the aroma of violets, follow the basic rules.

  • Choice of aroma. Each perfume consists of several “notes”. These shades determine the overall fragrance. They consist of three different layers called basic, upper and medium “notes”, they all work in synergies, creating a specific smell.
  • Select concentration. Aromas are four different levels of concentration. The higher the concentration, the higher and the price.
  • Test aroma. Before you decide to acquire any fragrance, you must need some simple tests to make sure that this is what you want to wear.

About fragrances with a note of violet you can learn more from the video below.

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