What is number perfume and how to choose it?

What is number perfume and how to choose it?

When it comes to such an unusual fashion phenomenon, such as license perfumery, it is difficult to understand all the features of the product. But perfumery by numbers, indeed, exists, and understand what spirits and toilet water will be better suitable for a specific owner, it turns out not more difficult than with the familiar niche aromas or mass market.

Features, pros and cons

Room perfumery – a separate group of products that have no name, bright packaging and expressed affiliation to any brand. Laconic figures on a bottle label will say an experienced buyer at no less than the loud name of the manufacturer. Tradition to assign numbers to perfume products in the early XX century. Creating its aromas, the famous brands of that time ratified their names and numbers of selected compositions on the bottles. So appeared Chanel No. 5, Chanel No. 22 and other popular products.

The number perfumes presented in the modern market are also fruit of work perfumers. That’s just their names are not printed on bottles. Own production has a very small number of niche brands. Other Companies order the manufacture of their products in the UAE and other countries where there are sufficient production facilities for industrial bottling. As a result, the brandedness is a loud name, the goods receive only when packing. The formulas remain, allowing manufacturers to produce similar aromas already under the numbers, corresponding to a certain aromatic composition.

You can highlight a few advantages of such perfumery.

  1. Available cost. It will be lower than the brand perfumes, 3-6 times. This factor often becomes decisive when purchasing goods.

  2. High concentration. Almost all products are produced in the form of perfumes, less often – perfume water. In the segment of mass market, the most chassis option is considered to be Eau de Toilette with a volume of aromatic substances up to 10%.

  3. Comfortable packing. Standard 50 ml bottles allow you to get enough favorite perfume for permanent use.

Minuses in license perfumes also have. First of all, they are associated with a large number of low-grade fakes, which flooded the market.

In addition, the identity is still not 100%, even in quality products. As a result, encounter the fact that the fragrance does not match expectations, every customer may well. No guarantees.


Firms producing perfumes by numbers are well known to all true lovers of perfume and toilet water. For those who do not want to overpay for brands, it can be recommended to look at the products submitted by the manufacturers below.

  • FM by Federico Mahor. Polish brand has been working since 2004, specializes in the release of license places, similar to the originals by their composition. In the Pure Royal collection, 67 fragrances are represented, more than 120 leaves outside Linek. The product is distributed according to the network marketing scheme.

  • Dilis Parfum. Brand from Belarus, working since 1991. Local aromas company produces in its classic collection. More than 40 fragrances repeating the olfactory pyramid of the most famous perfumes of the luxury segment. Presents interest La Vie line, in which the design of the packaging is captured by all known elements of branded bottles.

  • Uniq Cosmetics. Czech license perfumery, manufactured by special formulas in the company’s own factory. All flavors are equipped with a detailed description, allowing you to easily decide on the choice even to the most demanding client.

  • Eyfel. Turkish brand, producing copies of famous flavors in the luxury segment under the numbers. Also under the brand name BighILL are presented better than niche perfumery. The company is quite popular in the CIS countries, but almost unknown to European consumers.

  • S Parfum. Russian brand specializing in the release of license perfumes, as well as cosmetics and aromas for the house. Pretty popular on the expanses of the CIS countries. In the lineup of more than 200 fragrances for men and women.

  • Parfum Bar. German brand number perfumery, in marking uses not only numbers, but also the names of cities. Flakes are made in a single style.

  • Shaik. One of the most popular license perfume brands. In his rules there are formulas of almost all known luxury flavors. Products produced by Berlin Kozmetik, implemented through online stores or network consultants, is distinguished by high performance, mandatory certification is undergoing. In addition to standard bottles, the brand offers probes in convenient formats.

  • Silvana. The company from Turkey produces perfume and perfume water by numbers in a wide range. There are analogues of products for almost the entire luxury segment, and the composition of the similar original product is indicated in the catalog. The company offers a large selection of male and female flavors, as well as unisex options that are suitable for representatives of both sexes.

  • Clive & Keira. Turkish perfumes manufactured by the same manufacturer as Shaik. Different with concise, expensive packaging design, high degree of compliance of flavors with source luxury products. The company has a rather wide range of flavors, including not only the classics, but also hits, quite recently emerged on sale.

  • Nroticuerse. The number perfumery of this brand is produced in Germany, it has a single style in creating packaging, a wide selection of fragrances for men and women. The manufacturer does not force the buyer to guess – compliance with trend spirits or toilet water is indicated in the catalog. Product stability is slightly lower than the average.

These are the main trademarks that produce license plates. Brands tested not only time, but also by buyers.

The average degree of similarity of the olfactory pyramid with luxury perfumes from their products reaches 95%.

How to choose?

The choice of license perfumery implies two ways: by samples and error or by analogy. In the first case, everything is simple – you need to act in the same way as in the case of classical perfumes or toilet water:

  • Visit the store+

  • Take the fragrances on blotters+

  • Select 3-4 for hand dough+

  • decide.

When it comes to license works, an alternative solution appears. You can select fragrances by analogy with those already liked, but seemed too expensive. Most major manufacturers of license perfumes in catalogs are compliance with the aromas of other brands. As a rule, we are talking about classics, and not about fashionable seasonal new products, so it is quite difficult to make a mistake in choosing.

It is better to buy a fragrance at the concentration of toilet water. It will not seem intrusive, it will disappear pretty quickly – for 3-4 hours. For a more resistant result, it is better to choose perfumey water or perfume.

It is worth remembering about the relevance of fragrance. Oriental and wood traditionally considered evening, fresh green and aquatic – day.

The universal range of aromas is the easiest way to find in the fruit-floral direction, but they don’t like everyone because of sweets.

When selecting a suitable number perfume, you should carefully track the disclosure of notes. Manufacturers deviating from the initial formula often laid the main focus on the starting chord, but the base is taken less persistent.

Additional information about the number perfumes you will learn from the video.

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