Women’s perfume with watermelon aroma

Women's perfume with watermelon aroma

Watermelon is one of the favorite berries of many people, which is very not surprising, because the sweet and juicy flesh can refresh in the summer heat. The perfumeful watermelon flavor water is also valid. In the article, we will consider the features of the toilet water with a berry aroma, make an overview of popular tracks and give useful tips on the choice.


The main criteria for choosing perfumes for the summer are the ease and freshness that it attached to hot. Toilet water with the smell of watermelon will be the optimal choice, as this component is considered ideal from the point of view of perfumes of the whole world. The main feature of the ingredient is its sweet and at the same time unobtrusive fragrance, which adds composition composition, and water notes, in turn, refresh the image. Watermelon chords in perfumes entered the fashion at the end of the 20th century and are still considered one of the most sought-after. If the authors want to give perfume lightness, freshness and some aquatic notes, they are sure to use watermelon for these purposes. He adds some softness and playfulness to the fragrance.

Usually, The ingredient is used in female spirits, but there are men’s smells with berry notes that are perfectly harmonized with the rest, more “male” components. Berry is a bright Fruit Class Spirit Representative, which are replete with sweet notes and bring tenderness and romanticism. Another feature of the ingredient is its versatility. One perfume it gives sweetness and juiciness, another – the necessary freshness and ease. The smell of watermelon is perfectly combined with tropical fruits, oriental spices and even with wood and fuels notes at a compelling frame.

Usually, the berry is included in the top notes of the spirits so that the fragrance immediately play sweet chords.

Perfume Review

Women’s perfume with the aroma of watermelon is fairly demanded due to its versatility and ease. Consider the most popular watermelon compositions.

Davidoff Cool Water

The famous series of spirits in almost every product contains fragrance of juicy berries. The most clearly she hears in the toilet water Davidoff Cool Water Wave. This refreshing composition has long become a classic in the world of perfumery. Here, watermelon notes are combined with tropical mangoes, Maracuy and Guawa, after the peony, freesia and pepper follow, and Iris, Sandal, Musk and Amber are completing chords. Mark decided to use the component and in the male aroma of Davidoff Cool Water Game, where watermelon is combined with musk, patchouli and wood notes.

Christian Dior Addict 2

The sophisticated female fragrance is perfect for the summer due to its tenderness and ease. However, in this case, watermelon is harnessed in the heart of the composition along with the valley, lotus, orange and freesia. Bergamot and grapefruit play in the upper notes, and the sandalwood and white musk are completed.

Kenzo L’Eau Par

This female perfume refers to the rare category, where watermelon notes are not present in the main pyramid, but it is clearly audible when applied. Refreshing toilet water has become one of the favorites for many girls. In this case, watermelon notes are obtained when combining sweet melons with water lily. Similar cases are often in a perfume world.

The top notes of the fragrance are revealed by tangerine, mint, pepper, lilac and cane melon. Amarillis, violet, rose, water lily and pepper play in the heart of the composition, and end the cedar melody, vanilla and musk.

Tips for choosing

Watermelon perfume for women is designed for summer use due to their freshness and juiciness. Perfumes will become the best choice for evening walk, campaign in cinema and even sports on the street. To choose your own fragrance correctly, you should learn how to test perfume. First of all, the product is applied to special strips, and it gives it about 15 minutes to reveal. Only after that you can draw conclusions. If you plan to test a large number of odors, it is better to take a handle with you and sign every strip – it will help not to get bored while making a final decision.

Try to narrow the choice of up to two perfumes that you liked you. They can already be tested on the wrists. After that, it is better to go outside and evaluate the toilet water in the fresh air, as the variety of products in the store can confuse. It is not recommended to use on the day of the choice of a new perfume with your spirits, as well as any other cosmetics having the smell. Do not choose toilet water if you have nose.

Watermelon fragrances can be both pronounced sweet framing and fresh and juicy in combination with other fruits and flowers. The first option is more suitable for the evening event, the second is perfect in the afternoon.

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