Women’s spirits

Women's spirits

Good female perfume is a great addition to any image. To replenish your collection with interesting spirits, you need to learn to understand modern perfumes and choose the most appropriate flavors.

general description

The first female spirits appeared in ancient Egypt and in the Middle East. Over time, the industry has evolved. Perfumes learned to reproduce a large amount of flavors, so the choice has become more diverse.

Almost all perfumes, both female and men, consist of upper, medium and basic notes. Head or upper notes are felt immediately after spraying perfume. But this fragrance disappears in a couple of minutes. Heart notes are the basis of the composition. They are much calmer and softer. Keep such notes on the body for several hours.

Complete the aromatic composition of loop notes. They are usually the easiest and invisible.


Existing perfume can be divided into several main categories.

According to the composition

First of all, it is worth noting that all aromatic compositions are divided into 4 main categories that differ depending on their resistance.

  • Perfumery concentrate. Oil perfumes without extra additives are distinguished by incredible resistance. The smell can stay on the skin during the day. It can be used in its pure form or breed alcohol to create more easy aromas.
  • Perfume. They contain from 30 to 50% oil. The aroma on the skin is kept within a few hours.
  • Eau de parfum. In the composition of no more than 20% oil. He keeps well on the skin. There is perfume water inexpensive. Therefore, this option will appeal to those who like to experiment with various smells.
  • Eau de Toilette. As part of such a perfume contains up to 10% oil. Therefore, even in the heat such an aroma does not seem obsessive and unpleasant. Light air toilet water perfectly reveals on the body.

Pick up the product with a suitable concentration every can for yourself.

By destination

It is also very important that the perfume selected perfume approached a certain situation. So, for everyday life it is worth picking light and pleasant flavors without sweetness. During the daytime, it is worth abandoning the eastern and gourmet smells. Instead, it is better to use toilet water with floral or green aroma. Such perfumes are well suited for business meetings and walks with friends.

Evening perfume, on the contrary, should be brighter and interesting. Such perfumes emphasize the individuality of each girl. Muskic, oriental and chip aromas are most popular.

Pick up suitable perfumes for women and season. For example, in winter, when a person’s smell is less sensitive, it is worth choosing more sharp and rich smells. Heat, on the contrary, enhances them. Therefore, in the summer it is recommended to use light fruit, floral and citrus flavors. They smell pleasantly and do not seem too intrusive.

Classification of flavors

All existing flavors belong to several main families.


The aromas of this group have a very complex and interesting sound. In such aromatic compositions there are notes of Ladan, Ilang-Ilanga, Tobacco, Muscus, Tonka beans and various spices. They are great for cold season. Use them most often in the evening. It is at that time a day of warm perfumes with cinnamon and the eastern spices are revealed best.


This category is the most multifaceted. Such perfumes smell a refined vetiver, oak, sandalwood, ylang ylang. Smoky wood fragrances are especially popular. They like confident women who love to experiment with their style.


Light feminine perfumes are great fit young girls. Such compositions are usually chosen for everyday use. Among the components most often found:

  • lily of the valley+
  • the Rose+
  • pion+
  • violet+
  • Cheremukha+
  • barberry+
  • tuberose+
  • orchid.

Nude floral compositions should have in their collection every girl.


Sweetish fruit perfumes attract both young girls and adult women. The main notes that are found in such aromatic compositions – pineapple, currant, pear, apple, figs. Many young girls like the original Korean flavors with fruit notes.


This category also enjoys popular among buyers. Juicy sheets of lemon, orange, grapefruit and lime are perfect for summer. They are unobtrusive, tender and very light. Slightly acidic perfumes can be used every day.


This is another popular category of fresh spirits, which have a refreshing effect on the human body. Basic notes dropped in similar compositions – Lavender, Tarkhun, Wormwood, Sage and Basil.


The first fuas fragrance was invented in 1882. Since then, perfumers are regularly surprised by fans of daring and fresh flavors with new interesting compositions. As a rule, in their composition there are notes of Kumarin, Bergamot, Rosemary and Lavender.


Fresh and spicy chip aromas appeared on the market in 1917. Restrained perfumes in their composition most often contain Oak Moss. Supplement the original compositions of notes of patchouli, incense, vetiver and neroli.


This group of flavors is also called Aquatic. Such perfumes enjoyed much popular in the 90s of the last century. The smell of sea air with modern perfumes can be transferred, mixing synthetic components with floral and citrus.


This category was allocated only at the end of the last century. The first gourmet aroma became Angel Thierry Mugler, which appeared in 1992. The main difference of all flavors from this category is that they are sweet and cause a feeling of a holiday when applied to the skin. Basic notes in such perfumes – cream, chocolate, cocoa, salt caramel.

Gourmet aromas are very feminine and pleasant. But many girls they seem too hard. Therefore, you need to choose.

Choosing female perfumes yourself or for a gift, it is worth paying attention to the most popular brands.


The British company took up the release of his own perfume line in 1981. Find out its products are very easy. All flavors are spilled by original bottles, decorated with corporate cell. Now in the perfume collection of this company presented more than 30 unique flavors.

Start acquaintance with products from this brand worth buying those flavors that are included in the best ranking.

  • BURBERRY WEEKEND. This luxurious evening perfume is ideal for both young girls and women aged. Top notes of this composition – cyclamen, mandarin and sage + medium – nectarine, rosehip and iris. Complete the composition Sandal, Musk and Cedar.

  • BURBERRY TOUCH. This warm perfume refers to the category of flower-green. When applied to the skin, the aroma is disclosed by notes of cranberries, black currant and orange. After a couple of minutes, the composition complement the peony, raspberry, jasmine and tube. Finish her green almonds, white cedar and oak moss.

  • Burberry Brit. This sweet flower-fruit composition will like the fans of the classics. In it, thin sheets of peony and pears are combined with light lemon acid. Complete composition unobtrusive wood fragrance.

Burberry perfume is a great gift for a fan of high-quality and tested fragrances.


The legendary French company with a century-old history has a large number of different fragrant compositions in its range. One of the most famous perfumes from this fashion house – Chanel No. 5. Perfume with notes of roses, jasmine, sandalwood and vanilla can be made part of their individual style. You can use them at any time of the day. They are perfectly combined with a nude make-up and a business outfit.

Another excellent fragrance from this brand – Chanel Gabrielle. He is named after the founder of the company. Top notes of this composition – Black Currant, Mandarin and Grapeforuk + Middle – Jasmine, Orange Flower and Pink Color. Finish her musk, sandalwear and cacheman.

Separate attention should be paid to the bottle in which the spirits are sold. Its development designers were engaged in several years. It is made of thin glass, but it is not afraid of mechanical damage. The appearance of this bottle fully transfers the temper of Coco Chanel himself, which was distinguished by a strong character and love of luxury.


The first perfume from this brand was released in 1957. Now in the collection from Givenchy there are many unique flavors who like both women and men. One of the new flavors from this brand is Givenchy L’Interdit. Perfume has become a continuation of the legendary classic fragrance, which in 1956 was created specifically for Audrey Hepburn.

Top notes of aroma – cherry, pear and bergamot + medium – jasmine, tube and orange color. Complete composition vetiver, caramel, patchouli and vanilla. Separate attention is worth paying packaging. The heavy glass bottle looks luxurious and can be a real room decoration.


This is another French brand, known far beyond your country. The first own fragrance company released in 1950. To date, the collection of goods from this brand has more than 30 unique perfumes. Pay attention to the brightest of them.

  • Hermes 24 Faubourg. This product appeared on the market in 1995 and immediately attract the attention of women from around the world. The original flower-chip composition received several popular awards.

  • Eau des Merveilles. Light perfume combines notes of vetiver, lemon and orange. It is well suited to young and confident girls.

Perfumes from this brand are highly resistant. So use they need carefully.

Calvin Klein

This company was founded in the 60s of the last century. Initially, this brand was released only clothes and underwear. The first fragrances from the brand appeared in the market in 1989. Now in the company’s collections there are more than 60 different perfumes. Most of them release pairs. Pay attention to the best flavors like girls in different ages.

One of these – Deep Euphoria. This is an excellent evening perfume with floral notes. Chords of flowers and spindles are intertwined in it. This makes this composition really unique and saturated.

Deserves attention and aroma called Euphoria for Woman. Immediately after applying to the skin, he fascinates carriers with notes of pomegranate. Over time, the composition complement lotus and orchid notes. Keeps aroma on the skin for several hours.

Dolce & Gabbana

This brand is even known to those who are completely distant from the world of fashion. The company was founded in 1985. The first female fragrance from this brand is attributed to both ordinary users and critics. List of popular perfumes from Dolce & Gabbana big.

Many girls call one of the best products called The Only One. This warm perfume with powdered caramel aroma is great for autumn. The only minus it is low resistance.

Primary notes of this perfume – violet, orange and bergamot + medium – iris, coffee and pear. Complete the composition Sweet Caramel and Vanilla. Luxuriously looks the bottle in which the perfume is sold. It is made of thick glass and decorated with an awesome lid. Perfume perfectly suitable for well-groomed and confident women.

Child Nuances

Purchase perfume stands in a checked store. Departing for the purchase, you must follow the following rules.

  1. Test perfume. On the hot skin, the smell of spirits is completely different as on the tester. So the fragrance you like need to try to apply on the wrist and wait a few minutes until it opens.
  2. Do not mix odors. Each of the aromas must be tested separately. If they are mixed, it will be impossible to fully appreciate each composition.
  3. Do not test too many flavors immediately. In order to choose the most suitable perfume for yourself, it is worth trying not more than 5-6 fragrances for one trip to the store.
  4. When choosing a perfume is very important to pay attention to the packaging in which it is sold. It should be high quality and made of dense cardboard. There can be no damage on cellophane wrapper. Packaging should also contain all information about the manufacturer. This will make it possible to distinguish the original perfume from the fake.

Features of application

To perfume fully showed himself, it needs to be able to properly use.

  • First of all, it is worth noting thatThe flavor is more brightly revealed on a warm clean body. So use it is best after the shower.
  • Do not overdo it with perfume. In order for the perfume well to keep on the skin, it is enough to use only a few drops of the product. It is necessary to apply it on the neck, wrists, elbows and whiskey. These points are the most warm. High temperature helps the spirits to open quickly and fully.
  • It is important not to rub the perfume after applying to the skin. This will reduce its resistance and will not give the aroma to fully reveal. Also, do not apply perfume on clothes. Indeed, in this case, they will strongly change their smell, especially if the cloth has already absorbed other flavors.

Storage Tips

To the perfume served to your owner longer, it needs to be correctly stored. Immediately when buying a product, you should pay attention to the shelf life of the product. During this time, the fragrance will not change its smell and will remain completely safe to health.

Choosing a place to store the spirits, it is worth considering the following points:

  • Perfume fear of high humidity and sharp temperature differences+
  • Perfume preferably stored in the original box+
  • It is worth removing the product away from direct sunlight+
  • the bottle before use is not worth shaking+
  • After using the product, the cover must be tightly close.

Knowing all the necessary information, you can pick up the perfect collection of perfumes that will perfectly emphasize all the strengths of their owner.

About how to choose the perfume correctly, look next.

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