Zumba for beginners: training features for people of different ages

Zumba for beginners: training features for people of different ages

Zumba – fitness with music for those who want to lose weight, tighten their body, get a positive attitude, relieve stress and physical fatigue. This type of sports training originated relatively recently. The founder is Beto Perez, a Colombian choreographer, who began to conduct his classes to the fiery Latin American music, and everyone liked it very much, because you can easily dance with pleasure and at the same time lose weight and tighten all muscle groups.


Zumba – a new direction in the field of fitness training – originates from Dance-fitness, Latin dances, has its own characteristics and is somewhat different from aerobics or sports training.

  • Classes are held to energetic music, mainly Latin American with movements traditional for Latin American dance. This is a classic type of zumba. But at present, new directions have already appeared: continental zumba with the use of different musical styles and dance movements, aqua-zumba – classes in the pool and others.
  • Simple rhythmic dance exercises are performed that are easy to remember and which even a beginner can easily master, and the movements are always different and do not give a strong load on the body, but at the same time there is an active burning of calories and, accordingly, weight loss.
  • The dance program develops endurance, body plasticity, as all muscle groups are worked out. As a result, there is confidence in movements, and as a result, self-confidence, the ability to beautifully maintain posture. Therefore, this type of training can be recommended to those people who feel awkward and constrained.
  • To practice zumba, you do not need a special room with equipment and inventory, you do not need special physical training. You can even do it at home in comfortable clothes and shoes.
  • The intensity of the exercises and the rhythm of the music can be selected according to the age and level of physical fitness of the participants, that is, it is not difficult to practice zumba even in old age.

TSince zumba is more of a dance than a sport, classes are more enjoyable, and this explains the fact that this type of fitness is practiced more often by girls and women than men. Although the benefits that can be obtained from such training apply to absolutely all people, no matter what gender or age they are. From a medical point of view, the most key indicator of recovery from zumba is balanced hormonal background, improvement of the cardiovascular system and lymph flow, the acquisition of muscle tone.

As it becomes clear from the above, in the aggregate, zumba improves not only the complexion, but also the quality of life in general, because the result is vigor and lightness of the body, an energetic, confident state and excellent mood.

Basic exercises

The main movements in zumba are merengue and reggaeton steps, as well as salsa, borrowed from Latin American types of dances. Reggaeton is a smoother and more relaxed version, merengue is an active energetic step, in salsa elements there are more movements with a smooth body bend. Steps are performed to the sides, back and forth, with a turn, squats, jump. Wherein the shoulder girdle and arms work at the same time: swings, movements of the arms up and to the sides, turns of the upper body to the left and to the right. A more active exercise cycle in Zumba fitness includes jumping, bending, jumping from foot to foot, lunges and sharp leg swings.

Experienced instructors it is advised to start with the movements of the legs, and only after lightness and dexterity appear, it is necessary to attach the movements of the shoulder girdle and arms. Repeating the same exercise many times, bringing it to automatism, you can acquire the very ease that is so important in dance.

Musical accompaniment helps to maintain the tempo and rhythm of the dance, creates a festive upbeat mood, and this is a very important component in Zumba fitness classes.

Zumba for beginners

For those who want to lose weight, tighten their figure and are just planning to do any kind of sports training, we can safely recommend the entry-level zumba. There are special groups for beginners, where a set of exercises consists of simple movements and is not difficult in intensity. Classes are conducted by a coach, you just need to repeat all the movements after him. At the beginning of classes – warm-up, then mastering the elements of dance, consolidating them, and at the end, relaxation. In general, the whole lesson takes place in the rhythm of dance to beautiful rhythmic music.

For training, you only need comfortable shoes and clothes that will not hinder movement. It is advisable to choose clothes in beautiful bright colors, which, together with active exercises, will raise mood and vitality.

Besides, if it is not possible to go to classes in the hall, then this type of fitness dance can be practiced at home under some kind of video recording, of which there are now a great many, or, in the end, just turn on the music and move vigorously to the beat, performing simple movements. It is only important to use as many muscles of the whole body as possible. Basic exercises – steps must first be performed slowly, repeating several times, so that later simply dance, moving naturally and easily.

But nevertheless, it is advisable to get out of the house for classes somewhere in a group with a coach in order to diversify your monotonous life, fill everyday life with new impressions and acquaintances, make new friends and like-minded people and at the same time happily lose weight and bring your body into good shape.

Zumba for the elderly

Zumba classes do not require any special training, so this type of fitness can be recommended for retirees who do not want to stay at home and lead an active lifestyle. There are special groups for Zumba classes for the elderly. You just need to remember that in any case, before starting training, you must consult a doctor. The trainer will show you the basic exercises, explain step by step how to correctly perform this or that movement. It is advisable to spend the first workouts no more than 30 minutes, gradually increasing the duration of classes and the pace of movements.

There is a special cycle of classes for retirees, the so-called zumba-gold – the golden program for the golden age. It is also suitable for people with disabilities and for those who have undergone any surgery, since training according to this program is carried out at a slow pace, elements with jumps, squats or sudden movements are excluded from the exercises, which does not give a strong load on the cardiovascular the system and the whole body, and also does not leave a feeling of fatigue at the end of classes.

In general, practicing zumba is of great benefit in that it normalizes blood pressure, creates a positive emotional mood and, ultimately, improves the standard of living not only for retirees, but also for people of any age group.

In the next video, you will find a Zumba lesson for beginners.

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