All about leaving eyebrows and eyelashes

All about leaving eyebrows and eyelashes

Posses to the face of expressiveness, make a clear eyebrow and eyelashes. Replacement form, properly selected color hairs, their density and silkiness – the main key to the success of the female image. If you want to look perfect, you need to carefully take care of your face, use only high-quality tools and cosmetics.


Competent care – the key to beauty and health of eyelashes and eyebrows. For eyebrow formation, some tools will need.

  • Pedzers and tweezers, beveled, needle-shaped, straight and pointed ends. Better if they are made of stainless steel. Straight tweezers are suitable for hard hair, pointed – for thick thumping hair. Tool with sharp tips removes the smallest hairs, providing absolute smoothness of the skin.
  • It is possible to remove extra hairs through a triding – with a harsh thread. Pluses of the method – rapid getting rid of hair, minus – pronounced pain.
  • To correct eyebrow line, need scissors intended for manicure. They are cut off long hair, lines the contour.
  • Wax is also used, but epilation in some cases is not applicable, as it causes allergies in people with predisposition to this pathology.

In addition, the eyebrow set must include accessories for staining. This is a flat, elastic bruster of natural hair, the optimal version – a pony hair tool. It will take a small brush, evenly distributing the coloring composition. Today, you can find the settlement for having and styling after applying a locking gel.

Among other tools – plastic patterns for selecting eyebrows with various bends and sizes. If you wish, you can do the usual ruler creating accurate lines. For convenience, you can buy a portable epilator, effectively removing unwanted hairs. Thus, the basic kit for the correction of giving the kneads of an ideal form contains all the necessary accessories – squeezing, brush, tweezers, scissors and stencils.

Beautifully decorated, thick and long eyelashes – no less important part of a female image that gives special charm, expressiveness and depth of the eyes of a woman. Behind the eyelashes should also be careful to support them in a healthy state. The main tool is a brush, with the help of which in the hairs, framing ages, are applied leaving preparations, oils, cosmetic and decorative agents, dyes.

On the other hand, there are brushes designed to calculate eyelashes, helping to improve the blood flow of the roots and strengthen the growth of vegetation. Also, the calculation procedure eliminates eyelashes from the problems of falling out, section, guarantees spectacular make-up. Tools for eyelashes and eyebrows should be stored in cases, clean.

As for eyebrow accessories, it is desirable to disinfect tweezers, spatulas and nippers to avoid damage and infection of the skin.

Review of funds

Today, improving the condition of their eyelashes and eyebrows can every woman. And professional cosmetics will help in this, designed to protect and strengthen vegetation:

  • CC Brow, The activating revival of the roots and the growth of hairs, based on oils ulma, almond and apricot+

  • gemene oil To restore the hair on a natural basis – hop hops, peach, lotus and grapes+

  • Healing serum Eveline with panthenol, the effect of its application appears after 2 weeks+

  • CHRISTIAN BRETON For eyelashes, eliminating their loss+

  • Vivienne Sabo – Cream fixing, additionally tinted eyebrows+

  • The One from Oriflame – Gel air conditioning for eyebrows with vitamin complex, panthenol and biotin to strengthen bulbs.

Since hair eyebrows and eyelashes are thin, with improper care, they are easily damaged. Weakened hairs are best reanimated by such means:

  • balm dzintars with vitamin E, natural oils, scarlet and keratin+

  • Natural gel, increasing hair growth, – Lipocils gel+

  • “Mirra Lux” – Balm based on Caster, Jasmine oils, grapes and jojoba.

How to remove Makeup?

In addition to the fact that it is important to correctly impose cosmetics on the face, makeup must be carefully deleted, and behind eyebrows and eyelashes – to care.

The main rules for this procedure:

  • Using quality funds selected taking into account skin type+
  • A certain sequence of face cleansing+
  • The correct impact on all sections of the person – the absence of strong pressure, skin, eyebrows, eyelashes.

Delete makeup from the eyelashes need carefully, avoiding the peeling of cleaning tonic on the mucous membrane of the eye:

  • It is impossible to rub eyes – you just need to moisten with a liquid cotton disk and hold 15 seconds in the lower eyelid to dissolve the carcass+
  • the cilia of the upper eyelids are cleaned, starting with the roots to their tips with neat movements, the discs are changed until they are clean.

Demaciary of eyebrows is carried out similarly, but the lotion is applied using the fingers in the direction of hair growth. After a few seconds it is necessary to remove the paint by cotton. After cleansing, lubricate the eyelashes with a special cream or oil – friction or castor. The remedy will come to strengthen eyebrows, allows you to make hair with more dense, silky and shiny.

Removal of makeup is necessary for the skin, hair bulbs of eyelashes and eyebrows breathed. Therefore, do not go to bed with cosmetics on the face – it will worsen the condition of your face and facial vegetation.

Architecture Browse

From how scrupulously the correction of eyebrows, their beauty depends, it is extremely important that the hair line is combined not only with the contour of the face, but also with the shape of the lips and eyes. If the face is round, any sharply outlined bends are undesirable, as they look unnaturally. With any type of person, it is not recommended to lower the brow tails, make them falling to the temples. Such eyebrows make a female face older, and its expression – sullen. The line of eyebrows that gives the appearance of youth and liveliness – ascending and arcuate.

Even the most beautiful eyebrows need correction – sometimes it is necessary to give them a clarity, plucking several extra hairs. In other cases, it is possible to achieve a perfect image by changing their color, which will help to allocate eyes, make a face brighter and spiritualized.

At home, correction is carried out like this:

  • Before the procedure for skin and tools to remove hairs, it is necessary to disinfect+
  • The face is pre-soldered, so the operation of the accumulation will be less painful+
  • scraping eyebrows is necessary for hair growth, usually eliminate extra hairs at the bottom line.

If painting is assumed, then it is carried out 4-5 days before correction. You can radically change the color using special compositions for eyebrows, but it is also done by carcass, shadows or pencil.

So that the hairs are not knocked out of the formed line, the eyebrows are lubricated with wax or gel and combine with a scale or brush.

How to make eyelashes beautiful?

Not every woman boasts long fluffy eyelashes. Weak drop-down hairs are a consequence of the fact that the body lacks nutrients, while the cause can be stress, disease, long-term admission of medicines, negatively affecting the hormone balance.

Eyelashes are rare from nature, however, in this case, there are ways to change the situation. Your eyes may look gorgeous, but provided that the cosmetics are applied correctly, and the hairs of eyelashes are healthy.

Several recommendations of professional makeup artists will help solve this problem:

  • Choose a high-quality mascara, avoiding the use of moisture-proof species+
  • Decorative cosmetics apply on clean eyelashes, and flush makeup before bed+
  • Lyrics of eyelashes can be caused by an excessive amount of paint superimposed on them+
  • Do not curb the eyelashes by forceps – they fall out of this+
  • It is possible to strengthen vegetation by applying natural oils – olives, peach, liquid keratin and vitamin+
  • For the growth of hairs, you can use stimulating serums, but not on the basis of hormones+
  • build eyelashes and wear invoices, but it’s not worth it.

Dense beautiful eyelashes and eyebrows – the advantage of a woman, so competent care is so important. But it is equally important to take care of your body – to eat useful products, avoid stressful situations, to contact the doctors in a timely manner at any, even minor diseases. Perhaps health condition is the main factor affecting the female beauty.

How to properly care for eyebrows, look in the following video.

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