Eyebrows Growth Serum: Selection and Features of Application

Eyebrows Growth Serum: Selection and Features of Application

Many modern girls are looking for a way to get beautiful and thick eyebrows, like celebrities. This can help special serum for hair growth. Modern cosmetology offers many products to create luxurious eyebrows. The most effective of them are considered in this article.


Thick eyebrows – a modern trend that is gaining increasing popularity. To create beautiful eyebrows, have little to have good heredity. Specialized cosmetics are needed. To achieve the desired effect, it is important to choose a quality product that has passed clinical trials.

Serum stimulates bulbs, thanks to which the hairs start growing better. Damaged places are filled, earlier remote hairs appear again at the same place. You get the ability to adjust the eyebrows.

All means intended for these purposes can be divided into two large groups:

  • Natural oils and infusions+
  • Chemically created drugs.

Both those and others have a positive effect on blood circulation, capable of restoring hair follicles.

However, it is necessary to take into account the possible individual intolerance to the components that are part of the funds. Therefore, the choice of efficient serum requires a particularly careful approach.


Despite the fact that many of the eyebrow care products are called serums, they all have a different effect, so before buying it is worth familiar with the instructions and testimony to use.

The serums offered in a huge assortment are divided into:

  • Designed for growth+
  • Strengthening+
  • Restoring+
  • with active components+
  • Nourishing.

Growth preparations are needed to “stir” hair bulbs and speed up metabolic processes. Thanks to this, the hairs are growing faster, eyebrows become thicker. Girls who have avitaminosis or stress, as a result of which eyebrows have become subtle, it is better to use strengthening serum. It will help to quickly eliminate propellets.

At middle age, the body begins to work otherwise, the hair becomes brittle, fall out in more. To return the former leaf of the eyebrow, make them beautiful, you should use reducing drugs. Serum with active components can also be used, but before use, a home test for an absence of an allergic reaction should be carried out.

Nutrient serums are perfect for maintaining beauty eyebrows. Their composition has vitamins that give the necessary food follicles. Especially useful to use in the spring and autumn, when the body suffers most of all from the lack of substances necessary.

Nuances of the composition

Most eyebrows serum have a similar composition, separate components are added by the manufacturer by its desire.

The approximate composition of a good care product is as follows:

  • D-Panthenol+
  • Acid+
  • protein+
  • Vitamins+
  • Minerals+
  • Extracts+
  • Oil+
  • Potstyl tetrapeptide 3+
  • Allantoin+
  • fatty acid+
  • Paulpofty.

Each of the indicated elements performs its role in the general ensemble. For example, Panthenol has a reducing effect. Protein fills the empty space inside each hair, due to which the eyebrows become thick and shiny.

Of the acids in the composition can be:

  • Huminovaya+
  • fruit+
  • Aminocarboan+
  • Haluronovaya.

All of them are needed to activate metabolic processes in cells. Minerals and vitamins are used for nutrition, natural extracts are reinforcing.

The most sought-after products

Rain Lillie Organic Castor Oil – Certified product. Its main action is aimed at natural growth and strengthening eyebrows. The main component is castor oil that has a unique positive effect on the growth of hairs. According to the results of the survey, the serum earned 4.5 on a five-point scale. You can use this product and eyelashes. The only disadvantage of funds can be considered the complexity of its absorption.

Serum for a long time on the skin and requires it carefully rubbed.

Organyc Eyelash & Eyebrow Growth Serum – Highly efficient serum capable of returning natural beauty and health. This natural and safe product contains the necessary amino acids that stimulate the growth of eyebrows. According to the reviews of numerous users, the effect of using becomes noticeable in two months. Some have a small tingling in the serum zone.

Hairgenics Lavish Lash – Eyelash Growth & Brow Serum – gives powerful eyelashes and eyebrows, contains essential vitamins for hair. This product, according to women’s reviews, really works. Serum made of high quality ingredients. Each of them is hypoallergen, does not cause irritation, clinically tested, tested by dermatologists. The product provides shine with eyelashes and eyebrows, makes them lush. The tool is easily applied using the applicator.

MAJESTIC PURE CASTOR OIL GROWTH SERUM – consists of 100% organic castor oil, which has been used for hundreds of years all over the world. It effectively helps eyelashes and eyebrows look longer and thicker, and also struggles with hair loss. As part of Omega-6 and Vitamin E.

NAMSKARA ORGANIC CASTOR OIL – Castor oil extracted from fresh plant seeds, so serum meets the highest quality standards and can provide eyebrows with necessary vitamins and nutrition. Regular use will help prevent hair loss, make the skin moisturized and healthy.

Lush Eyelash and Brow Enhancer Serum – stimulates the growth of dense, strong hair, nourishes eyelashes and eyebrows. The unique formula is designed for those who have hair loss associated with age, ecology or chemical impact. The drug will help women who overpriced eyebrows or received physical damage.

    In conclusion, we can say that you need to care for any part of the body. Eyebrows are no exception. If you want this part of the face to be beautiful and well-groomed, serum will become an ideal assistant for you. The main thing is to find the right option for you.

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