How much the eyebrow tattoo holds and how to take care?

How much the eyebrow tattoo holds and how to take care?

Many modern women resort to such a cosmetic service as an eyebrow tattoo. First, it is significantly saved every morning. As they say, woke up already beautiful, and you do not need to spend a lot of time on makeup. Secondly, it helps to create an ideal eyebrow shape. Consider how long this tattoo holds, and how to care for him.

Views and features of the tattoo of eyebrows

To begin with, it is worth saying a few words about what, in general, is this procedure. In fact, this is a kind of tattoo form, which for a long time saves its effect. True, it is not forever, and after some time the procedure will have to repeat. In addition, such a tattoo is different, and each type has its own time.

Recently, the hair method is increasingly popular. That is, the master of permanent makeup is special technique and very gently draws small lines along the eyebrow contour. These lines resemble real hairs and thereby create a more believable effect.

Those women who from nature are rare and asymmetric eyebrows are resorted to this type of tattoo. Thanks to this procedure, all flaws can be easily eliminated. The wizard will fill all the gaps, visually give delicate and create an ideal form that is best suited for your type of face.

Judging by the reviews of women, such a type of tattoo requires an annual correction, which you will not say about the usual decisive.

Another type of such a modern “makeup” is a decisive or shadow tattoo. In this case, after the proceedings carried out, the eyebrow will look as if they were drawn with a pencil. The master inflicts solid and thick lines, thanks to which the volume is added. After applying such a soft decisive, the woman’s browch looks as if they were neatly drawn with a cosmetic pencil.

But there is also a combined method that combines two of the above types of tattoo. This method allows you to achieve an ideal form. So he gets numerous positive feedback from women.

Another popular and new-fashioned type of tattoo – this is a budget. Such a procedure is carried out using genuine henna. True, few women are solved on this procedure, since it is the most short-lived. The effect after completion of the procedure can hold a month, a maximum of one and a half.

Consider how long the effect of other procedures will continue about which we spoke at the very beginning. Experts assure that the effect after such a procedure will please you for many years. Someone guarantees two years, and someone and all five. But here it is important to take into account some factors that directly affect how long such beauty will please you.

It is important to remember that the harety-type owners of the face will be kept much less than in women with dry skin type. The fact is that during the procedure, the skin prone to dryness, much better absorbs the pigment with which the master works. So, the effect is more durable. In addition, it is important to take into account age. According to statistics, the eyebrow tattoo in adult women has a much smaller service life than that of young.

But climatic conditions also affect the service life. For example, in sunny countries, the effect after the procedure holds on the eyebrows is much less, as it just begins to burn out of the strong sun. In addition, a beach lover and a solarium will also not be able to keep the initial effect for a long time.

Another factor that affects the duration of the effect is the method of applying and type of the selected pigment. As already mentioned above, the decisive keeps much longer. In the case of a darker pigment, the service life of this procedure also increases. It also affects how deeply the master will enter pigment.

Much also depends on the individual organism of each woman, from its immunity. After this procedure, the body of some women begins to resist and fight alien pigment, rejecting it. As a result, the duration of the effect is reducing.

Extend the initial effect

Seeing all the beauty in the mirror after this procedure, of course, every woman dreams about that such an effect remains forever. Unfortunately this is not possible. But it is quite realistic to extend the term, most importantly, know exactly what and how to do.

It is important to remember to remember the fact that Any selected procedure is carried out using a substance that is essentially paint and has a flavoring property with time.

Therefore, the effect of the procedure performed is a little longer, it is worth protecting the eyebrows from the direct rays of the bright sun. Otherwise, gradually eyebrows will begin to acquire an unpleasant and unattractive reddish or even grayish shade.

In addition, if you want the effect of beautiful and well-groomed eyebrows to be preserved as long as possible, you need to choose a longer method. For example, this is a harsh or decisive. During the procedure, it does not matter what method is worth choosing more persistent and high-quality paints, otherwise the effect will not please you for a long time. Savings in this case can lead to very unpleasant consequences.

By the way, organic paints have less long service life as opposed to mineral. When choosing paint necessarily consider this fact.

In the event that you love a solarium very much, then before his visit, be sure to use the sunscreen to protect your eyebrows. The level of protection should not be less than forty units. In cosmetic departments there are special means to protect the skin of the face – this is the best option in this case.

Lovers of a healthy lifestyle, namely: those who work daily over the creation of an ideal figure in the gym must remember the following. Regular sports, power loads significantly accelerate the metabolism in the body, which directly affects the removal of paint from the skin. That is, athletes after a short time can replace that the color of the eyebrows became lighter. And it is also worth remembering that marine water negatively affects the tattoo, promotes paint flushing.

If you often use cosmetics that have bleaching effect, it can also harm tattoo and reduce its service life. And also during the peeling procedure can not touch the eyebrow zone.

How to care for?

In order for the procedure to be done not in vain, you need to competently care for your eyebrows. Do it is quite easy, the main thing is not to be lazy and find time for yourself.

As a rule, on the healing after the procedure goes on average five to six days. It is during this period that the correct care is important so that healing passes as quickly as possible and without deposits. In the event that the recommendations on the correct care will not be fulfilled, then the infection can be made, to deal with which will have much longer. In addition, small scars may form that will not be aesthetically looked.

So, in the first days after this cosmetic procedure, the eyebrows especially need proper care. As a rule, these days the skin hurts a bit, redness and even small swelling are manifested. During the first day, a sucrovic will appear, which should be removed using a conventional cotton disk. Gently blocked liquid, slightly pressed on the eyebrows. Remember that the unexplored wounds need to miss soft movements and in no case to rub, otherwise it can provoke bleeding.

After a couple of days, everything is covered with a small crust, touch and delete which one cannot in any way. And also can not be contacted with water, it is necessary to wash it carefully, so as not to touch the area of ​​the eyebrows.

Fresh tattoo not recommended to touch hands.

These harsh days of eyebrows, special care is required, processing with special means and creams that will be able to speed up and facilitate the healing process. Antiseptics will help to remove itching, redness and significantly accelerate the process of tightening the wound.

In addition, it is important to remember that the first days and even a week should not attend the gym or, worse, sauna. It can enhance skin irritation, tighten the healing process and eventually lead to serious inflammation.

And it is also worth refrain from the use of various decorative cosmetics.

Separately, it is worth mentioning that the process of skin healing after re-correction takes much less time. Nevertheless, even after the correction, all those rules and recommendations on which was mentioned above.

As soon as the healing and recovery process is completed, you can live, as before, and nothing to worry about. True, you should not forget to remove those hairs that will break through the correct eyebrow contour.

On the right eyebrow care after the execution of the tattoo, see below.

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