Stencil for eyebrows: how to choose and correctly use?

Stencil for eyebrows: how to choose and correctly use?

Beautiful eyebrows are a dream of any fair floor representative. They are able to successfully emphasize the expressiveness of the face and make a bright note to the appearance. Despite the fact that it is not so easy to make the perfect form of eyebrows, with the advent of stencils, the task has been simplified several times, because now it is not necessary to contact the specialists – ideal arcs can be made independently.

What it is?

The template is a small piece of any material on which a variety of eyebrows. Today you can meet the most bizarre stencils that have different lengths, thick and bending. This is done with the goal so that every woman buyer has found for itself the required appearance.

Stencils with different goals are used: some girls with their help draw the necessary eyebrow shape, while others – eliminate excess hairs, thereby adjusting natural eyebrows. Therefore, with the help of this small detail, you can improve your appearance at your discretion.

Despite the fact that stencils appeared not so long ago, they already have a great demand for girls, as they allow not only to facilitate the process of makeup, but also reduce the time to apply. There is a large number of stencils – the buyer himself decides which he should choose.

Below are some options for eyebrows.

  • Plastic stencils. These are small pieces of plastic with holes in the form of eyebrows inside. Most often, beauty salons specialists enjoy such products. There are a lot of such options, and they differ in shape and form. Plastic kits include from 4 to 6 screen elements.
  • Masks with fasteners. They are popular due to the fact that they can be put on and tightly fix it, the hands will be free to work – it will make it possible to easily use such material at home. These masks will be an ideal solution for those who are engaged in the procedure for the first time or conducts eyebrow correction independently.

  • Special masks that can be fixed on the nose. This option is very difficult to find in stores, but they can be easily ordered on the Internet, exploring the subject on this issue.
  • Paper. Use such screen elements is better if there is experience in eyebrows. In addition, such products are disposable.

  • Molds with masks. Allow us to fix stencil on the face in the right position and carry out the simulation of two eyebrows at once.
  • Paper options with adhesive base. Such stencils also belong to disposable products, but their use is more comfortable, as they are tightly attached to the skin, the hands are free, which is more convenient in comparison with the rest of the options.

Of course, if the procedure is carried out for the first time, it is recommended to use those stencils that do not need to hold hand. These include glue-based products, face masks and masks on velcro.

Making a correction for the first time, the girl should feel comfort and complete freedom of action.

Choose form

It seems to many that it is very difficult to choose the form of eyebrow under the contour, but in fact it is not. The most important thing in this procedure is to properly determine what type of person belongs to.

Square or rectangle face. For such a person should not be made straight lines – because of this it will become shorter, and the jaw will acquire gross features. The main accent here should be a smooth transition at the base of the chin, so that it disappears. The ideal solution in this case is the fulfillment of a dormant, which should be shifted to the temple.

In the case of a round face you need to completely abandon the presence of an acute or thin line. The presence of sudden dots should also be avoided, as this will visually increase the face. For the same reason you do not need to make arcuate options. The perfect choice will be a triangular shape with a dome. She will focus on the eyes: emphasize their expressiveness and transform face.

It is extremely undesirable to make wide or very thin, as well as high eyebrows at the triangular face type.

In addition, direct forms are not suitable here, as they will make the features of the face overly sharp. Refuse for the same reason will also have from too long options. In this case, the form of a person must be mitigated – it is possible to do this with the help of curved eyebrows with a minimum lifting, their length should be average. As for the width, it is desirable to perform one size, sometimes an eyebrow can be slightly ejected at the end.

Almost any type of eyebrows can approach the oval form of the face, since this species is considered the most correct. But still the best option in this case can be considered eyebrows with a modest dome. If the oval is very narrow, it is recommended to perform a visual expansion. You can achieve this with the help of not very large, but straight eyebrows that will not be located low.

With pear-shaped face, it is better to give preference to wide and long eyebrows. Visually transformed the upper part of the person by increasing the distance between the eyebrows.

If we talk about a universal version, which would come up for each type of face, then it is not, since in each case the form will vary.

If there is no time to select one or another option, it is better to stop on the eyebrows with a wide base, slightly raised by the middle and a narrow tail at the end.

There are several secrets that will help make eyebrows that emphasize the shape of any person.

  • No need to place eyebrows excessively high or low, otherwise the result is sad or surprised.
  • If the person needs to be done visually broad, then you should give preference to eyebrows with direct shape.
  • In the event that the eyes are planted close, they can be visually wider. To do this, it will be necessary to increase the distance between the eyebrows, and, on the contrary, with a large gap between the eyes, the separation between the eyebrows should be reduced. The main thing is not to rearrange and do not turn two eyebrows into one solid line.
  • Make a wide oval visually narrow using rounded eyebrows. However, the bend in this case should be very smooth to do not get a surprised look.
  • When removing hairs, experts are recommended to do it only at the bottom so that the eyebrow is not very low, otherwise the eyes can visually decrease.

In order to achieve a beautiful result, it is important to comply with the right distance between the eyebrows. This gap should be no longer a distance of two fingers on hand.

Pros and cons

Brows patterns have some advantages:

  • Stencils have only symmetric lines+
  • the necessary form to choose very easily+
  • maintain a neat brow line is becoming easier+
  • Before purchasing the form, you can try out and choose a more appropriate option.

Also to positive qualities should also be added that work on eyeling modeling is carried out very quickly, but this is only if the stencil is convenient, and there is at least a minimum experience in this process.

Despite the fact that the popularity of templates is growing, there are also users who refused them.

The following positions are allocated from the disadvantages of use:

  • On sale more and more scoring stencils that are inconvenient to use+
  • began to produce more and more similar eyebrows, and this means that identical and recognizable eyebrows can be found almost every girl+
  • When painting, the form of eyebrows acquires unnaturality+
  • Sometimes the choice is not so good, and the necessary form does not work.

How to use?

Perhaps the first time the result will not be the one expected, but already the second attempt will seem simple and easy. Therefore, to correctly perform the required adjustment, you need to follow some recommendations for the use of such an eyebrow template.

The process of using templates is presented below.

  • You need to take a transparent powder or talc and apply it to the area near the eyebrows – it will not allow the stencil to stick to the skin.
  • Stencils need to apply to each eyebrows – they must fit.
  • After the stencil is applied, it must be fixed by hand – this will not be required if it is with a sticky base or with a velcro, because such products are securely held in a fixed position.

  • With the help of shadows or pencil you need to circulate the shape of the template. Now it can be removed to the side – it remains only to eliminate extra hairs. You can do it with a tweezers or just concentrate.
  • To secure the result obtained, you need to apply wax.

When the work is finished, disposable stencils should be thrown. If they are made of plastic, they will need to be rinsed with cosmetic milk or flowing water.

It is also worth noting that you need to try not to do excessive discharge with shadows or pencil, and the boundaries can be built to achieve maximum naturalness.

How to make it yourself?

If there is no possibility to purchase a ready-made pattern, then you do not need to be upset, because you can make it yourself. Create stencils for the breakdown is easy, but for this you need training.

To work, you will need a marker or handle, knife and plastic (suitable from a bottle or food container). Also need printer.

Sometimes in the process of printing it is very difficult to navigate, in which size the picture with stencils. It is best to find pictures where there will be a special mark with the inscription “Real Size”. In the event that there is no such fragment, you can try to measure lengths in centimeters using a variety of graphic programs.

If there are no programs in stock, you can do this in a different way: you will need to open a picture and increase it until the sheet becomes the size of A4 – this will be the real size of the image, which means that the template will match the desired format.

If the printer is not, then you can do this way:

  • Find the desired template+
  • We put plastic on it and get a marker+
  • Cut the resulting image using a knife.

The most difficult can be called the third stage, since cutting the perfectly smooth figure from the first attempt is far from all. Of course, acquiring the production pattern, you can be sure that it will be perfectly smooth. But even at home, if you try, you can make a neat stencil.

In some cases, it is not necessary to use plastic containers or bottles for stencils – there are other options. For example, using a plastic folder for files that are colored on one side, and on the other – transparent. It is this transparent side that will be required. It is enough for several attempts, which is very important when the product is not obtained from the first time.

This material is very soft, and you can even cut it with scissors, which allows you to create a neat result.

Make a mask with a template for the type of face in a natural value or adhesive stencils, as well as veracter options, is very difficult, therefore, as evidenced by feedback, it is better to use the easiest option in which the minimum of materials will be required: ruler, knife, paper and plastic.

Tips and recommendations

The main error that occurs most often in the application process is incorrectly selected form. In order not to be, it is desirable to consistent with a beautician who will help make the right choice. Often, the girls only worsen the state of their appearance due to illiterate use of such templates.

Despite the fact that today there are extensive types of eyebrows relevant, some girls are exclusively subtle forms. It is better to stick to this kind so that the face as a result looks harmonious.

In addition, it should also be known that templates differ by type of use. For example, there are those that allow you to fix the created makeup, as well as other options that are calculated only on color and tattoo.

The last two is not recommended to use at home – such procedures should only make a specialist qualified in this area.

If a young person is going to carry out such a procedure for the first time, it is better to give preference to those species that can be fixed. Ordinary paper stencils girls-novice use are inconvenient, but they can be fixed using a leucoplasty to obtain reliable fixation.

Some prefer to use stencil masks that are attached on the nose. They enhance the nose, thanks to which the fixation becomes reliable, and the hands are free. Make such stencils will not work independently – they need to be purchased in stores.

Ideal options are those that are fixed with a rubber band or velcro, but not every girl will be able to use them, as they are exclusively those who have symmetrical eyebrows.

If there are deviations, then the stencil will have to be tinted to achieve the desired result, which is very uncomfortable. Using stencils for eyebrows, you can quickly adjust the face at home, without referring to the specialists.

Review and scheme for using stencils for eyebrows See below.

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