The subtleties of the eyebrow coloring process

The subtleties of the eyebrow coloring process

Not every modern girl will agree that her natural form of eyebrows is perfect. Among other disadvantages, most of the representatives of the beautiful gender notes that they are not satisfied with the natural hue. For this reason, they have to adjust the tone daily depending on preferences using a cosmetic pencil or a special gel and even mascara. However, in this case, a more efficient method of color adjustment is eyebrows.


The eyebrow coloring procedure is standard for any salon. It allows you to make them brighter, more interesting, which is reflected in the expressiveness of a female glance. When painting eyebrows, each hair is saturated with a dye that enhances its pigmentation. In essence, the color allows you to simplify the procedure of daily “Make-APA”.

One of the features of modern eyebrows in the eyebrows is the fact that it is precisely the hair, while with skin paint is washed off quite quickly. The process involves the use of special safe paint, so in this case do not fit the compositions for hair.

Staining is shown in several cases:

  • with light natural color and imperceptibility+
  • when eyebrows fade under the influence of sunlight+
  • In cases of an allergic reaction to the painting of henna+
  • When it is necessary to achieve a more natural shade+
  • With a noticeable discrepancy of hair and eyebrows+
  • If necessary, evil eye eyebrows to several tones immediately.

However, not always staining is possible due to contraindications. For example, the main of them is an allergic reaction to the components of the selected dye. It is impossible to paint with such signs as inflammatory skin diseases. If there is even insignificant irritation in the coloring zone, rash or other damage, then these are signs prohibiting the eyebrow staining procedure, no matter how much they wanted to change their color. In addition, it is impossible to paint eyebrows in such an eye disease as conjunctivitis.

Pros and cons

Changing eyebrows color has a lot of advantages. For example, usually apply persistent dyes that hold long enough. You can repeatedly visit the sauna, bath, swimming pool and not be afraid that the shade of eyebrows will become worse, as a woman is important to be beautiful and in any situation. In addition, today staining is radically different from what it was a few years ago.

Today it is a tribute to the naturalness and naturalness, which allows you to reveal the whole depth of view and feel confident. Naturally chosen tone is pursuing a face and hides the effect of explicit “Make-APA”. The makeup with him looks especially, but, in addition, it allows you to hide some imperfections. For example, rare eyebrows seem brighter, falling out are not as noticeable, and the masking of gray (occurs and this) allows you to seem younger.

The staining procedure is simple and, as a rule, does not take much time. For painting, many money and some special tools are required. Everything is extremely simple and quite feasible without attracting a specialist from the beauty salon. You can make it yourself at home, relying on the main nuances, which are guided by make-up artists.

It is painless and practically always does not have unpleasant sensations in the form of burning, when all the rules of staining instructions follow. One of the main advantages of eyebrow coloring is the fact that, being a short, this procedure is significantly saved by the daily “Make-AP”. Usually it takes no more than 20 minutes, while it simplifies makeup for several weeks. This is especially important for each woman, since there is no need to align eyebrows, painstakingly prepare their shape, while observing the symmetry and identity of the shade of a cosmetic pencil or shadows (gel, carcasses).

In addition, paint is distinguished by a large spectrum of shades. It is convenient and allows you to choose the most natural tone with the color of your color and face features. However, as with any cosmetic reception, there are deficiencies in staining. For example, some funds contain ammonia capable of causeing skin irritation and its itching.

On other disadvantages, it is possible to attribute paints to the skin, high cost when conducting a procedure in the cabin, as well as the need for additional form adjustment. It is also important to take into account that not every paint quality, which is capable of in some cases to cause skin burns. However, when choosing a proven dye, the result usually holds within a month, according to the reviews of those who often resort to this procedure.


The main varieties of staining or change of eyebrow shade are paint, tattoo, tattoo, 3D tattoo. Daily makeup with a pencil is not able to give eyebrows an ideal form. And he keeps without adjusting no more than a few hours, as if carefully did not perform it. Despite the fact that it would seem, he gives space for experiments with appearance, the procedure method fed up to many representatives of beautiful sex.

The main methods of dyeing are varied, each of them has its advantages and cons. For example, the use of paint is considered the most inexpensive and common of all major types of salon procedures. At the same time, the master is usually selecting the desired paint tone by mixing shades. The process takes into account the thickness of the hair, the desired color saturation.

A graphite version with a pencil or shadows is characterized by a clear form. At the same time try to use wet technique. However, the shadows are appropriate for eyebrows only if the eyebrows are thick. When the skin is visible between the hair, staining will not look natural. In addition, with hot weather, such eyebrows will be blushing after a few hours, although they do not spread unlike a cosmetic pencil.

Tint gel is convenient in applying and allows you to adjust the shape, select the saturation of the shade. Permanent resistant painting saves many women from daily spending time on creating eyebrow impeccability. And although today there are many contradictory opinions about his naturalness, it is one of the most sought-after professional procedures.

This procedure is non-abuse, it is cheaper and allows you to create a clear contour.

Biotatuage is nothing but painting eyebrows using henna, bass or antimony. These color options are convenient because they are perfectly masked oscillates or so-called baldes between rare hairs. This is a good choice for owners barely notable eyebrows, because the pigment paints the skin, thereby giving the form expressiveness of lines. These dyes are successfully used for eyebrows architecture, which allows you to make them beautiful, natural and well-groomed.Semi-performent type of staining differs from the tattoo by the fact that the paint is not applied under the skin, but on it.


Before proceeding with eyebrows coloring procedure, preliminary preparation is needed. For several days before the color, experts are not recommended to use scrubs, peels, lotions and other means of this type for face. It is important to choose the type of paint that can be single or multiple, gel or powder. You can give preference to environmental options: Henne or Basme.

Color paint try to pick up close to natural hair color. However, it is better if it will differ on 1-2 tones. At the same time, it is better for brunettes to make eyebrows lighter, and blondes, on the contrary, shown shades, slightly darker than their natural color. Red-haired girls should look at the shades of terracotta tone with an admixture of brown. Black color is contraindicated to everyone: he not only strikes a woman, but also deprives her view of expressiveness.

After paint purchased, prepare containers. Better, if it is a capacity of ceramics or glass, as the oxidizer contained in the paint will interact with a metal tank. For applying paint need a brush or eyelash brush. With their absence, you can use for this purpose and a cotton wand, as well as a beveled brush.

In addition, it is worth taking care of cape on shoulders, protective gloves, cotton disks, a comfortable mirror, as well as a fatty cream (for removal of surplus paint).

The tone of the paint is chosen in advance to pick it up as close as possible to the natural.

Main steps

So that the eyebrow is clear from staining is noticeable and efficient, it is more expedient to perform not only color, but also the entire process of eyebrows architecture. Today it is possible not only in the cabin, but at home, since nothing complicated under this concept is not meant. Of course, you can work on the form of eyebrows and after painting them. But this is more often done when natural hairless hair and they are difficult to consider.

First you need to correct the form. And here is important to consider that there are even schemes for finding an ideal form for every woman. The form draws on the markup and the three main points: the beginning, tail and protruding up part. In order to place eyebrows correctly, use a pencil.

From the wing of the nose spend a vertical line up – it will be the beginning of eyebrows. Then, from him, through the pupil, they spend a mentally diagonal line (you can make a pencil) and determine the highest point or peak eyebrows. The line from the wing of the nose through the outer angle of the eye is the end of the eyebrows. Line width from the base should not exceed half the iris diameter of the eye.

After the form is defined, and the contours are drawn, proceed to the removal of excess hair, which is outside. This will make the form of more expressive. You can remove hairs with a tweezers, special silk thread, wax or special white paste. This stage is one of the important items of architectural modeling of eyebrows.

As a rule, this procedure is not pleasant and painful. To calm the skin in places of removal of hair and gun on the eyebrows are applied special cream. After the redneed skin calms down, it must be deguted, otherwise the paint simply will not take. In addition to plump, before painting, the length correction is performed. This procedure is something like hair haircut. Eyebrows are combed along the length, raise up either down, removing those that stick out.

If semi-performer staining is performed, first treated with eyebrows with a special solution in those places where the eyebrows grow too slow. After that, a fixer is applied on the eyebrows. From other types of paints, such a kind is that more resistant: usually the effect is enough for almost 2 months. The powder dye is mixed with water in this case, and then apply to the eyebrows by about 30-40 minutes.

After this time, it is washed out with ordinary water.

If staining is standard, initially protect the skin from the pigment by means of a fat cream. Typically, it is not necessary to mix it or bass for eyebrows, because it is sold in the finished form. If the work is used in the work gel paint, it must be pre-mixed with the oxidizing agent. The composition is applied to the entire area of ​​the selected form by 15-20 minutes. You can use and huhu in capsules, stirring it with a color developer. Pain in such a means of eyebrows need not more than 5-6 minutes, after which you need to wash off the dye.

Too dark tones for coloring to choose undesirable because they will make any woman. According to the existing rules, paint is applied in the direction from the outer edge (beginning) to the internal (tail). After the color time is over, the extra mass is cleaned with a cotton sticks moistened in warm water. If the eyebrows color turned out to be darker than necessary, it is labeled with a cotton wand, moistened in soap solution.

Care after the procedure

Care for eyebrows need every day, regardless of whether they are painted or not. Some strict rules for care does not exist. However, experts pay attention to the fact that during the day after staining it is undesirable to water the painted eyebrows. Do not worry if they seem too bright after coloring. As a rule, after 1-2 days, their tone will become more natural.

Usually painted eyebrows do not need additional care if the procedure is performed according to all the rules: they do not need to be prepared with a pencil or to darken by shadows. However, as the gun and the hair, they need to be plugged with tweezers, as the expressiveness of eyebrows lines will decrease with their growth. In addition, daily need to comb painted eyebrows along the length of a special tassel. With the right choice of dye holds the effect of long.

Useful recommendations

Eyebrows of eyebrows – a modern solution to maintain their beauty. However, if it is frequent, the paint can fall on the hairless hair, which can affect the durability effect. To paint the eyebrows of the house, it is necessary to buy a dye in a proven store, pre-inquiring on the seller’s website, does he have such a supplier.

In addition, it is worth considering several staining nuances:

  • before the immediate painting you need to spend the test for allergies to be sure that the paint does not harm the skin and hairs+
  • need to read the composition of the dye, especially if there is a tendency to allergies+
  • Between powder, gel and pasty compositions it is better to choose between pasta and gel+
  • It is important to pay attention to the expiration date, since the overdue goods can harm the skin, and the structure of hairbrows+
  • You can not paint your eyebrows than it fell, since it can fall out of this hair, with the result that the eyebrows will become rare, and the skin can get chemical burns+
  • Dense staining with sharp contours Looks ugly – never draw after painting sudden lines borders.

Moreover, materials are better to buy from famous companies.

Usually it is professional coloring agents that do not harm skin.


Brow coloring is a popular reception of the design of their form. This is evidenced by the reviews of many representatives of the beautiful sex. This allows a woman to feel confident in any situation, whether it is swimming in the pool or bathing, rest in the sauna or bath. Paint helps especially those who have weakly noticeable eyebrows from nature, because with them the face looks more beautiful.

Properly decorated eyebrows. However, if they are planned to be painted for the first time, it is better to trust this by a specialist in order to visually be able to see how each stage is performed correctly. There are quite a few women in this, because, in their opinion, it is better to see 1 time than 100 times to hear. After that, it is easier to perform painting on your own at home using a special paint and a simple inventory.

Read more about how to paint eyebrows, you will learn from the following video.

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