Wide eyebrows: species, correction and design methods

Wide eyebrows: species, correction and design methods

Fashion – a cruel world with its rules and requirements. Today it is fashionable one, tomorrow – the exact opposite. It happened to the eyebrows. Previously, in the trend there were thin brings resembling strings. Fashionista rushed to pull them off with jewelry accuracy, the most radical – swollen clears and painted with a pencil. Today, the trends changed. In priority – wide, natural eyebrows. Consider who such eyebrows are suitable, in which their features are expressed, how to do at home, and that apply for quickly growth of hairs.


Those who managed to raise eyebrows and make them wide, assure that they will never return to thin stripes. It is not surprising, because natural eyebrows have a number of features that are their advantages.

  • Giving a look of expressiveness. Natural arcs – an excellent option for invisible makeup, a nude version. Having broad eyebrows, do not have to brightly cut and paint your eyes. Minimum shadows, eyeliner, one layer of carcass. It became easy to look natural and expressively at the same time.
  • Opportunity to experiment with form. Fantasy space – what is often not enough fashionable. The main thing is not to overdo it. Zealous plucking, and even more so shaving, can cause the baldness of the arc. For a harmonious look, it is enough to produce two manipulations – to give a smooth bend and lift the tip.
  • Perspective color gamut. No need to think that black is the only color option. Wide dense eyebrows can be different in the tint palette. Last Trend – Lack of separate hairs.
  • Using tattoo capabilities. When there is enough material for the work of the Brow Masters, it is invaluable. Wide eyebrows open great opportunities for tattoo use. In this case, it turns out a very beautiful, natural look.
  • Wide arches are not suitable for everyone. And this is also their dignity, since the type and form must be selected depending on many conditions. Wise wide variants with big eyes, plump lips, expressive cheekbones. With an inhomogeneous tone, round form of face, inflammation, redness, oily skin with advanced pores, thin features girls better choose thinner and weft.

Type and form

Wide eyebrows – a general concept. It turns on several more classifications by types and forms.

Experts allocate the following forms:

  • “Domich”. Curved shape requiring maximum accuracy. Hurrying, the expression of permanent surprise to the face is provided.
  • Straight. Capable of visually expanding the face will suit skinny girls.

  • Graphic. Too expressive, the same on both sides, such eyebrows have long become a sign of bad taste. In fashion – natural forms, “Makeup without makeup”.
  • Rounded smooth – Universal shape, suitable for any type of face, visually refresh the image and increase your eyes.
  • Arcurate. Soften the coarse female features, give softness.

Types of wide eyebrows include three options.

  • Natural. For a long time at the peak of the popularity of fashion natural eyebrows. They do not need to spend paint, eyeliner, pencil. They are completely natural, the noteworthy.

  • Dense. This type, if it does not care for it, may look ugly and sloppy.
  • Wide apart. Not everyone is lucky to have such a type. Someone has to constantly pull in the inner tips.

Who goes?

Beauty industry professionals allocate Several criteria for which you can determine who are suitable broad eyebrows:

  • big, expressive eyes+
  • chubby, sensual lips+
  • Wide, explicitly designated cheekbones.

To better understand who is transforming broad eyebrows, consider visually on all the well-known examples of Hollywood stars.

The first in line – the famous rebar-pirate Cyrus Knightley. She has a very noble, memorable appearance with characteristic features and texture. It is the merit of her eyebrows – wide, straight shape, with a barely notable bend. Eyebrows are gorgeous, moderately thick, look natural and organically. Immediately it is clear that she cares for them. Kira has a square face, with correct features.

A similar shape of a face has a blonde, top model Kara Middle. Only her eyebrows stand out on a bright background – they are almost black. Thickness and color resemble male options, but this fact does not confuse her. They emphasize her brisk, mischievous character.

Star series “Cashmere Mafia” Brook Shields is also a fan of broad eyebrows. She has wide cheekbones and chin, they are balanced by natural dark rugs.

However, specialists in such cases advise a little brightening the hairs, make a “lite” makeup. This will allow you to give softness and “throw off” a couple of years.

Next owner of dense eyebrows – Emma Watson. Starting from the saga about Harry Potter, Emma does not change the width of the eyebrows. Her Oval Face – Beauty and Forms. And eyebrows only emphasize naturalness and charm.

Angelina Jolie – the owner of large eyes, pronounced cheekbones, chubby lips. Wide eyebrows look at her face perfect.

Wide eyebrows are not suitable for all. In order to determine the appropriate form and type, it is better to contact the salon to the specialists. They will hold a correction and tell how to identify the form.

How to do?

There are several options how to make your eyebrows fashionable – dense and natural. The first option is long-term – grow your eyebrows at home. Second – Makeup. At first it will be difficult, but over time there will be a snack and technique will work out. Last option – tattoo for those who do not want to wait and spend time on makeup.

Consider each of the proposed options.

How to grow?

Some easily and quickly can grow eyebrows, others suffer and understand that nothing happens.

The causes of weak growth may be:

  • Wrong correction+
  • Damage to the hair follicles, which leads to a slow growth of hairs, or growth completely stops+
  • Injuries, burns, other disorders of the integrity of the skin+
  • Hereditary predisposition+
  • Regular staining with aggressive compositions that destroys the hair structure+
  • Practition of strict, unbalanced diets, as a result of which the body does not receive the necessary vitamins and trace elements.

    From the narrow, from thin eyebrows to make wide – the task is complex, but perfect. Professionals are advised to conduct simple, effective procedures that do not require large temporary and financial investments.

    • Each self-respecting girls in the bathroom on the shelf costs hair balm. So, it can be used not only according to the standard algorithm. It is good to wash your eyebrows. Balsam is applied to the hairs, the skin is massaged for a minute and washed off.
    • Massage with a special cosmetic brush. This will increase the bloodstream and awaken sleeping follicles.
    • Rational normalization. Power must be balanced, regular and full. Important condition – inclusion in the food of dairy products, eggs, buckwheat porridge, bananas, fish, offal. Any diet will have a negative impact on hair growth.
    • Control over the level of calcium in the body. Calcium is responsible for hair growth and nails. It is important for women, so when problems with its content need to pass tests, consult with the doctor, start receiving drugs.

    • Cooking masks. Excellent means affecting growth – cosmetic oils (almond, rapid, castor, apricot, peach). It is enough to mix them, warm, apply on the eyebrows, labeled, wait 15-20 minutes, remove a cotton disk.
    • Healing Herbracks. Various herbs – a storehouse of nutrients. They have a beneficial effect on the body and skin. Decoction of chamomile, birch leaves, mint together or separately help quickly grow brings.

    • Taking vitamins. With the lack of any elements, it is worth starting to take vitamins chosen by a doctor. Modern multivitamin complexes are developed under certain problems with other nuances.
    • Alcohol Tincture Calendula – Available. It has regenerating, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. The substances contained in the calender will be wound to wake up the bulb of hairs.


    For those who do not want to wait until the eyebrows will grow, you can resort to the achievements of the cosmetic industry.

    To make eyebrows correctly, you will need several special funds:

    • shadow (It is better to take cream, they are more pigmented and persistent) to the tone shade of eyebrows and a little lighter+
    • Mascara – gives a deeper shade+
    • gel will fix the shape, put the hairs, give the right form+
    • Brush, Alternative economical option – brush from old carcass+
    • Special brush with a beveled pile shape.

    Brow masters have developed a whole step-by-step instruction that will help quickly and beautifully add eyebrows, giving them the most natural look.

    • Brush combing hairs, give them the desired shape, look where there are lumens, pay special attention to these places.
    • Bevelled brush We recruit the cream shadow of a light shade. With a brush without push draw hairs. Movements are short, tearful, we pass the tassel only in places where there are emptiness and lumens, fill them.

    Do not fully paint the space. The hairs are not uniform, the color is uneven. The inner edge is lighter, closer to external – becomes thicker, darker and thicker.

      • If there are not enough color depths, the shadows are taken to the eyebrow. Shadows are applied by the same detachment movements, paying special attention to the central part and external.
      • The next stage is to apply carcass. It needs accuracy – with proper applied, the hairs will become expressive, lubber and well-groomed.
      • Final point – applying gel to secure the result.

      Thanks to this simple algorithm of action, you can become the owner of beautiful expressive eyebrows.

      It is not always possible to make broad eyebrows at home. You can resort to the services of specialists of beauty salons. Popular Procedure – Tattoo, Other Name – Permanent Makeup. The technology of special decisive and painting is applied. This allows you to create an illusion of wide, thick eyebrows. The tattoo is complicated in execution, it requires special care after the procedure, it is expensive, but provides a long-term effect.

      Beautiful examples

      Wide eyebrows – the dream of many fashionistas. They are in the trend for several years and do not pass their positions. Indeed, well-groomed wide brings look beautiful and relevant.

      For example, this photo demonstrates how neat can be wide dense eyebrows. Hairs to the hairs, proper soft bend, minimum makeup, clean leather – a pleasant, elegant image is created.

      Here is a model with absolutely naked skin of the face – there is no makeup on it, only lip gloss. But the bright emphasis is present – these are eyebrows. They framing the face by adding expressiveness.

      In this photo, the eyebrows were thorough makeup. With the help of shadows and carcasses created an illusion of broad eyebrows. Execution neat, drawing soft, hairs look natural and natural.

      About how to make up broad eyebrows, look in the following video.

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