How to determine your appearance color?

How to determine your appearance color?

We are on Earth more than 7 billion people. Our beauty just lies in dissolute. But Colorists, image makers tried to systematize the types of appearance. And it turned out. The basis of various combination of flowers, hair, skin, and took into account the degree of contrast between all components also took into account. As a result, all people were conditionally shared on the colorings.

Coloring is something that nature awarded us. It is given at birth and in the course of life radically does not change, no matter how the woman does not try to do it.

Hair painting, eyebrows tattoo, tan… True coloring can not be masked.

For what is necessary?

Correctly defined coloring will help a woman always look spectacular and harmonious. Clothing in the “necessary” gamma emphasizes what you want to show the world, and thoroughly hides what you do not want to advertise. Knowledge that you can and why it is categorically impossible to do when applying makeup or selection of hair paints, will help the woman to avoid unwanted and very unsuccessful experiments on themselves.

Agree, rarely who is born with an impeccable sense of excellent, and may intuitively guess what is suitable for him in the best way. Such people-read units. The coloralization was originally created for most of humanity, because doubts are peculiar to everyone.

We are accustomed to making your wardrobe, based on our own color preferences, as well as on the availability of sense of satisfaction. This feeling is formed, based on other people’s opinions. If colleagues, familiar or relatives choir say to you, what exactly in a green dress you are more than ever, then you will sincerely assume that green is your color. It may be a mistake. Only the correctly installed type can give the keys to the irresistible image.

Types of color

According to the color color ratio, hair, skin shade, the degree of contrast Colorists highlight 4 global color,0. Called them as seasons – “Winter”, “Spring”, “Summer” and “Autumn”. Each color is divided into three subcategories, so the color plants are obtained 12. But it should be noted right away that the pronounced representatives of a specific color bot. Therefore, it is possible to talk about the personnel of a person to one or another color, only for its maximum correspondence to the parameters of each group.


Color range of the cold season – Naturally, cold. Therefore, the appearance of a person – “winter” will always be contrast. In the “winter” people, the skin is usually either very bright, or, on the contrary, quite dark. Eyes – Brown, black or unexpectedly bright blue with steel tint. Hair – either very bright or very dark.

“Winter” are three subtypes – dark winter, bright winter, cold winter. Representatives of “Bright Winter” – the most notable. They have a bright eye color and very contrasting hair. “Dark winter” is a subcategory to which people can be attributed to the predominance of dark colors in the appearance. Representatives of the “Cold Winter” are absolutely deprived of warm spectra, their eyes, regardless of those dark or bright, have an ice shine, not to notice which is impossible.


People in the appearance of which the warm gamma is dominated. Often, the representatives of such a color are peculiar to pink skin, sometimes with a peach tint, the hair is notger (for example, red or wheat), often from the “spring” people there are a greedes in a golden shade.

Spring is different: warm, bright and bright. People – Representatives of “Bright Spring” are famous for pure shades, devoid of smoothness and tenderness, they seem to shine. Those who belong to the “Warm Spring” subtype are completely deprived of cold tones in their image. “Bright Spring” – warm and tender. The color of the eyes, skin and hair of such people is filled with warm shades.


Representatives of this colorage possess predominantly cold shades, the brightness is practically absent, the contrast in appearance is minimized. “Summer” people are awarded with light skin, sometimes with a small olive tide. Hair most often ash, blonde. Eyes – brown, gray, gray-blue. It is the most common colorotype in our latitudes.

All “summer” people, in turn, are divided into three subcategories – Light summer, Soft Summer and Cold Summer. Light summer is people with the least pronounced contrast in appearance, they have velvety skin, hair from the blond to light-blond. Soft summer is those who have a tendency to warm in appearance, but it is insignificant. Cold summer – subtype with a predominance of cold shades, the level of contrast – in the average values.


Of course, bright and surprisingly warm by range of color. The skin of his representatives never has cold shades, hair is almost always reddish with a tendency not in red, and in warming and pleasing eyes “Copper”, “Gold”. Eyes are almost all the green options.

Three subcategories are distinguished: Warm autumn, soft autumn, dark autumn:

  1. Representatives of the “soft autumn” are distinguished by gentle shades in the appearance, moderately muted.
  2. “Dark Autumn” combines people, in whose appearance there is a high contrast between all the components of the appearance, the skin, hair and the color of the eyes. Warm shades have saturation and depth.
  3. “Warm autumn” – subtype, denoting the most vivid representatives of the color “Autumn”.


Determine the belonging to the color you can in different ways.

Seasonal analysis method

The very first generated method, which is based on the conditional classification of people by analogy with four times the year. We have already managed to meet him. Minus this method is that it is only fourth of the world’s population. Only 25% of people can be attributed to the color you use the seasonal method. Professional Colorists gradually depart from such a color diagnosis, believing that the way hopelessly outdated.

Free (arbitrary) selection method

This method has little common with a scientific approach, but sometimes allows you to quite definitely “get” to your flavor. It is based on the selection. You will not need so much – patience, optimism, daylight lighting and mirror.

Ring from the face with the whole cosmetics, hide the hair under the light shelter so that even the roots do not look.

Take two test shawls or scarfs, fit and pieces of fabric. One of them may be a saturated warm gamma, another cold. Example – Coral and Pale Pink.

You will need to make turns to bring scarves to the face.

To begin with all priorities. The first determine the degree of brightness of the skin, eye, hair. If with the brightness more or less now is understandable, time to be determined with flowers. Suppose it is bright to you, then you need to take two pieces of fabric from yellow and blue bands and “try” them to find out whether you are warm or cold shades.

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