Trendy colors Pantone

Trendy colors Pantone

Colors play a big role in life. In nature, some of the colors of animals or plants can warn about danger or increase chances of survival and reproduction. Human life also largely depends on the surrounding colors.

Each color has its own value. Each of them affects the emotional human background, may inspire both good and bad associations. Shades and tones in color gamns set. There are specialists and entire companies that conduct their analysis and experiment with combinations of certain shades.


Recently, in the fashion industry, in the publishing houses, the designers appeared the concept of “color of the year” or “trend colors”. But who dictates the best shades and combinations around the world? Institute Pantone is a company that successfully exists on the market for more than half a century. We all familiar with Pantone on computer programs, photo editing applications: This name sounds everywhere where you can face the palette of shades and tones.

Pantone Color Institute is a company that assembled experts who are well versed in colors and conduct an annual broad analysis of the political and economic condition of the world. They study the behavior of people, their habits, new currents in artistic art, music and creativity. After careful and deep analysis, the institute voiced its choice of color, for example, last 2018 the trend color was called a bright shade of purple – ultraviolet.

The reason for such a respectful attitude of large fashionable design industries and well-known publishers to Pantone is simple – this company not only created a color palette, but also gave each tint its number and name. When using professional programs or creating design, such a solution facilitates the search for the desired color. Also, this institution periodically publishes the variants of various color combinations and forms the right taste of designers and people who work directly in these areas.

Basic colors

Color world distinguish 3 main colors: blue, red and yellow. These are considered for them for one reason: no color combinations, mixing in various proportions will not be able to form the above paints. The system of color tables from the Institute Pantone There are two types.

  • RGB. Translated as Red – Red, Green – Green, Blue – Blue. This is a color reproduction. Getting a variety of shades is based on mixing three colors: when mixing everyone, it turns out white, the absence of color is black.

  • CMYK. This program is more diverse and has more opportunities to obtain new shades, it most often use designers. Pantone paint table includes many different color combinations and much superior to its range of blending applications.

Their color catalogs are enormous, so certain colors are allocated annually, for more easy understanding and use of original shades.

Such a concept as basic colors in the wardrobe, design or interior is a certain color foundation that, despite fashion trends, we keep in my head. Mostly it is black and white colors: the first is more often used to emphasize solidity, rigidity and seriousness, and the second color is considered a festive. Also basic can be considered gray, blue, brown and beige: such paints are much more successful create a tandem with other shades.

Every year for the Spring Seasons – Summer, Winter – Autumn The Institute of Paints gives the top ten relevant color solutions, for example, for the winter season of this year were chosen The following colors.

  • Green Kvezal. This is a very deep shade of green, dark enough, mixed with blue (where blue, according to the proportions, occupies a lion’s share of combination). Kvezal is the name of the Panaman bird, the color of the plumage of which corresponds to the palette. Color combines the depth of the ocean and green leaves.

  • Red Pear. Color associated with luxury, deep burgundy shade of red palette. Perfectly combined with green kvezl when using accessories.

  • Heroic Mac. A bright shade of the red palette is able to give a cold winter fit warm. At the same time looks a bit defiantly and emphasizes sensuality. Perfectly suitable for bright personalities, which are not enough paints in frosts.

  • Red orange. We are talking about warm solar rays and orange.

  • Crocus petal. This is a very interesting shade of purple palette: it is at the same time warm and pale. By the way, the use of this gentle sensual color will look great in accessories. In addition to warm clothes, you can view bags of boots and scarves of this shade.

  • Foggy blue. Manting color associated with purposefulness, is able to give the female image of notes of masculinity and power.

  • Ceylon yellow. As the Institute of Pantone promised, the winter of this year was shot by a bright shades, Ceylon yellow – one of these bright color solutions.

  • Limelaight. The acid-yellow tint is able to bring sophistication and a highlight to Monoluk. Very well combined with other colors trends.

  • Olive. This color is considered noble and perfectly suitable for classic images.

  • Ultraviolet. Deep color, fascinating with its softness, continues to be popular and this year – many famous design houses continue to use it in their fashion shows.

Armed with all the trend colors specified in the PANTONE list, you can create excellent topical and fashion images that will appreciate others.

Shades of the year

At the end of the autumn last year, Pantone Color Institute presented the main color of 2019. He was named “Live Coral”. According to the Institute, this color gives cheerfulness, strikes with its softness and tranquility. Let’s consider the name more close.

Corals are the inhabitants of the seas and oceans, invertebrates that grow in some “colonies”. They serve as a house for many reefs. This choice of the institute made, based on the slightly unstable political and economic condition of peace and society. And presented the public color capable of warm and calm.

Live coral – symbol of human aspirations for the better, positive thinking.

What results will give the use of this shade in various fields.

  • On the internet spaces Many believe that the use of this color can inspire.
  • Fashion industry. This shade creates a bright contrast, if it is combined with other flowers – on the podiums and on the show shows there were many examples of bold experiments. This shade was used both as the main color of clothing, but more emphasized accents on images: accessories, lace patterns.
  • In the interior. The hands of the interior designers are “unleashed” – this color is perfect for a variety of destinations, but the main accent can be put in pop art. And completely unimportant, the pillow is or a soft plaid, curtains on the windows, a table, a vase or the color of the wall – it will decorate the interior will give everything an extraordinary look, will calm down and delight at the same time.
  • Live coral as packaging. Choosing this shade to pack this or that product, you can be sure about demand. This is a disturbing color, thanks to which the buyer begins to trust the seller associatively.

Many consider color gammas close to pink, girls, perhaps, this is due to gender color perception, but now there are very many designers of clothing and interior adds these shades in the male wardrobe or in men’s rooms, washing the boundaries of stereotypical thinking.

Application options


Similar shades were popular in the forties and fifties, and now they returned. Many trendy houses put on bright images: coral skirts, sweaters, monoluki, upper clothes and much more. Consider the options for combining this color with things already present in the wardrobe.

  • Black. If you have black skirts, dresses, or trousers, then a coral accent, which can be a sweater, a shoe, scarf, cape, upper clothes or bag, transform a boring image and add a highlight, warmth and bright accent into it.
  • House Versace also showed the practical application of coral accessories when using combinations from White and black, blue and white.
  • White. Combining these two shades, you give the image a festive view, brightness and freshness.
  • With coral, native shades are also perfectly combined, such as Red or orange. Such a combination surprises with its brightness of freshness and looks very stylish.
  • For the cold season, the combination of coral and Brown, as well as blue and gray shades.
  • Do not go around the party Bright patterns and prints on dresses or combinations.

Do not forget that the coral is a marine animal, so the necklaces or earrings in the form of marine jewelry will be welcomed in warm seasons (small coral branches or starfish).


    At the time of the domination of such trends like Baroque and Rococo, it was often possible to meet coral, it was also widely used during historic periods. This year, live coral can be used in any interior solutions.

    • As the main color. Choosing this tint as the basis of the interior, you can create an unusually bright stylized room that is pleasing a raw with warm sea colors. This interior solution is perfect for bright personalities that do not get tired of eternal optimism.
    • For more relaxed people, the emphasis. It is known that living coral looks beautiful on white and black background. And if you did not dare to repaint your room, you can simply get a bedside table or coffee table.
    • It is worth mentioning that coral is perfectly combined with all marine flowers, such as turquoise, ocean blue and blue shades.
    • Coral duvets, bedspreads, pillows, curtains, curtains. You can also take a soft carpet of color living coral.

    Read more about popular colors according to Pantone version, you will learn by looking at the following video.

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