Amber Oil: What properties has and how?

Amber Oil: What properties has and how?

Amber oil is the general name of the product consisting of amber resin and some essential oils. In fact, this substance is a product of natural stone processing. In order to get it, pieces of amber (petrified resin of ancient coniferous trees) heated to high temperatures.

It should be noted that, according to its consistency, the product has a rather intelligent structure, and its smell resembles a fragrance of tar and smoke. It is also important what oil has a rather long storage.


The first thing to be noted is that the amber oil is quite quickly absorbed into the skin and immediately penetrates into deeper layers. It is believed that it can penetrate the vessels and, accordingly, in blood.

It is also important to know what regardless of what purpose you use oil, only a quality product must be applied. So, the natural substance should not contain any artificial impurities and chemical additives.

It should be noted the availability of funds for the mass consumer. Typically, the oil is sold in flasks of 100 milliliters. The cost of such a bubble – 250-300 rubles, and you can buy it in pharmacies or cosmetic stores.


By its chemical nature, the substance is a natural antibiotic capable of providing a healing effect. Therefore, it is one of the main funds in traditional medicine.

Interesting fact! For the first time, amber oil for medical purposes was applied by hippocratic.

It is believed that its use can speed up the process of healing of small and large damage on the skin, not leaving scars or scars. That is why this tool is often used to treat skin problems (furunculese, impetigo, herpes, psoriasis, pyodermia, acne and much more).

Oil well manifested itself in the process of curable ulcer. It can stimulate blood movement and cellular exchange, can contribute to the regeneration of damaged tissues, has an anesthetic effect.

It is impossible not to note the fact that the amber oil has been widely used in the treatment of joint diseases (arthritis, saving and other). In addition, it will help to get rid of bruises, corns and blisters, remove itching and swelling after malicious insect bites.

Possessing bactericidal properties, the product will help to cope and quickly cure from colds.

In addition to medical benefits, this amber will be useful in everyday life. It is often used as a disinfectant. It will help get rid of fleas and ticks in the apartment.

Due to its warming effect, amber oil – a means actively used by professional athletes during the preparation for competitions and during intensive workouts. It helps to prepare an organism for the upcoming load.

In connection with such properties, amber oil, naturally, is widely used in cosmetology, in particular – for massage. For example, it can provide tightening effect on the skin and combat cellulite. For cosmetic purposes, oil can be used to improve the skin of the face – a drop of means should be added to creams that you use daily, for a rejuvenating effect. Useful substance and hair.

This product is a rather popular ingredient of the perfume industry, and in India, the oil is a necessary element of religious ceremonies of various kinds. Due to its aroma, it is often used in aromatherapy.

Now that we discussed the scope of application of amber oil, we turn to specific ways to use it.

If you plan to apply this agent outfit, it should be dissolved in another vegetable oil (Sunflower, olive, sesame and any other) are suitable. It is necessary to observe the ratio of 1 to 5. Apply oil to the selected area of ​​your body follows massage movements.

It is believed that to achieve the maximum effect, oil should be used twice a day (in the morning and evening) for ten days. After that, you need to go to another frequency and apply oil every other day for 10 days. Thus, one course of oil use will be 20 days. Minimum break between courses – 7 days.

Recommendations of doctors

Despite the fact that often amber oil uses at home on their own, it is still necessary to listen to the advice and opinions of medical professionals.

For example, doctors believe that the treatment of amber can be produced in two ways: use inside and outdoor use. It is important to remember that directly amber oil, in contrast to powder, tinctures and acid, can not be inward in any way. It can cause severe esophagus burns and other internal organs, which will entail serious health problems.

Therefore, amber oil can only be used externally (and that – in a diluted form). And internal use involves the use of only derived products from oil.


According to consumer reviews, amber oil can really apply in a huge amount of regions. Users primarily note the effectiveness and efficiency of the drug as a medicine, as well as in the cosmetology sphere.

However, it is necessary to remember and clearly comply with the rules for use and the method of application. As consumers tell, it is impossible to use oil in its pure form – this is necessarily necessary to observe.

Those who ignored this item tell about the negative consequences of the use of substances – burns and blisters, as well as following their scars.

Thus, as we were able to make sure, amber oil is a fairly versatile agent that can be used immediately in several areas of human life. That is why it needs to have at home.

At the same time, it is worth remembering that this is a rather dangerous substance, with non-compliance with the rules of calls that various health problems may arise. In order to avoid negative consequences, it is necessary to carefully follow the instructions for use, as well as protect the access of children to this substance.

If it is correct and gently handle the amber oil, then you will understand that its beneficial properties is difficult to overestimate.

About how to use amber acid for face from wrinkles and pigment spots, see the following video.

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