Properties and options for using nettle oil

Properties and options for using nettle oil

Nettle is a famous plant since childhood, which leaves an indelible impression in the form of unpleasant, burning bursts. But how many times people did not burn her, no one will even think to argue that it is a useless and unnecessary plant.

Beneficial features

In its composition, nettle has essential nettle oil, which allows to apply and use it in almost all types of decorative and medical cosmetics, medicines and simply for aromatherapy. It is rumored that nettle oils very well affect the skin of a person, minimizing problem and inflammatory sections, also on the hair that become curly and silky. And the most interesting thing is that this plant does not need to be specifically planted, most often it grows in itself, without any fertilizer and special care.

But at the same time, by eradicating it from its sites, people do not even think about what a useful plant they “kill” with their own hands and deprive themselves all useful privileges of this product.

Neptelo juice is very well affected by immunity, increasing it, thereby it helps reduce the number of colds, is used with bronchitis and hyimorite, and even with gastritis. Quite often, nettle is used in diabetes mellitus, because its action has a beneficial effect on the intestines, withdrawing all accumulated toxins from it. If there are problems with the heart and vessels, the musculoskeletal system, then the excellent treatment option will be nettle, which will calm your heart and lead muscles into tone, will remove pain and fatigue, increase the level of hemoglobin if it is not enough.

Women who often suffer from the problems on the female part can also take advantage of this miracle plant, because it will help maintain the organism microflora in the right state. Very often, beautiful sex worries abundant monthly “joys”, but with the help of nettle, they say that you can keep the intensity and soreness of the discharge under control.

Women in age, namely, in that period, when climax is approaching them, very often feel uncomfortable: constant tides, which are accompanied by redness of the face, abundant sweating, heat, can also be minimized by ragger nettle. It will help to normalize the state of a woman in such a period and make it imperceptible.

Girls-hated vascular grid on the beautiful skin of the face or morning permanent swelling due to the fact that a lot of fluid, pigmentation and swelling drank at night – from all this will help to get rid of nettle oils nettle. Just regularly rub the problem areas, over time, there will be no trace from distressed places. For teenagers and people who suffer acne, nettle can also help. It reduces the comedones and all inflammatory processes that provoke certain concomitant factors.

Will not be ignored and the strong floor. Men may also not be shy and treated or maintaining their health by nettles. Useful substances that are contained in nettles will help strengthen blood circulation in the intimate zone of men and regulate potency. And it increases sexual desire, increases the amount of spermatozoa and improves reproductive functions. Thus, decoctions, strap essential oils can be used to treat impotence. In addition, if a young man suffers from premature ejaculation, clusters will help him settle and increase the duration of sexual intercourse.

Very often men weak to the effects of narcotic, alcoholic and tobacco substances. Therefore, most often their body is very polluted and is in intoxication. Nettle – this is a means that will help to clean the body, remove hangover syndrome, reduce nicotine addiction. For the treatment or prevention of diseases, as well as for care, tinctures and decoctions are most often used, but do not forget about the beneficial properties of roots, seeds and stewed steps. To date, all this variety can be found in a pharmacy or special phytoman.

Who does not trust the pharmacy products, can make the necessary healing solution from nettle oils with their own hands.

How to make a remedy at home?

In order to prepare this wonderful medicine at home, you need to know from what exactly (from which part of nettle) needs to make an elixir. There is an important moment before cooking is that you need to properly assemble a harvest, otherwise the final result will not be as much as I would like. If the goal is to prepare a medicine from nettle leaves, then the period should be waited when it will bloom. It is during this period of netties that contains the largest stock of nutrients.

Leaflets should be neatly separated from the stem, after which they should be put in two layers for drying. Very important point is that leaves should be constantly turned over, otherwise they will become black. After proper drying, nettle leaves remain useful for two years.

Medication from nettle seeds is done almost by similar technique. Seeds are collected when the plant completely matures, after which buds are cut and dried 5 days. After that, the buds should be made to get seeds, and then dry a few more days seeds themselves.

One of the options for “mining” of nutrients from nettle is root. They are going before the ripening and motion of nettle juice. Roots need to be cleaned, then grind and dry in the sun. It is said that the roots are much more useful to the leaves themselves. From the juice of nettle can also do medicinal drugs.

Nettle bushes need to cut and grind on a meat grinder. After that, press the crumb and juice to mix with sugar one to one. Next, add alcohol and store in the refrigerator.

Before starting the preparation of this elixir, you must first decide on: therapeutic, cosmetologist or preventive aspect. After that, it will be necessary to decide on the amount of the desired product, since at any time you can still be made than throwing a thorough medicine. You can also add any other oils: chamomile, lemon, lavender, burdock – all that wanted. But the main aspect is that allergenic reactions can be on any components of this medication, so do not forget and check. There should be a few drops of the solution on the back of the wrist.

One of the easiest and relatively quick recipes for the preparation of nettle essential oil is such a standard option as:

  • Neptela plants need to grind in a meat grinder or blender+
  • then pour sunflower or olive oil+
  • let it brew this mixture until it starts dark, it is advisable to store this mass in the cool, dark room + approximate time so that the nettle oil is inhabited, is two weeks+
  • All other ingredients can be added to their taste.

Application options

The resulting oil can be used for hair treatment and care. For example, the resulting mixture can be rubbed into the skin of the head to the hair wash or add a few drops to the shampoo or hair balm, after which the hair wash the habitual way – all this will give hair a new life, they will become fresh, light and silky. No one has canceled skin care, so the same extract can be added to the available body or face cream.

A pleasant bonus will be the fact that nettle oil has a “healing” property from cellulite and stretch marks that are so hateful to the beautiful floor. The recipe is also very simple: just add a previously made sputter ether into anti-cellulite cream or in massage oil.

Another variety of nettle oil ? This is a removal of hair. For this method most often use seeds. One of the uses of the seeds should be rubbed into those areas of the skin on which unwanted hair grow. And the seeds can be pouring oil and give them broke, and after applying the resulting emulsion on the hairproof. This method of epilation is very individual.

Contraindications and harm

However, together with the benefit of nettle, it may harm if it is used to excessively or not adhere to security rules. It should be very careful to use nettle extract to pregnant women, since its substances are actively absorbed into the blood, increase the tone of the uterus, which can entail premature birth. If you want to be beautiful and give birth on time, you need with the mind and competent dosage to approach the treatment of nettle. It is not recommended to use nettle to people with varicose veins, thrombophlebitis and those who have thick blood. The constant use of nettle oils contributes to blood thickening, which is not very good for people with problem blood circulation.

It is categorically forbidden to use nettle to people who have individual intolerances or an allergic reaction to any of the active substances in the composition of nettle or oil components. You should not use the plant of nettle in food, if it has not passed the pre-good thermal processing, since it can burn the entire mucous membrane.

It is not recommended to collect a plant in polluted places, because you can only get harm from the plant, because nettle as a sponge absorbs all useful and harmful substances. Absorbing it, you can get strong intocication of the body.


Various reviews can be heard from people. Some categorical and argue that there is no benefit from it, others, on the contrary, inspire all that nettle saved them from hair loss, from problem skin or the same problems with the gastrointestinal tract. However, you should not focus on the opinion of people, since everything is individually. Every human body is able to perceive and respond to those or other factors in their own way. Someone will not have any allergic reaction, and someone from one species can happen the strongest allergy. The main thing is that it costs to remember is know the measure and always consult with a doctor, listen to your own organism or watch analyzing results.

About what kind of healing properties is nettle oil, look in the following video.

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