Properties of coconut oil and its features of its use in cosmetology

Properties of coconut oil and its features of its use in cosmetology

Coconut oil – an absolutely universal product, about whose benefits of legends occur since the reign of inimitable Cleopatra. The Egyptian Queen used the oil produced from coconut to maintain the beauty of the skin and healthy hair gloss. Today, the product is used in completely different spheres: culinary, medical, cosmetology and even in home everyday – as harmlessly in the composition of the polyroli for furniture.

general characteristics

The oil contains the flesh of coconuts (copra). It is made by the traditionally hot or cold method, technically speaking – pressing.

At the first method of manufacture, useful components of the product are partially lost. Cold spin is considered more valuable, because with it is preserved maximum benefit from coconut. But this method is used less often than the first, since it produces only 10% from the total amount of possible oil, which contains the flesh. The oil obtained by a cold way is distinguished by increased value and greater cost. If the bottle is Virgin or Extra Virgin (that is, unrefined), then this is cold spin products.

About the hot tieney is evidenced by the designation of Coconut Oil. This is a more liquid oil consistency, somewhat inferior to productive quality products with Virgin marking. Basically, unrefined oil is used to maintain the smoothness of the skin and elasticity of the body. This is the perfect cosmetics, almost exclusive side effects and contraindications. The range of his actions is extensive, he does not bypass cooking and medicine.


The main thing in the composition of the oil is megapolese polynassed fatty acids, which are necessary for normal human life. They are not synthesized by the body, it comes out, it can get them exclusively from the outside. In addition, a lot of calcium, vital phosphorus, vitamins A, C and E. As you know, these substances are stimulants of youth and beauty accomplices.

Coconut oil created by hot pressing technology is considered less useful than what was produced by the opposite way. Recognize Ready refined oil will help specify on RBD label (Refined). These are the perfect products for trade, as it provides for a longer storage period, transparent in appearance, does not forms lumps, convenient in transportation. But from the point of view of utility, it is much inferior to an unrefined product. Minerals, vitamins, salts and amino acids in it are much smaller.

Methods of use

For refined coconut oil and its unrefined analogue there are numerous use options. This natural cosmetics are permitted during pregnancy and gratefully perceived skin of the face and body, strengthens hair and eyelashes. They are smeared for the thickness of the eyebrows, and the effect comes immediately. Before applying for hair parts of the body or skin, oil needs to warm on a water bath.

Unrefined coconut squeeze oil is used in the culinary sphere and in the cosmetology. This is the unique component for the children’s menu and the addition of the correct dietary diet.

Excellent additive for many dishes: starting with nutrient soup and ending with elegant desserts. Coconut oil cooked using cold pressing technology is used in order to get rid of overweight. Even for the prevention of obesity, do not find the best ally than an unrefined product from Coconut Copra. The effect will be apparent if drinking 1 glass of heated water with a 1 station dissolved in it. spoon of coconut oil to any meal.

Butter envelops insides, helping the body to overcome many diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and ulcers, Neutralizes pathogenic bacteria. Plus to the entire listed, oil is recommended for preventing atherosclerosis and cardiovascular diseases. It removes harmful cholesterol natural and soft way and is considered a natural anti-stress drug.

You can even just try the healing coconut oil when rinse the oral cavity. For a couple of procedures for 15 minutes, you can forget about the unpleasant smell. Oil perfectly treats teeth and gum inflammation.

In cosmetology

Unrefined walnut oil is so beneficial to the skin that it will be able to even defeat psoriasis, cure with an exam and dermatitis. Cosmetologists recommend adding it to ready-made factory creams, connect with tonic and lotions. With such an oil additive, the usual means will become even more grateful for the skin. It will get maximum moisturizing and will become elastic. It is possible to apply the enriched agent completely onto the whole body and face, especially gratefully oil is perceived by the skin of the neck, in the area of ​​the neckline and around the eyes.

Useful habit will be the regular application of coconut oil instead of a night cream completely on the whole body, including feet and hand brushes. Cream mask will be the perfect elixir to extend the youth of fading skin. At night, the oil contributes to the regeneration and restoration of all damaged collagen fibers. On hand-treated hands and feet better put on gloves and socks made of natural fabric. This will doubly increase the therapeutic and cosmetic effect.

An indispensable oil, squeezed out of coconut, on a hot summer sun and with a raging wind, in cold and frost, it covers the skin by the weightless thinnest film, which rebeling the vulnerable cover from burns, dying and dehydration. Apply oil in this case, you need to all visible parts of the body. Knowing about such a miraculous property of coconut oil, fans of natural cosmetics have long replaced them with traditional sunscreen creams. The product is harmless in composition and safe in use. Oil extracted from Coconut Copras, universally for those who like to sunbathe and those who try to protect the skin from the sun.

If you smear the body before going to the sun, vitamin E in the composition of the oil will protect the skin from damage to ultraviolet, And after the tanning procedure will protect against the effects of redness, eliminates the feeling of dry skin. The unrefined coconut oil is also popular during the tanning procedures in the solarium.

Refined oil used outside. It feeds dry areas of skin and heals even deep cracks on the heels. Actively applies to feed hair from roots and before tips. Classic and anti-cellulite massage. Coconut oil takes with me spas and bath procedures. It acts as an excellent tonic and feeding clean and sparkling leather, fills its lively moisture and energy.

It is recommended to use oil as an independent product or one of the ingredients of the mask, balsam, ready-made air conditioner for hair or massage cream. It is permissible to connect it with other oils, according to personal preference, in accordance with its skin type and the desired effect.

In the absence of allergies on essential oils, it will be useful to enrich them with their coconut oil, reinforcing the cosmetic effect.

If applying a mix of oils with an anti-cellulite body massage, an excellent additive will be essential oil of any citrus: lemon, mandarin, orange or grapefruit. Citrus themselves give a pronounced anti-cellulite effect and paired with coconut butter, smoothing the skin relief for considerable procedures. Coconut butter with citrus fruits can be used during self-massage or take it with them, going to the procedure in a professional massage salon.

The product is divided into the “food” and “non-hospital”. The first view is intended for use purely in culinary recipes. This oil is unique to the fact that heating, does not highlight carcinogens. Suitable as a substitute for ordinary sunflower oil. With him, standard dishes will appear an unusual taste. Coconut oil is perfect for both baking, for unusual desserts and savory salads, as refueling into cereals.

Using oil, do not forget that for better effect it will have to warm up. But prevent overheating so that useful properties. The prepared oil is easily applied to the body and face, and the efficiency of its application is amazing.


Fatty acids that serve as the basis of coconut oil positively affect the brain and are recommended for epilepsy and Alzheimer’s disease. The product contains valuables that increase the level of “correct” cholesterol and lowering “harmful”, have an antioxidant effect, which reduces the chances of heart disease and vessels.

Oil, pressed from coconut, useful for immunity. His stable use minimizes the likelihood of the development of oncology and leads to the restoration of the functionality of the thyroid. This is a natural antifungal preparation. Possesses antiviral action and ability to treat inflammation. It is recommended to apply even during pregnancy and in breastfeeding, with the treatment of skin diseases and ailments, affecting nails and hair. Effectively works against Mikosa, herpes, fungus Candida. It is used in the treatment of dermatitis and as one of the components of the complex therapy of the rings.

Children can be smeared by coconut maslicks from mosquito bites, pimples and bruises. Natural product is miraculously suitable for tender skin of newborns. He perfectly eliminates dryness.

Adults take it when heartbuilding and complex treatment of gastropathologists. In addition, the oil, squeezed from the pulp of coconut – a magnificent natural source of energy. Regular use of oil inside lowers fatigue and increases ability to capacity. The product has perfectly proven itself as a healing agent for better functioning of the joints and bone conditions.

Those who are used to use coconut butter for hair, it is not known what dry tips and dull color of the curls, rare hair, dandruff and lifeless porous hair structure. On the contrary, hair is distinguished by amazing brilliance, active growth and healthy, attractive view. Use the maslice and for the following home procedures.

  • Nails and Cuticula. It is enough to rub oily drops into the skin, framing the nails so that they are strong and not resolve. Cuticle acquires a well-kept species.
  • To save styling. Straightened curls will save from wet weather with wet weather, a small amount of oil, pricked on problem areas hairstyles.
  • For cleaning skin. Building Coconut Oil with a pinch of food soda – a great analogue of an expensive salon procedure.
  • Caring for lubs. Coconut pulp product production in combination with brown sugar – ready-made natural scrub for sensitive lips. The product itself can completely replace hygienic lipstick.
  • Homemade nutritious lip gloss. It will work if you mix the remnants of your beloved shade of lipstick with a drop of oil.
  • Demaciazh. The oil is applied to the face and after 5 minutes it is removed with a wet napkin together with makeup and pollution. You can easily remove mascara from the eyelashes, additionally fueling them with vitamins of growth.
  • Shaving cream substitute. Verified alternative to the finished composition. Provides perfect sliding and smoothness. Suitable for sensitive to skin irritation.

The product is recommended for problem skin since the adolescence and to mature age. He lies the wounds, relieves redness, fights pigmentation, increases the tone, the skin turgor, pulls the sulfur face and rejuvenates it as a miraculous elixir. So, the habit of rubbing the tool in wrinkles helps to make them less pronounced. And this effect is usually achieved exclusively from the course expensive creams and serums. Natural gift of nature – a real find for the body as a whole.

Coconut oil worship cosmetologists for its structure. It instantly absorbs the skin, not leaving on it an unpleasant glow. Due to this, it is even suitable for those who have the skin prone to fatty. Moisturizing them will quickly give an external result – dry dryness and flapped sections will disappear, the turgor will be restored, the relief balance will be restored, the relief will be tightened. The duration of the effect will delight again and again, if you do not throw the oil pleasure, but to make it a regular procedure.

It’s all about the invisible eye a protective film on the skin, which is created by a magic hood from the pulp of coconut. She prevents the loss of moisture. The skin is breathing under it, getting the necessary portion of oxygen without obstacles. Pores remain clean, and the muscles are relaxed. Hence the magic result of the transformation of appearance.

Effectively use of natural coconut oil and stretch marks, but only those that have recently arisen.

When weight loss

It is also worth noting the effect of coconut oil for a body complex. Regularly consumeing this product, a person increases the calorie consumption, and the body weight decreases after. In addition, a useful additive blocks hunger and acts as an accelerator of metabolism. Another way to refund in weight thanks to the oil is to replace it with absolutely all fats in everyday diet. Consuming it, the body does not accumulate excess fats, but in parallel he gets all the components for productive operation.

Start using the product recommended from 1 st. Spoons per day. Over time, the dosage increases to 3 spoons.


Coconut product is considered almost harmless and rarely causes allergies. Only in the case of personal intolerance to it should be abstained. In other embodiments, the coconut processing product is consumed inside without exceeding a dose of 3 st. spoons per day. Kids coconut oil either will not bring harm. But only externally, to eliminate diarmions. Maslice dries irritated skin, not dehydrating it. It also quickly eliminates irritation and soothes itching caused by insect bites. Baby oil can be painlessly remove crusts with a hairpiece of the head.

How to choose and store?

Many want to purchase a unique oil tool for home. But how to store products correctly, not understandable. Coconut oil stored at room T or lower, looks atypically for other vegetable oils. May have a kind of dense blessed liquid or hardened pieces resembling soap. Liquid texture and transparency oil acquires when heated from T 26 degrees and above.

Before buying you need to determine first for yourself, for what purpose it is necessary. Is it planned to cook with him either to carry out massage, aromatherapy sessions, treated procedures. Based on this, choose a suitable coconut oil.

By purchasing this product, you should adopt the following recommendations. In culinary purposes use exceptionally purified. Slimming – under the marking of Virgin or Extra Virgin. Fractionated suitable for cosmetic procedures and aromatherapy. For medicinal purposes it is better to use organic or virgin, for massage – purified natural product.

Do not buy coconut oil. Purchased volume should be used in 2-3 months to extract the maximum benefit from the product.

Sometimes manufacturers pack coconut oil into plastic bags or carton boxes of large volumes. Then the product will have to independently merge into small containers and clean it in a cold place.


It is believed that the best vegetable oil from coconut is made in Thailand. But not all the products of local producers are available. Many European brands are engaged in the distribution of tropical oil, carrying out delivery throughout the world. The main thing is to buy a quality product that is so much told in the grateful posts of those who experienced his wonderful effect on themselves.

Therefore, it is not worth buying a product in dubious outlets, without the availability of certificates of quality and information about the manufacturer. Only this approach to its health will help choose a truly natural and useful product.

About the use of coconut oil for face and hair See in the following video.

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