Rules wash oil

Rules wash oil

At all times, women tried to maintain natural beauty using various methods and means for this. It is worth noting that not all ancient recipes were safe, and some of the benefits were used to the skin harm. But one useful procedure has reached this day – the use of different oils for cleansing. “Washing oil” favorably acts on the skin and helps women keep freshness and attractiveness for a long time.


Today, thanks to the development of science, all new cosmetics from various components are invented, which, judging by the description, help get rid of wrinkles and other flaws, make the skin beautiful and young. However, it is known that in the manufacture of cosmetics, various chemicals are used, which do not help the skin, and, on the contrary, annoy and dried it. Therefore, every day, more and more women appeals to the “grandmother” recipes.

Modern beauties use different homemade masks, grasses, ethereal and cosmetic oils. One of the methods of natural skin cleansing – wash oil or wash Japanese. Such a method helps to easily and carefully clean the skin with natural funds, without traumatic damage.

Advantages and disadvantages of the method

This method has become popular among representatives of weak gender. There are different reasons for its use.

  • In the composition of oils there are no harmful substances. The main reason for the popularity of this method is the naturalness and safety of oil washness. In addition, the composition of the oils contains many components useful for skin cover, which help keep the face of young and fresh.
  • Effective cleansing. It is known that the oil dissolves skin fat and other contaminants. This means that with the help of such cleansing you can save your face from persistent makeup, makeup. In addition, due to deep penetration, oil purifies the pores of the face from the stagnant pollution, that is, from black points. Thus, the skin takes the radiance and purity.
  • There is an improvement in the color of the face. As already noted, this procedure helps to determine the skin as efficiently as possible. Accordingly, it improves the relief and complexion, as the skin begins to “breathe”. In addition, after several procedures, pimples disappear, other inflammatory processes on the face are stopped.
  • Oil nourishes epidermis. It is known that water molecules do not penetrate through the pores inside. But it is also known that the skin is a fatigue. This means that different vitamins and trace elements pass through the skin and feed the skin, which is a big plus of Washing in Japanese.

  • The skin becomes less fat. Some may not believe it, but the reviews confirm that this method of washing makes the skin less severe and reduces the fat shine. It should be noted that the fat layer is necessary to protect against mechanical and other damage, but sometimes skin glands allocate too much saline, which creates difficulties for owner of this type of skin. If such a skin is cleansed with soap and other aggressive washbasins, the glands begin to allocate even more fat as a protective reaction. To avoid such problems, it is better to clean the face not with synthetic means, but butter. Skin glands over time restore balance, respectively, the face becomes less fat.
  • Using this method of washing, you can run the process of rejuvenation. Everyone knows that natural oils are rich in microelements, vitamins and antioxidants, and those present in the composition of fatty acids helps maintain elasticity and freshness of the skin. For this reason you can do without expensive rejuvenating creams, contacting the Damars of Nature.
  • The skin is massaged during washing in such a method. The oil is applied through massage lines, which ensures the massage of the facial muscles and additionally improves the facial tone.

Thus, oil purification saves the skin from pimples, reduces fat and has a moisturizing effect. Some advise after washing to use the cream, as after ordinary everyday cleaning. But as a rule, additional moistening of the epidermis is not required.

As for the shortcomings of such a wash, some people need a small period of adaptation when moving to oil use. This is especially true of greasy skin holders. Sometimes after a few days of washing, the condition of the face is visually worsens, but after an adaptive period, the skin becomes more fresh and begins to rejuven.

How to wash?

Oil cleansing – a simple process. For this you need natural oil, clean towel and hot water. Holders of oily skin are recommended to mix olive oil with castor or other oils. For mixing with olive or castor oil, almond, argan, apricot, avocado and some others are suitable, you just need to find a suitable option for yourself. Women with dry and normal skin can choose any basic oil. The procedure itself can be carried out as after pre-sparking, and without it. The main thing is to use natural, high-quality oil during procedure. It is worth noting that essential oils are not suitable for this.

Before applying on the skin, you need to lightly warm the selected oil, rubbing it on the pads. After the remedy takes the body temperature, you can apply it on the face by massaging movements. After applying, you can make a light massage. After a few minutes you need to take a pre-prepared towel, cotton fabric or gauze napkin. Maminating the cloth in hot water, you need to put it on face. The towel can be left on the face before cooling, after which it is necessary to re-mix it in hot water and put on the skin of the face.

You need to repeat this procedure until the face is completely cleaned by oil. After that, you need to safely wipe the eyelids using cotton disks. After the procedure, some women lubricate the face with moisturizing cream, but it is not necessary to do it.

It is important to remember that the cooked mixtures of oils are not necessarily stored in the refrigerator, but you need to take them from direct rays of the Sun. It is also worth noting that you can alternate oil purification with honey wash. This procedure is also very useful for the face, as it cleans and feeds the epidermis. The main thing is to clarify whether there is an allergy to honey. As for oils, the test for the absence of allergic reactions here is also required.


Reviews show that women who brush face in this way are satisfied with the result. Some write that make this procedure in the evening after the working day. In their opinion, if you do in the morning oil cleansing before going out, the face will absorb all dirt, and the skin will become a problem. Evening beauty ritual they really like.

Also, some write what makes this procedure differently. They simply apply oil on the face, massage a few minutes, and then clean the skin with cotton disks. The ladies argue that as a result of this cleansing, the skin becomes clean and velvety, and the process itself is faster and convenient.

About how to wash oil properly, look in the following video.

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