The benefits and harm of peach oil for the face and advice on its use

The benefits and harm of peach oil for the face and advice on its use

Choosing a face cream, many women are confused: I don’t want to overpay and use a remedy with preservatives and chemical additives. But contrary to emerging opinion to be beautiful optional to apply expensive chemistry. You can do without a penny peach oil purchased.

Features and composition

Currently, the choice of care cosmetics for the face is so great that not every woman can easily decide and pick up a cream. Previously, girls often could not find funds in the soul due to their deficit and used the fact that. And in fact, natural oils are not inferior at all, but in a sense they even exceed the purchased factory cream. One of the most popular facial care oils is a peach, which has its own distinctive qualities. Everyone knows how peach and its bone looks like. To get high-quality cold spin oil, the kernel of these whests are squeezed by industrial presses. The result is the most useful and natural peach oil, which is distinguished by a pleasant color and unmatched aroma of a bright southern fruit.

Such a crude product is kept very short time, so it is rarely found on the shelves of ordinary stores and pharmacies. Most often, the oil is cleaned and refined. It becomes pale yellow and smells no longer so intense, and useful properties are somewhat reduced. But it can be stored for a long time and, accordingly, it is easier to find on sale. The cost of peach oil is funny – about 100-150 rubles for 30 ml. Such a bottle will be enough for several weeks with economical flow rate.

The chemical composition of this product is very impressive. Even the most picky ladies will not be able to resist such an impressive list of vitamins, which are contained in peach oil:

  • Vitamin A or retinol acetate – is a building element of cells, as well as natural antioxidant+
  • Vitamins of group B – Outdoor use contributes to the smoothing of wrinkles and removes the second chin+
  • Vitamin E – removes ethnicity and small inflammation, is used to get rid of unwanted freckles+
  • Vitamin C – improves epidermis elasticity and reduces rash+
  • Vitamin R – makes the face more fresh.

Important! In addition to the huge number of vitamins, macroelements, minerals and other useful components are also contained in peach oil. What has created nature is always the best and safe for a person.

What is useful and harmful?

Valuable chemical composition could not but affect the beneficial properties of peach oil. They are so extensive that even the most expensive professional creams will be bypass. The benefits of the product is as follows:

  • Minimizes the manifestations of acne, as it has antiseptic properties+
  • Reduces wrinkles and smoothes the skin, preventing signs of aging, which is achieved with fatty acids contained in the composition+
  • Improves complexion due to carotenoids and vitamin R+
  • During regular applications, there is a decrease in the number of freckles and unwanted pigmentation+

  • Vascular meshes on the face will no longer appear if the face is constantly wiped with peach oil+
  • There are toxins from cells and epidermis is heated+
  • struggles with dry skin, but does not make it too fat+

  • Suitable for those in those who show allergies to butter oils (almond, cedar), as it has similar properties, but no less useful composition+
  • It is suitable as a base for composing creams – the product can be mixed with other oils, add to the ready-made cream, make masks based on it+
  • moisturizes and feeds in the composition of creams even fatty skin, not leaving excess, as it absorbs well+
  • can be used at any age, as it has universal useful properties+
  • Promotes the regeneration of small cracks on the lips and the rest of the skin of the face that may appear as a result of wind and frost+
  • It has a lung degree of protection from the Sun, which allows to protect the skin of the face not only from dryness, but also from the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays.

Like all natural funds, peach oil has contraindications. It concerns only those people who are prone to allergies, because it may be an unwanted body response. It can not be used if the allergy has already manifested itself. Before applying it to a large section of the skin for the first time, you need to spend the test for the body’s reaction during the day. To do this, the oil drip is applied to the elbow fold and wait 24 hours. If irritation and redness did not occur, then you can use this product without fears.

Important! Cosmetologists also do not recommend girls with problem skin and acne to completely replace the face cream with peach oil, since it is possible a suspension of fatty acids. To power the skin, prone to excess fat, it is possible and you need to add an oil droplet directly into cream suitable in such a situation.

How to choose and store?

In order not to run into a low-quality product, it is better to purchase a peach oil in pharmacies. But if there is no such possibility, when buying, you need to carefully pay attention to quality certificates that are required to provide in the store. To choose the best product, you need to appreciate it according to the following criteria:

  • Compliance date+
  • Packaging tightness+
  • The best tool will be made in the fall due to the maturation of peach fruit+
  • The label should indicate that this product is genuine by 100 percent+
  • It is better to choose the oil of the domestic manufacturer, as it has undergone less transporting and other changes for longer storage+
  • Best oil packaging – Dark glass+

  • It is better not to take a big packaging so that it is stored open the minimum time.

In order for peach oil to be spoiled during operation, it must be stored in a dark and cool place. Best so that it was a drawer of the chest or a locker for cosmetics. After each use you need to close the lid tightly, not allowing oxygen to enter the package. Oil should not be stored in the refrigerator, as it is possible to deteriorate its qualities and the separation of the sediment. But it should not be heated and boiled, so it is confusing all useful properties.


Peach oil for face is used both in its pure form and in the composition of masks, creams, scrubies, lotions. It is suitable for skin care around the eyes, as it is a very gentle and nutritious product. In addition, it will help reduce the external manifestations of bruises under the eyes. Recently has become fashionable and quite efficient to carry out a face massage. This procedure helps to reduce the rally, smoothes wrinkles, raises the skin tone, removes the second chin and improves blood circulation, giving a healthy blush. Massage needs to be carried out with oil use, and how can it be a peach. It has a suitable structure and consistency, as well as unconditional useful properties.

From wrinkles you can use peach oil instead of cream. And you can also apply it to the area around the eyes in order to reduce the goose paws and moisturizing the eyelids. For deep moisturizing, prone to wriggles and dry skin can make masks with peach oil in the composition. Regular use of such a tool will help make problem areas more tightened and dive skin with useful substances.

Problem skin also requires care, and peach oil will not make it more fat and will not provoke new rash acne, as many are used to thinking. If the face is covered with rashes without much inflammation, and there is also a bold shine and black dots, then you can partially solve this problem with the help of a scrub cooked at home. To do this, take chopped Hercules or ground coffee and mix it with peach oil to a consistency of thick cashel. The resulting mixture is applied to the face and light massage movements passing on the skin, paying particular attention to the problem areas. Acne also often use masks based on clay, coal, oatmeal and peach oil.

In severe frosts or with a lack of vitamin A, lips are often cracking, which is very painful phenomenon. Peach oil can serve as a hygienic balm and helps to cope with such an unpleasant problem. Be beautiful and well-groomed pretty easily, and it is not necessary to spend big money on it. Peach oil can serve as an excellent face career. This product is universal and is suitable for any type of skin.

Recipes masks

That the skin looked young and elastic, and also shone natural beauty, you need to use peach oil-based masks regularly two or three times a week, not passing procedures. Only then will it be possible to achieve a stunning effect from the use of this natural agent. No need to visit beauty salons to make a gift to your skin. One should only go to the nearest pharmacy, buy a peach oil, as well as take products that are almost always at hand at any hostess. Make home procedures absolutely not difficult, and it does not take away a lot of time. It is worth considering the most popular recipes.

  • Mask for leather prone to fatty. It is necessary to connect in equal proportions such ingredients like ground Hercules, lemon juice and peach oil. Need to wash out makeup and other pollution, after which put on the face of a hot towel or hold the ferry short time. Then apply the above mixture for 15-20 minutes. After rinse it already cool water and use your favorite face cream. Such a mask matches the skin and reduces the pores.

  • Dry-skin mask and to feed the skin of any type during winter cold. To rejuvenate the face and moisturize dry skin, you can make a course of masks from natural yogurt and peach oil. To do this, it is necessary to mix on one tablespoon of each ingredient and apply for 10-15 minutes to clean, then wash off with water and apply ordinary cosmetics for every day.
  • Mask from inflammation and rash. Reduction of chamomile and sage have long been used in antiseptic purposes, therefore, having combining peach oil with him, you can achieve good results and in the fight against acne. To prepare a miraculous mask of these ingredients, you need to brew sage and chamomile – two sachets of each plant that can be purchased for a penny in pharmacies, on water mug. When the decoction cools up to warm condition, peach oil should be applied to face, and to put a moistened decoction gauze with a pre-cut hole for the eyes and nose from above. As well as in cosmetics stores and in some pharmacies you can buy fabric masks for such purposes, which is undoubtedly more convenient. The procedure must occupy no more than 30 minutes. After that, it is necessary to wash warm water, and then close the pores of the ice cube and apply a tonic and a problem for problem skin. In this recipe, you can replace the chamomile series or add it to existing herbs.

  • Mask from unwanted pigmentation. Trices of freckles are constantly looking for different sophisticated ways to get rid of them. But you can use a simple and well-known method – a mask based on peach oil and lemon juice. For the procedure you need to prepare a mixture of equal proportions of lemon juice and peach oil and apply for 15 minutes to the skin of the face. After the end of this time, the excess masks need to be removed with a cotton swab, but do not wash off.
  • Nutritional mask for the skin of the eyelids. When bruises and bags under the eyes are bothering, there is nothing better than to take advantage of the recipe mask from banana, vitamin E and peach oil. For this procedure, it is necessary to mix the fourth of a banana to grind in Cashitz, a vitamin E capsule, a punctured needle, and a teaspoon of peach oil. The mask should be applied to the skin around the eyes and leave for a few minutes. Then you need to wash well and apply the appropriate age and the type of skin cream.

  • Mask for leather around the eye based on several oils. To squeeze the skin around the eyes after dry summer and during winter frosts, you can cook such a tool: mix on a teaspoon of avocado oil, olive and peach oil. As a result of this procedure, not only the condition of the skin is improved and mimic wrinkles are smoothed, but also the population of eyelashes and their length increases. So this procedure has a triple positive effect.

    • Mitigating mask with cottage cheese. To eliminate the skin’s pulp and giving it velvety, you can apply a mask based on cottage cheese and peach oil. To do this, you need to purchase fine-grained cottage cheese or product of liquid consistency, peach oil, milk and carrot juice. Each ingredient add to the cup across the tablespoon and be confused to homogeneous casis. The mask is left on the face half an hour and remove a wet cotton swab.
    • Vitamin mask. A tablespoon of cream, puree from peach pulp and peach oil mixed in a separate container and apply a thin layer on clean skin. Leave half an hour and wash off warm water. Velvety and tender skin after this home procedure guaranteed.


    If you deepen in history, it is easy to find out an amazing fact: another Egyptian queen Cleopatra, known for its femininity and beauty, used peach oil as a cream. It is not surprising that at present, reviews about the use of such a natural product in cosmetology are mainly positive. Girls love to apply this oil to care, because it is quite affordable by price, it is quite easy to purchase and use it at home. On the network there are a lot of good estimates of this fund. It is used as a very young person and women aged. Many note that it struggles with wrinkles and improves the complexion. Some fine sex representatives completely abandoned the usual face cream, after they tried this product. Peach oil is distinguished by a pleasant smell, although it does not have in the composition of chemical fragrances, which even the most sensitive people apply it to care.

    Cosmetologists are praised by this vegetation product, as it has a whole bouquet of useful properties and is a storehouse of vitamins. Some consciously abandoned elite cosmetics in the procedures, since, in their opinion, natural peach oil exceeds the efficiency of the expensive means many times. Even the most famous specialists conduct sessions using this oil. Most product reviews are either neutral or positive. Therefore, you can safely take peach oil on a sample and improve your appearance in such a gift.

    About how to apply peach oil for face, see the following video.

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