The properties of almond oil and its use for eyelashes

The properties of almond oil and its use for eyelashes

Almond oil is a simple and affordable eyelashes care agent, it takes high popularity. Oil contains a large amount of vitamins and microelements that promote healthy hair growth and eyelashes. Consider more details The properties of almond oil and its use for eyelashes.

Useful properties and contraindications

Almond oil is Natural Effective Eyelash Care and has a wide consumer accessibility. It can be purchased in any pharmacy at a price, much lower than many funds with a similar action. One of the main advantages of oil from almond is No contraindications, Except for cases of individual intolerance, which, however, happens quite rarely.

The pronounced effect of the use of oil is due to the unique composition of almond – plants kind of plums of Asian origin.

For the production of oil take sweet and bitter types of almonds and use pressing technology. And to care for eyelashes, it is recommended to use compounds from sweet almonds. As a result of cold spin, a homogeneous transparent substance is obtained, which has a yellowish hue and deprived of all odor.

Due to the absence of artificial additives and dyes, the tool is absolutely harmless and can be used both externally and inside.

Active substances included in the composition, possess Powerful regenerating effect, Due to the ancient times, almonds were used for processing wounds. Today, almond oil enters many skin care complexes and is widely used in cosmetology. In their pure form, it is used in procedures that promote eyelashes and gives quick results.

In almond oil contains a large number of vitamins of groups A and B, giving lashes silky and glitter as well Vitamin E, feeding the skin around the eyes and eliminating its inflammation, and Vitamin F, promoting the normalization of the functions of a sebaceous glaze and provoking new cilia growth.

Productive work of vitamins and trace elements awakens sleeping bulbs and contributes to the rapid growth of eyelashes. Regular use of almond oil not only makes eyelashes thick and strong, but also gives them a beautiful and healthy shine. Moreover, experts recommend using almond oil after biowaway and extension of eyelashes, which, despite talking about their harmlessness, still apply a considerable damage by hair structure. The regular application of almond remedies quickly restores eyelashes and strengthens their roots.

In addition, the oil forms a thin durable film on the eyelashes, which not only protects them from the negative effects of low temperatures, ultraviolet and cosmetics, but also gives a good eyelashes.

Methods of application

The process of applying almond composition on the eyelashes does not cause difficulties and is similar to putting carcasses. It includes the following steps:

  • Before smearing the eyelashes by oil, it is necessary to heat it to a temperature of +36 degrees using a water bath+
  • You can apply oil only on eyelashes liberated from carcasses and clean eyelids+
  • With the help of a soft tassel for carcasses with light strokes, the tool is applied to the eyelashes in the direction of the inner side of the century to the external, while “painting” the hairs from the roots is not necessary, since the oily substance has a liquid consistency and will flock to the bulbs of the signed+
  • If there were no tassels at hand, you can soak cotton wheels with a small amount of oil and impose them to closed eyelids by 15 minutes + the procedure should be done, and at its end it is gently removed to remove the remnants of the age of the age of the age of a clean napkin+
  • After applying, the drug is left on the eyelashes for 15-20 minutes, after which they neatly wet the napkin + wash off the oil with water is strictly prohibited, since the pores of the eyelids can be scored that it provokes the appearance of barley+
  • Treatment and restoration of eyelashes with the help of almond oil – the process of unprecedented and first results can be waited only after 2-3 weeks of regular use + to carry out a procedure every day there is no need, therefore experts recommend to apply 3-4 times a week+
  • Only certified oil should be used, which is sold in the pharmacy + to use the means of dubious origin, as they may include dyes and fragrances, causing allergic reactions+
  • If the oil consistency is too liquid, it spreads greatly, then a little natural vaseline can be added to it+
  • To obtain the maximum volume, it is possible to apply the minimum amount of the product on the eyelashes or add 1-2 drops to the mascara.

Folk recipes

To enhance the cosmetic effect, almond oil is often mixed with castor, pink and peach oils, as well as with a drug of wheat germs and other available means. Consider more famous folk recipes.

  • Good effect gives applicationMixtures of almond and rapid oils with the addition of vitamins A and E. To do this, take on one teaspoon of each oil and add to them one capsule of the above vitamins, which can also be bought in a pharmacy. Components are thoroughly mixed and in any of the methods listed above are applied to the eyelashes for 20 minutes.
  • For persons who have a tendency to fall out eyelashes and eyebrows, It will be good for the composition prepared from the mixture of linen, castor and almond oils with adding drugs based on wheat germ. The tool is not treated at least three times a week for the night for 3 months. The first positive changes will be noticeable after a couple of weeks.
  • People suffering from actively loss of hair and eyelashes, It is recommended to use a mixture of peach, castor and almond oils taken in equal parts. With regular use, the first changes will be noticeable after 14-20 days.
  • Persons prone to manifestation of allergic reactions, It can be recommended a mixture of pink and almond oils taken in equal parts.
  • Pronounced effects have funds made fromAlmond oil with the addition of healing herbs – chamomiles, melissa and green tea. To do this, take on a teaspoon of each of herbs in dry form, well mixed, poured a glass of boiling water and insist for an hour. The obtained infusion is filled with a fine sieve, add a teaspoon of almond oil and applied on eyelashes using cotton disks. To avoid the appearance of allergic reactions to the components of the mixture before use, it is necessary to test. To do this, a small amount of drug is applied to the inner side of the wrist and are observed for the reaction of the skin for 40 minutes. If the skin has flusted, it is impossible to use this tool.
  • To make eyelashes are thick and thicker, use a mixture of almond oil and burdock root. To accelerate their growth, it is good to fit the drug made from oils of grape seeds and germ wheat mixed with castor and almond oils in equal parts.

Review reviews

Judging by consumer reviews, Almond oil has a pronounced effect and perfectly copes with eyelashes care. There is a low oiliness of the means, thanks to which it is well absorbed into the skin and leaves no fat traces. This allows the use of almond makeup oil, which makes it possible to use eyelashes on the entire length with the purification of the eyelid.

The advantages include the low cost of the drug, as well as the absence of a specific smell and hypoallergenicity.

In the next video, a step-by-step cooking of serum growth for almond eyelash eyelashes.

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