Acne patches: product overview, selection tips

Acne patches: product overview, selection tips

If a date or an important business meeting is scheduled for tomorrow, and in the evening, a woman discovers on the face of acne, then her mood will instantly deteriorate. Of course, this is not such a large-scale problem, however, its decision is almost impossible without specialized funds. It is for such cases in each female cosmetics there should be patches from acne. How to choose them correctly?


Patches are almost transparent stickers or plasters capable of a few hours to “suck” acne, make the skin again smooth and beautiful. Alas, when this tool only appeared on store shelves, the buyers could not appreciate it. But now patches from acne conquer more and more popularity. Many women whose skin is inclined to rash acne or acne, no longer pose their lives without cosmetic stickers.

Patches save the ladies from many problems. For example, some of the funds can even be used under makeup. Such an application is peculiar to patches from the Sun – a thin plate will prevent the access of harmful ultraviolet to the skin.

The main purpose of such a plaster is to protect the skin from bacteria, which provoke the formation of acne. Dirt does not penetrate the film saturated with antibacterial coating.

Some women forget about the occurrence occurred, he causes itching and pushes the lady to scratch the inflamed place, which further aggravates the skin condition. Patches again protect patches from such mechanical damage. Thus, Special patch from acne stop inflammation on the skin, dry the dermis, protected from external factors, mask acne under the layer of makeup.

How to choose?

Currently, the assortment of patches is growing every year. Manufacturers find them new use, impregnate various compositions, offer Universal patches or patches for specific problems. So, patches can be divided into drug and non-drug. The first type contains active substances, such as tea tree oil or salicylic acid.

Useful components penetrate the skin, eliminate bacteria and stop the inflammatory process. This group is more suitable for deep red inflammations.

If a woman has jumped off the pimple with a pronounced head, then it is better to choose non-drug patches. Their composition includes hydrocolloid polymers capable of absorbing moisture and pulling acne. They are good and the fact that Do not cut the skin. In this case, you should use a plate on clean skin without a cream, otherwise the substance “Sospets” is it, and not the content of the jumped acne.

Choosing patches from acne, pay attention to the manufacturer. Most now appreciated Korean cosmetics. These funds are based on effective components that act not only for disguise, but also to improve the health and condition of the skin. Most patches fans advise to use the Korean Products.

An important criterion is the place of purchase. Choose patches only in proven outlets and pharmacies. It is best to order a tool in the beauty salon, through a large online store or on the official website of the manufacturer.

Pay attention to the following popular patches.

  • Face Spot Mirror Patch from KocoStar. The antiseptic effect is achieved by the presence of a tea tree extract. After eliminating the problem, the salicylic acid contained in the medium neatly eliminates the focus of infection. 12 patches are represented in the pack, 6 of which are small, they can be used point. Other 6 are characterized by large sizes and are intended for use on cheeks, nose bends, on chin or on a plot with lots of rashes.

More efficient, this product has a launched inflammatory process, and with closed camens, the tool may not help.

  • Look Fantastic Acne Pimple Master Patch from The Cosrx. These mini masks are recommended for the night. They pull the contents of the jumped piping in a few hours. Also, the plaster eliminates the traces of inflammation, calms the dermis, warns the appearance of a red spot or edema.

  • Patches ACWIN Trouble Spot Acne Blemish Treatment. The main active ingredients are the oil of tea tree and salicylic acid. Suitable for sensitive skin.

Acts softly, quickly, painlessly, promptly eliminates skin problems, can be used in the afternoon or at night. Substances gently penetrate into the skin deeply and eliminate the focus of inflammation.

Tips for use

So that the tool worked as efficiently as possible, Take advantage of the following use recommendations.

  • Before applying a plaster on a problem area, carefully worry, wash the cosmetics, apply the plate only on cleaned skin.
  • More effect can be achieved if glued patch for the night. As a rule, the time of the classic patch from acne is 8-10 hours.
  • If there is no time to wait for the action of the plaster, then do not be afraid to use it and during the daytime. Patches are almost invisible under the layer of makeup.
  • Observe security measures. Do not apply patches on wounds, scratches and damaged skin, avoid contact with eyes and store the remedy in a dry dark place inaccessible for children.

Overview of patch from acne Korean manufacturer Skinfood is waiting for you further.

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