All about AMWAY Cosmetics

All about AMWAY Cosmetics

It’s no secret that Amway is engaged in the release of a wide range of products. Almost every of us has a friend who, one way or another, has tried various products of this manufacturer. If about the dishes or detergents of this company for the most part buyers and herself, then here are any specific reviews about Amway cosmetics on the Internet, and, and, in general, not so much. This is just about this product and will be discussed in the article.

general information

Amway cosmetics includes a wide range of funds – this is decorative cosmetics, and leaving for the body and face. Now this cosmetic product includes the following series:

  • Artistry Skin Care Cosmetics+
  • Decorative cosmetics of the same series+
  • ARTISTRY DERMASONIC Series for Skin Care+
  • Personal serums for face Artistry Signature SELECT+
  • Artistry Studio Paris Style Edition line and a number of other complexes.

    Eyebrow Corrector, Liquid Lipstick, Blush, Various Palets Shadows for Century, Bath Bombs, Flickering Body Gel, Dry Oil Spray for Body and Hair, Gel For Soul, Moisturizing and Sunscreen Creams, Deodorants, Tonic, Penco for washing, blush – here is not a complete list of brand cosmetic products.

    Features of products

    AMWAY Palest Set immediately attracts attention. Usually, All Palets contain 3 colors: One matte, which goes as a base, another brilliant – to emphasize the area under the eyebrows, and a tint in the Metallic style, helping to create a special focus on eye makeup. Characteristic features of mascaras for eyelashes are resistance and sealing of the structure of eyelashes when applied. You can not leave unnoticed and matte lipstick pencil for lips. It does not contain fragrances, smoothly falls. There are 5 color on sale – from brilliant burgundy to matte light pink.

    One of the advantages of products – the pencil does not require sharpening, as it has a convenient advanced form.

    Considering the basic skin care, you can mark various sets. One of them – Basic leather care with SPF 30 sunscreen. It includes the aforementioned sunscreen, washing gel and makeup removal napkins. Cream does not leave fatty shine. This set can be supplemented as the same, but only for the care of problem skin. The latter additionally also includes a gel for washing and tonic for problem skin. Using these funds reduces redness and irritation on the skin.

    For the ladies of mature age there is an opportunity to consider the promotion number 7. This anti-aging kit includes 3 concentrate (firming, clarifying and against wrinkles), as well as base. The manufacturer claims that this complex is able to reduce pigment spots.

    For those who wish to improve the skin color of the face for 6 weeks, the company releases Updating Peeling For Artistry Intensive Skincare.

    With regular use, it changes the texture of the skin with moisturizing and smoothes wrinkles.

    The following product is truly special – Moisturizing Face Concentrate Artistry Signature Select. You can use it only with the base. This product is practically not felt after applying to the skin, and it is adjusted to the color and structure of the skin of the face, creating a light protective layer.

    A relatively new trend in all cosmetic companies in the world was the release of body spray oil. Amway in this regard also did not exception. New light structure of dry spray oil for body and hair Aristry is achieved by alleviating the molecular weight of oil, after which it is easier absorbed into the skin and leaves no fatness. For those who want to emphasize the beauty of their skin, the shimmering gel shine is produced.

    Gel also contains nutrient components of cucumber and chamomile, which improve the appearance of the skin, and not only makes it shiny.


    In this part we have collected feedback not only buyers, but also cosmetologists. Shower gels received not quite positive feedback – Some buyers have indignant high price. And also they noted that the stated components that carefully belong to the skin, do not have a proper effect – after the shower, the skin becomes dry.

    However, one copy was the exception. AMWAY G & H Nourish shower gel positively appreciated+.

    There is a big soft packaging – 1.6 liters. Due to this, it is possible to use the product for a long time. Buyers talk about a long sense of humidifying the skin, which remains after use. As well as a shower gel can improve the condition of the skin of those who she peels in the places.

    Shampoo 2 in 1 Satinique was also estimated positive. The large content of the set of active ingredients make hair after drying softer and obedient.

    Good reviews got cosmetics to leaving eyes. The buyers noted that the effect after the use of funds is noticeable immediately. The skin not only becomes soft and moistened, but also smoothed wrinkles. Also spoke well about the solid deodorant antiperspirant Amway Body Series. It is noted that with daily use of packing 75 grams enough for almost 2 years. The price is true, a little higher than that of ordinary deodorants – 400 rubles.

    In conclusion, I would like to note the fact that Amway’s original products are pretty easy to order with delivery to the house almost anywhere in the world. To do this, it will be enough to visit the official website of the brand and follow simple steps instructions for ordering goods. Therefore, stumble upon a fake is now unlikely.

    Nevertheless, there is no one-to-one solid opinion about Cosmetics of Amway Cosmetics – there are both very good products and frankly failure.

    It is worth mentioning an American organization engaged in independent research – Consumer Reports. She claims that there are a number of products in each category Cosmetics, which showed the best results than Amway products. The price of many of them was lower.

    AMWAY Cosmetics Presentation Video See below.

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