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All about cosmetics & Bizoreuk &

The choice of cosmetics “Bizoreuk” is quite acquitted. This brand is designed for the widest range of consumers and is represented by several series at once. However, it is necessary to choose the right thing to choose the right type and take into account all its features, specialist recommendations.

Features and assortment

Cosmetics “Bizoreuk” is suitable:

  • for hair+
  • for face+
  • for the rest of the body.

Cosmetics of this brand can be successfully applied to men.

The company also offers:

  • Monastery Chai+
  • Special gift sets+
  • Nutritional products+
  • Penki+
  • Day creams+
  • Colondkrema+
  • Masks for face.

The advantages of natural cosmetics

The official website of the Bizoreuk brand mentions that its products are produced exclusively with the use of substances of natural origin. During the production process, dubious components and toxic additives are not used. Natural cosmetics “Bizoreuk” Has excellent anti-aging characteristics. Creating such drugs requires significant labor and significant time.

Cosmetologist reviews and other important information

Firm “Bizoreuk” can offer several brands at once. Under the COSMOS COSMETICS brand is implemented:

  • Body Care Boxes+
  • Creams with snail (for the face, for men and so on)+
  • Velvet oils+
  • perfume+
  • Oil+
  • Gels+
  • Blue clay masks.

Tambusun Tambucan cosmetics deserves attention.This line includes:

  • Conventional and anti-aging facial creams (including with an agonor hood)+
  • Toothpastes+
  • Penki+
  • Hydrolate Roses+
  • eye cream+
  • Shampoos and hair balms+
  • Creams for joints+
  • Masks+
  • Wax for fixing eyebrows.

    The original brand “Bizoreuk-Health Factory” is primarily thoughtful male kits. Also there are types of cosmetic soap, cosmetic dirt, New Year sets, tea and honey sets, aromatic oils, coldkrema. Option “Bizoreuk Professional Line” includes masks from multicolored cosmetic clay.

    It is also worth mentioning about monastic sets and special healing masses. All these drugs are combined into the “Monastery Products” line.

    A separate conversation deserves Selection “Sea treats”. In addition to the oils from algae and “booming geysers”, there are hydrolates, micellar water, solid shampoos, lip balms, creams, thermal water and sea masks. Useful to read both reviews for certain types of products. Foams for washing with coconut milk do not cut the skin. Truth, The effect of removal of another cosmetics is quite weak.

      Good “Tambukan Mask” for Sensitive Skin, Means Contains Anthocyans from North Caucasus. Reviews notes that the feeling of unpleasant film does not appear. The composition is quite economical, in normal use, the package is spent in 3-4 months. The drug is suitable for storing outside the refrigerator. Shelf life is quite large.

      Positive feedback Users often give:

      • Tambusun washing foam+
      • Tambukan rejuvenating mask+
      • Event-based hydrolate “Sea treats”+
      • Solid Tambukan “moisturizing” cream.

      For cosmetics “Bizoreuk” see the next video.

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