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Founded in 1997, Siberian Health Corporation successfully conquered its consumers. After three years, the company allowed themselves to open its own production. Increasing the authority, she expanded and was able to open a research center in which the first development of cosmetic products began.

Product range is constantly expanding. It includes therapeutic cosmetic products, decorative cosmetics – Everything is created on the basis of natural components. All products are subject to quality control, is created only on a scientific basis.

The campaign is often awarded with medals and state diplomas.

Product range

For women, a large selection of makeup means are offered, which are part of a separate series “Gentle luxury”. These are tonal creams, powders, correctors. They have a light texture, do not clog pores. Enigma series includes decorative cosmetics: mascaras for eyelashes, lipsticks, shine, shadows, nail polishes.

All cosmetics are sold at an affordable price. Her huge selection is able to please even the most capricious buyer.

ENDEMIX Facing Cream

This tool is intended for tender purification of the face from decorative cosmetics. Leaves after a feeling of freshness and purity. After use does not require flushing. The cream does not damage the lipid layer and does not violate the protective properties of the skin. The equipment includes active ingredients, such as pine essential oils, coltsfoot, calendula, complex of natural extracts ENDEMIXTM, honeysuckle extracts and violets. These natural components improve the complexion and drink moisture skin, ENDEMIXTM complex is able to increase the regeneration of the epidermis by 26.6%.

Calendula and mother and stepmother tone her. All high quality oils are obtained by a cold way of spinning of wild herbs. Do not contain gmo, and preservative systems are environmentally safe. Cream does not contain refining and sulfate products. Natural product has an expiration date up to 18 months. Produced in a tube of 100 ml. You can purchase this product for 350 p.

ENDEMIXTM face tonic with matting effect

Based on fluid – juniper water, suitable for oily and normal skin. Reduces pores, soothes, leveled the complexion, matures. The equipment includes the flower water of the Cabinet, which removes the swelling and has antiseptic properties, warning the appearance of rashes and irritations. Fish water and fruit acids give elasticity and raise immunity of epidermis. Apply this means 2 times a day: in the morning and evening. It is manufactured in a plastic bottle of 200 ml. Purchase tonic possible for 340 p.

Nail and cuticle oil “Siberian Rose”

Find for nail plate. It takes care of, soften and moisturizing the cuticle, strengthens the nails, prevents the appearance of cracks and burrs. The oil includes useful components: thuja, mint, orange oil and mandarin. For convenient use there is a pipette that economically distributes the tool on the nail. For humidification of hands, you can add a few drops of oil to any cream and get the skin. You can purchase this tool in a glass bottle of 10 ml for 220 p.

Regenerating hair mask ENDEMIXTM

Used to restore dry and damaged hair. Natural phospholipids provide triple hair care: keratin and grenade oil feed hair with useful minerals, plant components are saturated with moisture, thanks to coconut oil, hair is well amenable to laying. Use for the necessary effect better regularly 1-2 times a week. This mask is produced in a plastic container of 150 ml. Product price – about 450 p.

Experalta Platinum

Intelligent serum is designed for age category after 30 years. Its main composition includes hyaluronic acid, oils of plum and zubaki, a complex of peptides, extractor of cherry petals. Thanks to these components occurs Fast smoothing of shallow wrinkles, leveled skin tone. Hyaluronic acid was created at a high-molecular level: Finding deep into the skin, straightens wrinkles from the inside.

Plum oil and zubaki nourish and reduce skin aging, improving lipid limit quality. Extract from Cherry flowers soothes and removes inflammation, protects the skin from the action of UV rays. The life of the cells is extended due to the combination of peptides associated with diamond powder. This agent is produced in a bottle with a dispenser with a volume of 50 ml. The cost of such a product is 1450 rubles.

Body Sugar Body “Cedar & Apple” – SPA Collection

The scrub includes sugar and shallow cedar sheath structure. Thanks to them, the skin becomes silk and smooth. The skin is cleaned due to the small particles of the shell of the nut, the upper layer of the epidermis is removed and the new one is regenerated. Pistachio oil contributes good moisturizing, cedar oil drinks vitamin components. Shea oil and fir oil prevent aging, make the skin of the body elastic and elastic. The product is produced in a tube volume of 100 ml, has the cost of 460 p.

After shaving balsam with ENDEMIXTM complex

Remedy from the men’s series, perfectly removes discomfort after shaving, soothes the skin, makes her tender. Possesses antiseptic properties, heals wounds and small cuts. Easily absorbed into the skin, leaves no greasy, removes the feeling of struts, activates the update processes. ENDEMIXTM complex works on the preservation of youth at the cellular level due to the essential oils of cedar and the forest nut.

Alpha-bisabol with ginger extract has strong antibacterial properties. The absence of harmful additives and preservatives makes this product natural. Produced in a 100 ml bottle at a price of 540 rubles.

“Emey” (medicinal)

This serum used to combat dandruff. Removes the manifestations of an unpleasant illness, leads to normal the work of the external secretion glands, has a strengthening property. Special components present in the composition of serums, such as zinc and copper, neutralize the reproduction of the pathogenic flora, which provokes the formation of dandruff. Manuki oil, white willow and tea tree extracts remove itching and have an antiseptic effect.

Hoods from the Hypericum and Aira tone and remove inflammation. Antiseptic and strengthening effects are eucalyptus oil and sage. Serum is available in a 100 ml bottle with a comfortable sprayer. After use do not need to wash. Purchase such a tool maybe in just 190 p.

Reviews of cosmetologists

In general, experts sharpen attention on the composition of products. Plus is its naturalness, and therefore, a small shelf life. All products are diverse, but has its own individual pleasant smell. It is economical in use, its small amount when applied performs its function. Some bottles have dispensers that also control the flow rate. Environmental raw materials on which all cosmetics are based, harmlessly for children. Many parents will apply not only a children’s series for them, but also a line for adults.

With prolonged use, the result is noticeable. When using facial or body creams are noticeably moisturizing the skin, it becomes more touched, has no irritation. Decorative cosmetics well lies on the skin, long holds, it is easily washed off by cleansing agents. Affordable price will suit each consumer.

Of the minuses, individual intolerance to the natural components can be distinguished. To do this, after buying a product, you must apply an elbow to bend for testing.

In the next video, you are waiting for an honest review about the products of Siberian Health.

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