All about cosmetics Divage

All about cosmetics Divage

More and more fair sex representatives are looking for an alternative to expensive luxury brands. Everyone wants to save, so the last few years the leading position in the market of the cosmetic industry is occupied by the Divage brand. Before making a purchase, it is worth learn more about all about the cosmetics Divage.

About brand

In 1999, United Europe Holding founded an attractive Divage brand, the manufacturer of which is Russia. Since 2002, the decorative cosmetics of the brand successfully began to spread already in the CIS countries. The lion’s share of raw materials is purchased in Italy, France, Germany and other European countries, which in turn confirms high quality products. All cosmetics composition components are preliminary strict control.

Cosmetic products are regularly tested for hypoallergenicity, so Even the girls with sensitive and problem skin can use them. Divage has long been an independent brand and has more than thirty network stores. Corporation from the day of its foundation with an enviable frequency receives awards and various awards in the medium of the cosmetic industry.


Products from the Divage brand is distinguished by high quality, democratic value and modernity of textures. Decorative cosmetics from Divage includes a lot of natural ingredients of plant origin and pleasant perfume fragrances. Brand products have become famous for the originality of the design. The company offers regular fashionable novelties and seasonal limited collections. Divage can be attributed to budget luxury cosmetics. The brand is also unique Combining the availability of goods and the breadth of the range.

Important! Decorative Cosmetics Divage gives the ladies of any age category to create unique images, emphasize the exclusivity of their features and originality.

Variety of products

Budget products have a shocking variety of carcass in arsenal. The manufacturer releases brushes to any length of eyelashes, offers all sorts of effects. Particularly sophisticated parties can easily acquire a silicone brush, an ordinary pile or more thick Villas. The cost of the car is more than budget, and the quality is “on the face”. Eyelashes throughout the day look a neat fan, but most of the copies will appear in the evening, than and deserves the negative of the buyers. Truth, Products do not flow with high humidity. In stock There are also waterproof options.

Without difficulty, you can choose persistent shadows both in solitary design and in the form of a pale. Paired Makeup Variants in the style of “Smoka Ice” won the hearts of women. Brand Paws and matte shadows, and sparkling shimmer. Eye products have the ease of applying, density and homogeneity.

In rare cases, women complain about rocking shadows in a century, which is usually found when too dense application.

Divage is famous for the diversity of lipstick and brilliance in glossy, satin and matte performances. The range includes lipstick-poems, liquid lipsticks, as well as glitters (monophonic, with sparkles and shimmer). It is worth emphasizing that Lip gloss won special love. The coating does not flow for the contour of the lips, moisture resistant, is famous for a dense pigment. In most cases, products do not require additional use of contour pencils.

The brilliances have such a large range of shades that each color is presented in several options. The shine does not stick and have resistance from 3 o’clock. Nevertheless very bright shades “stripes”, and the pigment has a property to be clogged into the folds of the lips than cause indignation from a beautiful floor.

Divage also took care of eyebrows. Mark produces high-quality highlights, pencils, shadows, pencils – Fillers, carcasses, sets for modeling and even eyelashes for eyebrows. Such a variety of funds allows you to make even “makeup without makeup” and maintain the beauty of the face at the level of naturalness in any weather. Divage produces many other accessories absolutely to any lifetime.

Buyers celebrate the aesthetics and elegance of the packaging of cosmetics, as well as the possibility of using the same goods to create both a nude and bright evening makeup.

Visasship reviews

Popular brand is actively used by many famous makeup artists. Most of the reviews of professionals is positive. Experts give a high rating by the manifold of the cosmetic palette, and also note the good resistance and qualitative characteristics of the brand products. A wide range of cosmetics makes it possible to easily create makeup. It is worth noting that the texture of the decorative cosmetics Divage contributes to the uniform application.

Most of the makeup artists recommend using Divage cosmetics to create everyday makeup. Professionals confirm the versatility of the brand, so it can be used for any type of skin and color. And also the possibility of combining products with cosmetics of other brands.

As practice shows, some cosmetic products behave quite well with direct work. Most of all negative reviews deserve a tonal basis and creams. They have the ability to roll and clogged in pores than emphasize imperfections. The makeup artists are outraged by the appearance of flaws on the skin where they are not. Nude lipsticks and glitters can also be “capricious”, creating the effect of non-heavy lips. The reason is the small portion of the pigment. Thus, Most bright shades are good only for perfect lip skin.

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