All about cosmetics Noreva

All about cosmetics Noreva

Noreva cosmetics first appeared in France in 2002. It is therapeutic and preventive products intended to eliminate dermatological problems. Cosmetics allows you to maintain the skin in excellent condition. Specialists of various areas, such as dermatologists, chemists, cosmetologists and pharmacists, and production itself are carried out on modern equipment on the latest technologies at its creation.

Brand history

The point of reference for this brand is considered to be 2002. However, if you consider the purchase of companies based much earlier, we can conclude that the cosmetic company Noreva appeared even earlier.

At the very beginning of its activities, the manufacturer produced biologically active additives. They were intended to get rid of the symptoms of menopause in representatives of the fine floor. After 3 years after the base of the brand, the company acquires several more trademarks that begin work under its patronage. We are talking about such as Nutreov, Physcience and ELCEA. They specialized in the production of bodies, as well as hair paints.

In 2011, Noreva acquired a rather large company MERCK. She had a rather loud name and produced means for solving dermatological problems. The rules featured compositions for the fight against eczema, atopic dermatitis and other diseases, products for problem skin and means to eliminate acne and black dots.

The acquisition of this company allowed Noreva to expand production. They began to produce under their beginning a lot of new dermatological focus products. Funds were intended to care for skin and its treatment. Also began to produce a ruler to prevent possible problems.

Products of this brand is presented today in full on the official website of the company. Besides, The company cooperates with distributors from different parts of the globe, which allows you to distribute cosmetics around the world. The possibility of selling products through intermediaries, respectively, there is no need to deliver from France itself that in most cases economically unfounded.

Cosmetics under the brand Noreva has the right to officially be sold in the pharmacy. It has a huge number of certificates. Dermatologists and cosmetologists often give products of this brand High ratings.


Cosmetics Noreva has a rather narrow specialization. In her rules do not meet, for example,shower gel or shampoo. The means for cleansing, anti-aging series, sunscreen, for skin of different types and t. D.

As for age, the manufacturer took care of the representatives of the beautiful sex of different generations. Products will be able to pick up for themselves as a girl of adolescence and more mature ladies. Assortment is extremely wide. The ladies are offered cleaning gels and milk, sets for skin care, balms, emulsions, serum and much more.

It must be said that Among the cosmetic means of this brand there are products, effective when dealing with any of the skin problems. You can pick up both standard cleansing compositions and cosmetics that provides treatment for many skin diseases and full care.

It is impossible not to note the rather high cost of this product. However, it has a high efficiency, which is more than compensates for this nuance.


This cosmetics is popular not only in France, but in the whole world. She has quite a lot of lines, in addition, new ones appear every 2-3 years. Consider the main and most popular of them.

Series Chrono Regul HD is anti-aging. It minimizes skin salin. The composition includes molecules enriched with oxygen.

Matidiane line Created specifically for fatty skin. It is suitable for women in adulthood. Helps to eliminate pimples and inflammation, narrows pores, removes toxins. The skin becomes more healthy and shining. Does not contain parabens and does not provoke allergic reactions.

EXFOLIAC line Designed for beautiful sex representatives at a young age. It copes with the problems of oily skin, perfectly moisturizes. Has an anti-inflammatory effect, cleans and soothes. Differs in the content of fruit acids and ceramides.

The bright representative of the series is Cream Noreva EXFOLIAC. It is intended for deep purification and recovery.

Has protective functions, copes with irritation, makes skin smooth and smooth.

IKLEN Line Designed for skin with severe pigmentation. The bright representative is the means of “Rutinol”, the main feature of which is the suppression of the synthesis of melanin. Consumers celebrate his hypoallergenicity. Cream “Melano Expert” has a high concentration of active substances and is used by people with chronic pigmentation.

PSORIANE series Designed to care for dry and sensitive skin. For women in adulthood, an extensive choice of funds will fit Noveane 3D. They soothe and nourish the skin, and can also be used daily. Effectively struggles with wrinkles, removes edema, restores elasticity. In addition, activates the production of skin collagen and elastane. Does not contain Parabenov.

During dermatitis and a variety of skin diseases, it is worth paying attention to Xerodiane Plus. Used to restore and moisturizing, suitable when dry and peeling. Eliminates itching and other unpleasant sensations, helps when upgrading.

Series Sesidiane Suitable for all skin types. Can be used to remove makeup, gentle cleansing epidermis. Does not contain harmful substances, dyes and flavors. Without parabens and alcohol.

Aqvareva line Suitable for deep moisturizing. It includes night nutritious creams, masks of various intensity, balsams and milk. The skin is restored. In addition, funds have a protective effect.

Individual products

As for individual products, you can note a few who are particularly popular with consumers. It is impossible not to say about universal cleansing agents. Among them are special demand Mixel Lotion. It can be used for sensitive, problematic, oily, fine and any other skin. It does not contain alcohols and solvents. There are no parabens and flavors.

Deserves attention Face Mask Noreva Exfoliac Deep Cleansing Mask. It has an exfoliating effect and contains kaolin. Mask carefully cleans the skin, helps her improvement. Easy consistency makes it easy to get absorbed and not fall on the face. The skin becomes more smoker, black dots are removed, the fat shine disappears.

Specially for problem skin Noreva offers Tone matting cream. It is suitable for both combined and fatty type. The tonalnik cleans the fat shine, perfectly hides the small flaws, aligns the color.

Specially for cleansing is offered Gel Noreva Laboratories Exfoliac Foaming Gel. It gently removes pollution, reveals and cleans the scored pores, perfectly matches the skin and moisturizes it. This means can be replaced with milk to remove makeup. Has a specific smell, perfectly foams and has a very thick consistency.

Opinions and reviews

Products of this brand is characterized by acid content. Some fine sex representatives refer to this circumstance with caution. In some way, this is explained, since sometimes the use of acids can lead to severe troubles, up to chemical skin burn.

Reviews of consumers and cosmetologists are predominantly positive, although there are also those to whom the cosmetic products Noreva did not like. They mark a specific smell, not too pleasant consistency that can roll and glitter on the skin. Some complain about the occurrence of allergic reactions.

However, it should be borne in mind that such moments are purely individual.

Specialists recommend to start spending a test. For this You can purchase special probes that will help to understand whether this cosmetics comes with a fairly pronounced effect on the skin, a specific consumer. If the application result matches expectations, you can think about the acquisition of a whole set intended for full treatment and complex care.

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