All about cosmetics of the legendary brand Mac

All about cosmetics of the legendary brand Mac

There are cosmetics that do not need in the presentation. Some of them are rightfully considered products from the brand Mac. This cosmetics helped millions of women in the world to find their individual style, and for this reason, the funds of this brand deserve special attention.

Brand history

Professional cosmetics masses are widely known in the medium of makeup artists and stylists. Manufacturer Country – USA, Mac Cosmetics Headquarters is located in New York. Mac is an abbreviation from Make-Up Art Cosmetics. Brand was founded in Canada. His ideological inspirers became a famous makeup artist and photographer Frank Tuscan and his friend, owned by beauty salon, Frank Angelo. It happened in the distant 1984.

For that time, the idea of ​​creating a line of professional cosmetics was revolutionary. Two friends were seriously obsessed with the thought of the new Makeup line, which would have differed by his concept from everything that was before her. The reason for the intense of two francs was the banal absence in cosmetics of colors, which would be perfectly transmitted on the photographs of models.

So the idea appeared to come up Special line of cosmetics that would make images of women as expressive as possible in the photo. Friends Initiative Found support from their common acquaintance – Vika Casale.

Long disputes, brainstorming and different ideas were embodied in the first experiment. Friends took and in the literal sense of the word boiled the first batch of Mac cosmetics on the most common kitchen. On it, they were cooked and the second, and the third party of lipstick and bliss. Sold homemade cosmetics through the Angelo salon.

The first customers were professional photographers and makeup artists, with which the initiative entrepreneurs were in friendship. And every new color that friends managed to get in handicrafts, brought them a drip of glory. Soon, not only friends of two francs learned about the professional unique cosmetics, but also leading beauty observers, models and the best stylists.

Soon turned up and successful opportunity to bring business from the kitchen to the factory production. In the spring of 1984, Mas Line started. Cosmetics was allocated a whole regiment in a department store in Toronto. After a while she appeared in all the salons and stores of the world. A real hit has become the Red Mattail Lipstick RUSSIAN RED. It was she who was chosen by Madonna for the legendary photo shoot in New York.

But talented francs were not entrepreneurs in the full sense of the word. Their elements were podiums, studios, cameras, to the harsh weekdays of merchants they were not ready. In 1995, Estee Lauder Companies decided to acquire a large package of a company of two friends. It helped to significantly expand the production and bring the brand to the global level. Three years later, Estee Lauder buys the remaining stocks, and John Desey becomes President of Mas.

It is he who establishes a brand’s cooperation with such famous personalities as Linda Evangelist, Lisa Minhelli, Pamela Anderson. After that, the glory of the brand was no longer stopped. Today the company is the largest manufacturer of decorative cosmetics, production is located in New York. The cosmetics line is complemented by tools for making makeup and related goods.

Best products

Among the cosmetics of this brand, it is difficult to highlight the best products because they all have full right to be called the best. All the products of the decorative cosmetics are characterized by amazing color saturation and shades, the basics for makeup are different and delicacy, there are sets of masking cosmetics, which hides the shortcomings and defects perfectly.

Mas is an incredible collection of lip lipsticks, ordinary and waterproof mascaras for eyelashes. A special reason for the pride of the company – Professional brushes for making makeup, which are sold separately and sets.

There are not so many minuses, but, more precisely, only two: high cost and the presence of some ingredients that can cause allergies, irritation (in the presence of personal susceptibility).

Collection of care cosmetics from this brand is small. Most often such funds are produced by a limited series. Specialists are confident that the quality of Cosmetics Mac is not as high as the quality of decorative. No matter how cool, but the main mission of the company is the decor, and not the treatment of the skin. If the skin needs to eliminate any problems, not their disguise, then it is better to choose the cosmetics of dermatocosmetological brands specializing in therapeutic cosmetics.

Mas is luxury, shine, radiance, effect, but not therapy.

The most famous brand products can be listed for a long time, but to start standing with Legendary Mascus for Eyelash – In Extreme Dimension Lash. Connoisseurs of saturated and rich shades worth paying attention to On the collection of nail polishes: Mean & Green, Rain of Flowers, Girl Trouble and, of course, rich red rougemarie. Despite the excellent quality that guarantees a smooth coating of nail plates, varnishes of this brand are not too popular among nyl-masters. Perhaps the reason still lies in their high cost.

The choice of lipped lipstick is truly amazing. There are matte and glossy lipsticks, with shine and without. Even those who do not like bright shades and prefers a politically correct Nude, there is something to see. For modest connoisseurs of nude shades there is a whole collection. The lips for lips are deserved and distinguished by different textures.

Help in creating a baza for makeup will help PREP + PRIME series. It includes tonal creams and highlights, bases for shadows, which perfectly complement the purchase of label shadows of the same brand. Specially famous Shadows Electric Cool Eye Shadow, Studio Sculpt Shade and Line, Resistant in Extra Dimension Eye Shadow.

Rushes are one of the best Powder blush, as well as mineral blush and powder. Mas can please high-quality makeup brushes for any case.

How to use?

Women who would like to start using professional cosmetics are often faced with statements that independently do not achieve due effect, because this is a matter of professionals. And at the initial stage, many really have certain problems, especially if the Woman did not know how to buy some cosmetic products before buying.

Another statement states that professional cosmetics are not suitable for daily use that with frequent use it can harm the skin condition. These statements are not related to reality. Mas can be used at least every day, the composition of cosmetics is certified and recognized by safe. In addition, such makeup is very resistant to adverse external influences and looks spectacular.

The professional composition of Mas cosmetics, which was first conceived exclusively for filming and podium, long ago revised by manufacturers and adapted for everyday use.

Before starting to use the cosmetics of this brand, It is worth familiar with video tutorials, which exist for each of the cosmetics of this company. Application of professional makeup requires an understanding of certain rules, and better than specialists, no one will tell about it.

How to distinguish from fake?

Mas belongs to elite brands, whose goods are high. That is why this cosmetics becomes a tailed piece for fraudsters, forgetting original products. Women themselves also contribute to their activities, because the desire to acquire Mas at a price below the marketable, natural and simple.

Scammers, unlike the firm, do not guarantee you the safety of use and the composition of the composition. Therefore, under a well-known brand, you can get something completely improper quality. One of the main issues is how to distinguish the fake from the real cosmetics. There are several ways to do it.

Company logo and letters in it have a certain font. His brand uses to create packages of all types of its products. Letters have a glossy shine and their own style. On the fake, the same logo may well be condesteed, but with attentive consideration, the letter will be either slightly stretched or blurred by contours. The company always uses for writing only capital letters. If you offer products with inscriptions of mas or wt, you can not doubt – in front of you rough and cheap fake.

Look at the location of the logo. On the box of original products, it is usually located in the center. There may be an inscription displacement in any direction, there are even options for locating the logo in the corner of the box.


Real cosmetics Mas sold in cases that contain large shimmering particles on the surface. Fakes are also trying to put in similar cases, But reproducing flickering usually fails. Boxes are more dull or have another shade of shine.

The case may differ from the original shape, sizes. Do not forget to look at the official website, what the original cases look like.

Label at Dn

At the bottom of the packing of the original decorative cosmetics of this brand there is a gray label with black letters or white with a gray inscription. Fraudsters have already noted this feature, and in most fakes there is also a label at the bottom. But she is usually, Made with other fonts.


Feel free to sniff cosmetics. For original cosmetics, their flavors are peculiar to repeat which fraudsters are not under. For example, all Mas lipstick have a gentle fragrance vanilla. In fakes apply a variety of odors, but not vanilla. Fake lipstick can smell perfumes, jasmine, anything, like powders, blush. Beware – Before you fake.


Since Mas gives each product of the brand long and sometimes difficult names, you should carefully check them. First find the name on the company’s website, and then check with the offered products. The difference in only one letter or extra hyphen will indicate that you are trying to sell a fake.

Color and texture

The manufacturer is famous for light textures: if it is easy to hold a pillow on the surface of the powder, its particles will certainly stay on the finger. But it will remain very slightly. If you are offered something is too solid or, on the contrary, excessively soft, then this suggests that cosmetics not given by this brand.

If there is an opportunity, stick a small amount of cosmetics into the skin. It will help to estimate the color and that is exactly the means. The original mass always falls smoothly, without lumps, rods and divorces.

The supplier

The list of suppliers can be found on the official website of the brand. If you place an order in the online store, rate the product image. Although it is not a fact that you get exactly what is shown there.

If the supplier calls doubts, it is better not to risk.


Mas can not stand enough. This cosmetics are not for sale at a discount of 95%. If you caught your offer at a low price, check with the official site of the manufacturer. On it you can find the cost of the same product. If it is incommensurable above, you are offered fake.

It is also worth noting that the company has chosen an interesting customer communication tactics for itself. If you still got a fake, report this company. This is even provided for a special button on the site. You will be offered to report where and who you have bought fake products.

Tips for choosing

If it is possible, it is better to make a purchase on the official website or from the official supplier, information about which is the manufacturer’s company. It will protect against fakes that can cause serious harm to your health. When choosing cosmetics, MAC experts recommend the following.

  • Counseling with a dermatologist and cosmetologist. Professional cosmetics has a special texture and not suitable. Therefore, it is especially important to obtain a consultation if the skin is problematic prone to allergies. It is required to establish the skin type and only after that get to the choice of cosmetics, which is optimally suitable for your specific type.
  • Consider age features. The older woman, the more her skin needs additional moisture. Decorative cosmetics should choose with a softening effect, and under it it is necessary to apply a soft basis. In the line of Mas there is such.
  • Do not apply the tonal bases of mas daily. This recommendation is suitable for women with healthy skin. If there are problems of a dermatological nature, it is worth replacing the cream powder. This brand has a light texture, does not score pores and gives skin freely breathe.
  • Do not mix mas with other brands. Makeup in which you use cosmetics of different manufacturers increases negative impact on health. Cosmetics of different brands may contain the same preservative, in connection with which you will get a double portion of chemicals.
  • Do not buy the entire line at the same time. If you are first going to deal with the decorative cosmetics of mas, then you should not buy all the means in the line. Start your acquaintance with her correctly – with 1-2 funds. If you do not appear allergies and the result you will like it, gradually expand your personal collection.

General recommendations also include the requirement to check the shelf life. If he has already expired, the cosmetic can be dangerous to health.

When choosing a tone basis, rate the consistency, it should be uniform and homogeneous. Powder and a tonal base from MACs must match the skin tone and color. When choosing a Rumen, remember that if you put them on the tonal base, they can give not the color that you expected.

Lipstick from Mas should have a gentle aroma, its rod can not be broken. When choosing a carcass Rate the smell. It should have a small smell of wax, and not machine oil. Mascara from MAC, if it is not overdue and stored properly, has an average consistency: not too thick, but not liquid.

Review reviews

According to customer reviews, Mas, being expensive cosmetics, spent quite economical, and therefore the purchase in general and the whole is justified. Makeup with her use keeps well, lipstick on the lips is not folded, the eyeliner does not spread, the mascara and shadows do not appear. Many are confident that cosmetics are not suitable for daily use and requires the indispensable participation of makeup artists.

There are negative reviews, in particular, that cosmetics dries skin, causes peeling. But specialists are confident – This is possible only if it is chosen wrong, not taken into account the features of their own skin.

Overview of cosmetic products from the legendary brand of Mas See next video.

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