All about Kora cosmetics

All about Kora cosmetics

Modern girls are skeptical about cosmetics, because the composition of most products can not be called “ideal”. Increasingly the same “instant effect” is achieved due to the ingredients of artificial origin. The Russian cosmetic brand Kora is a natural composition and modern production methods. More about domestic products Kora and its advantages – let’s talk in the article.

About firm

Today, the Asian Cosmetics is gaining popularity in the world market: Korean, Japanese, Chinese. The thing is that the composition of this product is completely natural and safe. Besides, Such beauty products externally transform the skin and treat it from the inside. It is this approach that the domestic brand Kora adheres to, considering its task to make the skin of the face healthy and beautiful.

Professional care cosmetics Kora affects deep skin layers, awakening natural processes. It also increases the protective properties of the dermis. With complex care from Kora, the skin of the face acquires a fresh, healthy, shining view.

Each product from the medical series Kora is characterized by active ingredients as part of a specific problem. Nevertheless, a single production process is characterized for all leaving of the Russian brand.

The creation of a professional line is based on modern technologies, innovative techniques, and experienced dermatologists and cosmetologists take part. Moreover, The production of cargoing funds Kora is accompanied by many years of experience in this area, which is used by the manufacturer’s experts.

Kora cosmetics has a rich composition – here are all necessary for health and youth of the skin vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes. Regular use of leaving funds provides not only aesthetic, but also the healing effect.

The main secret of Kora cosmetics – the visible result without addiction and the absence of the so-called cancellation syndrome.

The Russian company Kora has a wide range of products suitable for each skin type, as well as separate funds aimed at eliminating dermatological problems. So, dry dermis requires nutrition, fatty and problematic – matting, and fading – toning, collagen production.

Specialists of the Russian brand have developed their own method of producing cosmetics, different from other competitors. In this regard, we highlight the distinguishing features of the departure of Kora.

  • Proper selection, combination of funds. For the effectiveness of therapeutic cosmetics, correctly selected ingredients are responsible. Fatty acids play a special role – they provide protection for skin cells from external stimuli and influences. In addition to all the fat basis, the penetration of beneficial substances in the deep layers of epidermis. In all Kora cosmetics there are linen, sea buckthorn, soybean oil.
  • The concentration of plant components is 15-20%. For cosmetics, this is a rather high indicator. Plant extracts have a powerful antioxidant effect. In addition, they affect the adjustment of the activities of the dermis enzymes.

Advantages and disadvantages

Russian company Kora has won wide popularity among women – This is told positive reviews on the Internet.

  • Natural composition. Kora laboratory addresses folk recipes, combining them with the latest technologies – this is the recipe for the creation of medical and preventive products for each woman.
  • Variety of products. The main direction of leaving – nutrition, restoration, humidification of the skin of the face and hair structure. Recently, the company is engaged in the release of decorative cosmetics, with which many clients have already met.
  • Democratic price. The cost of professional care products varies from 100 to 600 rubles.

The main disadvantage of cosmetics based on natural ingredients is the accumulative effect, that is, the instantaneous result wait meaningless. Of the minuses also celebrate the modest design of packaging. Comparing with luxury products, Kora, of course, significantly loses. However, all wealth lies inside – as part of cosmetics.



Cream-multi-Six “Day, renewing, for face and neck”

Unique components of the day cream begin to act in deep layers of the skin, stopping the processes of aging. This tool helps strengthen the muscles of the neck and directly face, strengthen (resume) the production of hyaluronic acid, collagen, elastin. In addition, this Cream creates a dermis protection against negative environmental impact.

With regular leather leather tight and elastic, face is tightened, the color of fresh, wrinkles are less pronounced.

Mask-revitalizant “Five factors of the skin of the skin”

Active care agent. As part of the mask, there are glucan biopolymers responsible for strengthening the natural immunity of cells. Forming a thin elastic film, they adjust the oval of faces, making it clear and tightened.

Herbal extracts improve the external state of the dermis, eliminating it from fatigue, wilts, dull color. Under the influence of natural components, age changes are gradually suspended.

Vitamins, Elastin, Bioque, Collagen participate in the fight against wrinkles. The production of natural hyaluronic acid is launched amino acids and beatnes. Natural oils make the skin soft, protected from UV rays.

The mask use course is 10-15 procedures.

Cream lifting “Modeling face care and chin area”

The product is intended for the correction of oval, protection against further sagging.

Special formula is designed specifically as prevention of aging. Cream for lifting pulls fuzzy contours, prevents the immediate appearance of the second chin.

Components such as vegetable protein, amino acid, dipeptide are fighting. They affect the production of natural collagen, as a result of which the dermis becomes elastic, and wrinkles are less noticeable.

Also, there are oils supplemented by moisturizing substances, they saturate the cells of the dermis moisture, thereby soothing and softening it.

For problem skin

Day matting cream “For fatty and combined skin”

This agent has a powerful antioxidant effect, ensures moisturizing, eliminates unwanted greens.

Matting cream contains unique ingredients that can solve the main problem – to reduce skin production. The special formula affects the lower layers of the dermis, restoring the water balance, and does not allow the appearance of oily shine in the T-zone.

Leaky products for oily, as well as combination skin contain phytoextracts. It is they who form a seburizing complex, aimed at the following three actions: regulation of the work of the sebaceous glands, the reduction of pores, the removal of inflammation.

Natural components are beneficial on problematic skin: Verbena peptides, violet, almond oil, shea, corn, sage.

Cream-serum “Against Pigment Spots of Local Action”

Innovative serum formula is aimed at clarifying pigmented skin sections. Besides, penetrating deep inside, the means “finds” the mechanisms for the formation of pigment spots and blocks them.

The cream-serum includes a unique noiosomal cocktail (apple extracts, references of lemons, citrus Hassaku). It is he who has the strongest clarifying effect.

In addition to the main function, The active ingredients of serum protect the dermis cells from new stimuli, and also nourish and restore lipid barrier.

Polishing turbulent scrub

This product combines the properties of mechanical and surface chemical peels. Scrub has a careful leather exfoliation and stimulates its update.

Ideal for those who suffer from comedones – peeling struggles with imperfections, not traumating face.

All cleaning “work” perform particles of silicon dioxide and jojoba granules. They can remove dirt, oroging cells, black dots and narrowed pores.


Cream “Strengthened SPF40 Protection”

Protects delicate skin from various UV rays (spectra A and B), because they provoke the so-called phytterial. Carefully selected components in the composition protect the dermis from the occurrence of pigment spots, early wrinkles.

This composition is recommended to be applied to unprotected clothing areas before going out into the street. The cream is easily distributed over the skin, softening it, leaves a pleasant fragrance.

Sunscreen will save from burns, cutting, peeling. Vegetable extracts will slow down the aging.

For hair

Shampoo “Sensivile” without sulfates

Tool for delicate hair purification and head.

The composition has a natural surfactant that does not cause irritation and other trouble after washing. With already existing damage, shampoo has a soothing effect – it takes itching and peeling. Specialists have developed a gentle formula, which includes three types of keratin, aloe extracts, linden.

Delicate shampoo makes hair soft, shiny, prevents the color of colored strands painted.

Suitable for all types of hair, even for sensitive scalp.

Mask “Keratin hair restoration”

If your hair is lacking care, it is worth paying attention to the intensive action mask. Especially useful will be the owners of damaged, clarified, weakened curls.

It has a creamy consistency, the tool is conveniently distributed over the entire length, there is a light herbal aroma.

The regenerating mask based on three types of keratin acts on the hair from the inside and outside, protecting it from mechanical damage.

Grass extracts in the composition of the product feed strands, make them smooth, strong, elastic.

Active serum “against loss”

Immoved tool for treating damaged, weakened curls.

Serum is enriched with a whole complex of substances fighting with a number of problems: split tips, loss and fragility.

Keratin complex restores injured curls on three levels: restores patients with sections, it feeds weak hairs, protects against loss, further destruction.

Apple stem cells accelerate cell metabolic processes, thereby actively stimulating the growth of new hair. It is worth saying that Serum perfectly protects strands from exposure to UV rays.

With regular use of the medical device, the curls become stronger and more elastic, sequencing tips are seal, prevents, fragility, aging of the hair prevents.

How to choose?

To select a specific product from a ruler or complex departure from Kora First of all, it is necessary to take into account age, skin type and problems that strive to solve with cosmetics.

Clarify any nuances associated with the selection of cosmetics, you can have qualified specialists from the company. Such consultations are held in all manufacturer’s branded salons.


Most reviews about Kora are a positive character. According to buyers, acquired cosmetics safe and effective. The most popular product from the anti-aging line was the cream with collagen and hyaluronic acid. Women argue that wrinkles have become much smaller, and hope that after buying a whole set for mature skin from Kora “Crane for 10 years”.

Some buyers advise to acquire cosmetics in online stores, where the cost of the same high-quality creams and masks are much lower.

Many women adhere to neutral opinions. They are not in a hurry to send a bottle of shampoo into a garbage bucket, considering it “the same as other non-professional series shampoos”.

Reviews of cosmetologists and doctors only positive. They definitely recommend Kora’s cosmetic products to solve many dermatological problems, as confident in the composition and result.

    Some women do not advise buy cream, designed for the skin around the eyes and containing butter. After several applications, the circles of dark color did not decrease, but “goose paws” remained in place. Also, not all are happy with the action of a ramulfate shampoo from hair loss – someone considers it “empty”.

    Today in some salons used cosmetics of the domestic manufacturer. Professionals claim that the mud cream mask, equalizing and lightening the skin of the face with its duties.

    Kora cosmetics review See More.

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