All about Lamel Professional Cosmetics

All about Lamel Professional Cosmetics

Every girl wants to look beautiful, so it is used by decorative cosmetics, with the help of which it can emphasize their advantages and hide disadvantages. In this article, consider the cosmetics Lamel Professional, its pros and cons, assortment, as well as the nuances of choice.

About brand

Lamel Professional – British Decorative Cosmetics Manufacturer. It was founded in London in 2012. As you know, many companies from England offer high-quality products. Companies from this country adhere to the concept of “Products of excellent quality at an affordable price”. As the manufacturer notes itself, Over the years of the company’s development, the design, packaging, products, but only the quality remained unchanged.

The brand emphasizes the excellent quality of its products, but, unfortunately, sometimes the reviews talk about the opposite.

Production of Lamel Professional products is carried out in China and Poland. Brand Product Developers are followed by fashionable development trends in the world of cosmetics, offering a wide range and complementing the line all new products. You can fully fill your cosmetics with everything you need to create makeup. Of course, the indisputable advantage of decorative cosmetics Lamel Professional acts affordable price.

Product range

British brand Lamel Professional offers a very wide selection of decorative cosmetics. It is worth considering what decorative means to create stylish makeup can be purchased from this company.

  • Face. This category includes products for correction, sets for makeup and contouring, powders, blush, tonal creams, highlater, basics under makeup, as well as other (makeup fixation spray).

  • Brows. The company suggests to impart an amazing type of pencils, gels and sets that include wax and shadows.

  • Eyes. Product range is quite large. This category includes glitters, eyeliners, carcasses, pencils, shadows and others (pigments for makeup and primer for the eyes).

  • Lips. Here are 4 directions – pencils, lipsticks, shine and more (scrub, primer, lip makeup removal fluid).

  • Other. In this section there is a spray for making makeup and lip makeup removal fluid.

Best tools

Lamel Professional offers a huge range of decorative cosmetics. Consider in more detail the best means that should accurately have in your cosmetic.

  • Primer Green 03. This adaptive primer (based on makeup) allows to align skin relief. Green shade will help hide redness on the skin and other defects. The tool is placed on a water basis, so it moisturizes and nourishes the skin.

  • Antibacterial powder Clearface. The powder includes salicylic acid, which is very important, because with its help you can calm and remove redness on the skin of the face. Mineral babe and talc protect the skin against negative environmental impact.

  • Pouder Bronzer HD Powder Bronzer. This tool allows you to decorate makeup, add brightness and shine. With its help, the face acquires a light tan, cheekbones become more clear, and make-up – shining. It is also used to adjust the uneven sunburn and equalizing the tone of the face, so on vacation it will become indispensable.

Powdered texture is quite easy to apply on the skin of the face and growing.

  • Tone Matte Control Cream. This tool allows you to align the skin tone, give the face of freshness, as well as protect the skin from external factors. The tool does not clog the pores, evenly spreads down the skin. The equipment includes vitamin E. Tonal cream is pretty resistant – up to 12 hours. Matting properties make it possible to prevent the appearance of an unpleasant shine on the face.

  • Set of shadows for eyes and eyebrows Face Makeup. It is represented in nude tones, which allows you to create images for every day, with the daytime makeup with eases can be turned into an evening. The set presents the base under shadow, which gives the resistance to make-up, provides more easy-to-wear shadows.

This set is an optimal trip solution, because combines several funds.

  • Lipstik Kit Lipset Set. Have a few lipstick in a handbag not entirely comfortable, and the places they will take a lot, so the pallet of several lipstick is the best choice if you like to change your image quickly and easily throughout the day. The lipstick of the brand is half-making, they have a positive effect on the state of the lips. If you use lipstick into one layer, it is superbly suitable under day makeup, but several layers of lipstick will provide more saturated tone.

  • PERFECT MAKE UP CONSILER. This tool helps to hide redness and inflammation on the skin. It is presented in a convenient pencil format. The composition of the consistent includes powdered particles that provide a masking effect. Tender texture of the means allows you to apply it even for sensitive skin.

  • Highlighter Make Up Highlighter. With it, the face looks brighter, lighter, because it gives the skin a light radiance, having blossoming some sections of the face. It is quite easy to use – it is enough to apply it to certain areas of the face and growing with your fingers. Highlight is applied on cheekbones, triangle over the upper lip, middle of nose and forehead.

  • Carbon eyelashes. It is impossible to create makeup without carcass. This is the number one tool in the cosmetics of each girl. Mascara cries the cilia, gives them a deeper and rich color. Tassel is very convenient in use. But the mascara itself is dry, so it does not have enough for long use.

  • Berry Lips Lip Gloss. Gentle aroma and soft texture will definitely like each representative of the beautiful floor. Glitter will not stick, you practically do not feel. Translucent shades look pretty beautiful, will become a great addition to the tender image.

How to use?

To make cosmetics to provide the effect of the manufacturer, it is necessary to be able to use it correctly. If you correctly perform makeup, you can hide face shortcomings and emphasize the merits. Specialists recommend adhere to the following rules using products from the British company Lamel Professional:

  • For sensitive skin, exclusively hypoallergenic products are suitable, it should be a mark “hypoallergenically”+
  • It should be applied only for suitable funds, it is necessary to constantly control when the shelf life ends+
  • you need to have your cosmetics, no need to share it+
  • Skin color should be taken into account when choosing a corrector or powder+
  • Do not apply mascara for more than 3 months, because it accumulates a large number of microbes+
  • for celebrations, parties, walks bright makeup, but the main thing is not to overdo it in order not to look vulgar+
  • Cosmetics before bedtime should be flushed off, otherwise wrinkles will begin to appear+
  • When choosing a Rumen, you should take them to 2 tones darker than your natural complexion, they should be applied to cheekbones and growing horizontal lines+
  • To make the means for makeup better, it is worth using a variety of tassels and brush.

Review reviews

      Decorative cosmetics from the British brand Lamel Professional belongs to the class of economy, because it has an affordable price, but no excellent quality should be expected. The brand products are quite diverse, but it is worth pretty carefully to pick up colors, because the declared shade on the package from the manufacturer and the real shade can be significantly different. You can purchase everything you need to create both day and evening images.

      Some funds are represented by whole sets, which is also characterized by ease of use.

      There are negative reviews. If you are not accustomed to premium class products, then Lamel Professional products will not disappoint you, but after expensive cosmetics you will not be able to enjoy the application of the tonal base or Rumba. The quality of goods is lower, and the effect is not so noticeable. Some customers did not like the mascara, because the brush is characterized by rigidity.

      Lamel Professional cosmetics review Look in the video.

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