All about lip patches

All about lip patches

Lips – “picky” area of ​​a person who needs special care. If you do not pay good attention, it will begin to “give out” age. Careful care is necessary, as thin skin on the lips negatively reacts to the cold, heat, wind, stress, lack of vitamins. To maintain the health, youth and beauty of this part of the female image, many funds have been created. In the article we will talk about patches – a new form of beauty cosmetics.

What it is?

Patches for lip – masks in the form of wet jelly pamperies. The basis of most of their species is a hydrogel – a transparent remedy, by structure and consistency resembling silicone. Patches are performed in the form of lips of large sizes, due to which such “pads” are able to cover not only lips, but also the skin around them. They have a sticky layer. Thanks to the dense fit, all components incoming in the mask penetrate the breakdown of the problem area and beneficially affect its condition.

Patches can have a different composition. Basically, they contain different moisturizing components:

  • Hyaluronic acid+
  • collagen+
  • glycerol.

In the mask, manufacturers often include Natural extracts of berries and plants (most often used strawberry, blueberry, blueberries, peony root). Depending on the variety of patches may also contain amino acids, vitamins, natural oils and other useful components.

Patches for lips have a sweet pleasant fragrance. Such masks are easy to use, but during the use of the fund it is impossible to eat, drinking or talking – lips should be in a stationary condition.

Operating principle

Patches contain nutrients in their composition, thanks to which they saturate the lips with various components. As a result:

  • Lips and leather around acquire a healthier color, “juiciness” and softness+
  • the healing of small cracks occurs, the problem areas become well-groomed+
  • The natural protection of the skin is activated, so it becomes less susceptible to various negative factors (for example, the effects of UV rays, winds, low temperatures)+
  • The water balance is normalized, the lips become moistened, the feeling of “struts” disappears.

Patches help to deal with some cosmetology problems – they eliminate peeling and skin irritation. As well as such masks Stimulate the natural production of elastin and collagen organism, thanks to which minor wrinkles are gradually smoothed.

Patches have another positive impact – they visually increase lips. This is due to improved blood circulation when using.


Patches for lips are presented in a wide range. They are classified depending on the purpose and happen:

  • moisturizing – for rapid saturation of the skin moisture, elimination of wrinkles+
  • smoothing – with lifting effect+
  • feeding – saturated skin and lips with useful components to maintain their health and beauty+
  • To increase lip.

Patches can also be divided depending on the type of fundamental used.

  1. Collagen. Such masks contain water-soluble collagen. Action of these pads – smoothing of small wrinkles.
  2. Silicone. These patches after use form a thin layer – film. It reliably protects the skin of the lips from various adverse external influences. On such a “shell” makeup lies more even.
  3. Hydrogel. As a rule, these tools contain a large amount of hyaluronic acid.

Species of patches a lot, however, not all commercial funds are effective. Below will look at the masks that really work and give a visible result.

Rating the best

Patches for lips from Korea are extremely popular among women of all ages, At the same time, high quality products are distinguished by several firms.

  • Kocostar. The company offering the consumer hydrogel patches for lip with the effect of moisturizing and nutrition. These funds are perfectly coped with the tasks of care and restoring problem areas.

  • Pilaten. The manufacturer offers an effective cosmetics Pilaten Collagen Crystal Lip Mask – Korean lip collagen mask. Efficient means containing marine collagen, aloe juice, glycerin and hyaluronic acid. According to the manufacturer’s application, the cosmetics does not contain chemical components, it is completely natural.

  • Do Beauty. The manufacturer from Korea offers lip masks with collagen. The composition of cosmetics also contain various amino acids, vitamin E, natural oils.

Lip cosmetics from the above companies are able to provide “emergency” assistance in solving many cosmetology problems.

Tips for choosing

Before buying hydrogel or collagen lip patches, you must familiarize yourself with a number of recommendations. They will help make the right choice.

  1. Number of masks. Funds are sold both individually and a few pieces in the package. There are packages in which there are 60 or more patches. Such options are more suitable for use in the salons.
  2. Reputation of the manufacturer. It is best to give preference to the products of the famous brand, which has already managed to establish itself in the market.
  3. Purpose. Patches are selected depending on the problem they should solve. For example, it is necessary to use nutrient masks for care, to regenerate damaged skin and lip – restoring, for smoothing wrinkles – collagen.

Don’t forget about age. For example, women with mature and fading skin are recommended to purchase pillows with collagen and hyaluronic acid. Patches with golden nanoparticles, extracts of berries and plants will be suitable for young women.

How to use?

Patches are recommended for applying at home. A pair of silicone pads is designed for one use. Cosmetologists recommend resorting to the use of masks by courses. With the peeling of the lips, the feeling of depths should be moisturized 2 times a week for 3 months. If gel pads are needed for nutritional skin, patches are used no more than 2-3 times a month.

To achieve a better result, you need to use patches correctly. There are several important recommendations for use.

  1. Before fixing the pillow You need to apply a scrub on lips and skin, slightly massage. Such actions will help clean the pores for better penetration of the nutrient components of the mask in subcutaneous layers.
  2. Patches are flipped on clean and dry skin. It is necessary to keep the remedy for about 15-25 minutes (the exact time is indicated in the instructions for use).
  3. After time, the gel pad It should be carefully rejected, And the remaining means to launch into the skin with smooth lungs of cotton fingers.

note! Many believe that the longer the patch affects the skin, the better the cosmetology effect. However, this opinion is wrong. Gel masks are able to give nutrients and moisture not more than 30-40 minutes, after which the “reverse effect” occurs.

If you keep patches longer than the time specified in the instructions, the skin will become dry, and lips are more dull and peeling.

Review reviews

Mostly lip patches have positive feedback. This cosmetology products have already managed to “experience” thousands of women. Judging by the reviews of customers, such masks are perfectly nourished and moisturized the skin. They quickly heal cracks, eliminate peeling, contribute to smoothing small wrinkles. All cosmetics has a pleasant fragrance, it quickly absorbs and does not stick. During use, consumers did not notice the unpleasant sensations in the form of burning or tingling.

There are some drawbacks that have noticed buyers, for example:

  • The weak fit of the patch to the lips and the skin, because of which the pad is constantly “striving” to break down+
  • Lack of information about the composition in Russian+
  • Low percentage of collagen and hyaluronic acid+
  • Horregious.

However, all consumers are similar in their opinion that patches are an excellent leaving agent. Provided that it is properly selected cosmetics and compliance with the subtleties of its use, the effect declared by the manufacturer will be visible immediately.

Lip Patch Overview See next video.

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