All about Natural Deodorants Levrana

All about Natural Deodorants Levrana

Body Deodorant – Present Salvation for those who are inclined to high sweating. However, some types of this hygienic agent become ineffective if the problem is too large, and there are even such deodorants that cause harm to the tender skin of the armpits. Natural cosmetics is a means that is suitable for any type of skin. Try to use LEVRANA natural deodorant.


Potting is a natural process in the body of any person. When the sweat is selected on the skin, bacteria arise, why the armpits appear an unpleasant smell. To destroy these microorganisms, most manufacturers use alcohol and various chemicals that can irritate the dermis, dry it, violate natural processes in the manufacture of deodorants.

LEVRANA company produces Natural cosmetics, as part of which there are no petrochemical products, harmful facilities and products of animal origin.

Thus, a means based on natural components more carefully refers to the skin of the armpits, contributes to its breathing, nourishes and restores chemical damage after damage.

Another plus of natural deodorants from Levrana – hypoallergenicity. This problem often accompanies women when using deodorizing sprays, but in the case of cosmetics of the represented company of this trouble, it is possible to avoid – natural raw materials are allergic, therefore it is even suitable for people suffering from asthma.

In 2017, the domestic manufacturer received Cosmos Natural certificate, which confirms the natural composition of hygienic products, quality of components and compliance with environmental production technologies.


In the line of natural deodorants, Levrana presents several funds with different effects and aromas. Having studied the products of the company more, each person can make the right choice. Check out the description of the following means.

“Aloe vera”

Unique vegetable composition qualitatively suppresses the development of bacteria that contribute to the spread of the smell of sweat. In this case, the substance does not block sweat glands, that is, does not violate the natural biological process. As an antibacterial component, aluminum alums and Eucalyptus essential oil are performed here.

The content of exclusively natural substances makes the skin softer and prevents dryness. Also refreshing the aroma of the eucalyptus aroma. The drug can be used after shaving.

The absence of parabens, dyes and preservatives allows you to use the means of allergies.

“Wild Rose”

This antiperspirant attracts women with a sweet aroma of roses, causing a romantic mood. Muitorous fragrant skin of the armpits gives confidence, helps to cope with fatigue and anxiety. Rose makes the dermis elastic, tones and nourishes it, eliminates irritation and dryness, stabilizes the activity of sebaceous glands.

In addition to the extract of the rosehip filling the remedy, The composition enters the Aloe Vera gel, which gives the skin softness and protects against dryness. Recovery of damaged skin contributes to geranium essential oil.

“Citrus Freshness”

The main tasks of the means – Elimination of excess moisture and unpleasant odor and retention of a refreshing effect throughout the day. As an antiseptic, aluminum alums and tea tree essential oil are used here, to mitigate the aloe vera gel, and the encrypter aroma is encouraging a grapefruit essential oil. Like all manufacturer’s products, deodorant is distinguished by hypoallergenia.

“Polar Birch”

The extracts of leaves and kidney kidneys are contained, which have anti-inflammatory and antiseptic qualities. These properties help to heal sputum, maintain tone, feed the skin with useful components. In this case, a pleasant natural wood fragrance is offered. To mitigate the dermis, applies Aloe Vera and Vitamin E gel.

“Wild Mint”

This tool is created for men who begin their day with invigorating freshness and prefer to hold it throughout the day. Mint’s essential oil gives the skin a pleasant coolness, refreshes it and tones. As part of a male antiperspirant used alumboy alum, aloe vera gel and vitamin E. Possible application after shaving.


The peculiarity of this means is that it eliminates the smell of sweat, but the biological process itself does not block. That is, the pores are not blocked, the skin breathes and is not overhanging. The manufacturer notes that The agent consists of natural raw materials by 99.5%. The composition does not contain alcohol, chlorine and ammonia.

Review reviews

Levrana cosmetics gets good consumer reviews, although buyers celebrate and disadvantages. Most popular uses “Citrus Freshness”. Women highly appreciated the absence of stickiness after use, when used, there is no sensation of gravity and discomfort, excess you do not need to wash the napkin. It is noted to preserve freshness for the whole day, also buyers like that the tool is offered in a glass bottle – this should be stored cosmetics.

Users recommend to apply deodorant at a distance of 10 cm immediately after the shower, but on dry skin.

Good grades received and deodorant “Aloe Vera”. In the application of women like it is sprayed finely, covering a large skin area. Unlike deodorants of other firms, the tube is extended until the day, that is, the means is used to the last drop. Freshness The product supports about 9 hours, does not leave stains on clothes, quickly absorbed, it will not stick, soothes the skin after shaving.

Not bad reviews leave buyers and about the products “Wild Rose”. This tool does not cause adhesion sensations, softens the skin, quickly dries, however, there are contradictory opinions about the smell. Someone the drug saves from the smell throughout the day, and someone ceases to feel fresh in an hour.

In general, the disadvantages of Levrana judging by reviews are related to the fact that the products are not able to cope with the sweating in hyperhydrosis or in situations of enhanced physical activity, but it is quite suitable for daily use in the usual lifestyle, not aggregated excessive physical activity.

LEVRAN Deodorant Review Look in the video.

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