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Domestic cosmetics “Arkady” are not too widely represented in the market, but the reviews about this brand are very intriguing. All about the professional cosmetics “Arcadia” will tell in our article.

About brand

The company “Arkady” is engaged in the release of professional cosmetics. The brand laboratory is responsible for the full cycle of the production of leaving: from the study of new recipes before the sale of finished products on the market. The range includes both cosmetics for independent home use and specialized products purchased by cosmetologists. Customer purchasing of any age and with any skin condition can choose the most suitable set for full care.

The company “Arkady” was founded in 2000 in St. Petersburg. Initially, its task was to create a means of how to cope with atopic dermatitis. However, a deep study of the skin led to the creation and other cosmetics preparations. The feature of products is The use of lamellar emulsions from membrane lipids, which are based on all cream substances.

Through the use of the means of this brand, the skin cells are regenerated, as well as the creation of a protective barrier. Another “highlight” is the use of a large number of active ingredients in natives due to anhydrous basis.


The range of the brand “Arkady” is very extensive. All products of the brand are divided into two main lines.

For professional purposes

In the range of this series, cosmetologists may choose all necessary means to work, including for peeling, skin nutrition, behavior whitening, and lifting. In stock All necessary masks, creams, gels, serums and other cosmetics. It is important to mention thatAll products have certificates of quality control, as well as it has passed all necessary testing.

For home use

This line allows you to ensure the skin cleansing, toning, nutrition and moisturizing. Arcadia offers care for fatty, dry, normal and combined skin, as well as cosmetics impeding age-related changes. There are products for hand and hair, as well as products intended for men. Special rules allow you to get rid of wrinkles, cope with Cooperoz.

The home cosmetics presents a sufficient number of lines. Consider the most popular Read more.

  • Task series “Courage” is skin moisturizing, but it consists of day and night creams. The compositions contain elements that are responsible for the normalization of the selection of sebum and the narrowing. The use of creams makes it possible not only to moisturize the skin, but also calm it, increase the tone and “erase” traces of fatigue. These funds are protected against sunlight exposure.
  • PRIME series Combines funds intended for skin cleansing and giving it tone. Their task includes the preservation of the water-lipid balance, as well as the stimulation of active regeneration. In addition, the substances used as the basis increase the effect of further care. In the PRIME series, there are tonic, gels, milk and other products.
  • Prestige series Responsible for feeding the skin of the face and helps in particularly launched cases requiring enhanced care.

New and bestsellers

Most recently, Arkady’s trademark pleased its buyers with new funds.

  • Sebonorm Face Serum Designed for fat and combined skin. Quickly absorbing, the tool creates an eight-hour matting effect, and is also responsible for the restoration of microbioma. Serum is indispensable for bold leather owners, as it helps slow down the production of skin saline and remove unpleasant shine. At the assurances of the manufacturers of pores also become less. The tool is used for 30 days, and then only 2-3 times a week.
  • Mask-Capillaryrotector with Rutin. It is recommended to use for very sensitive skin with a tendency to Cooperoz. Available in the composition of the substance is aimed at combating inflammation and protection of capillaries. Experts recommend combining it with milk-mask, fruit acids or glucon-amber peeling.
  • The superficial chemical peeling GT-Lactic Peel was relatively recently released – Novelty for home use among peels. In addition to the main action (skin updates), the tool contributes to the protection against external factors.

If we talk about sales hits, then you can not mention several funds.

  • Tonic with azelainic acid A3eline is designed for oily skin prone to rash. Regular use of tonic contributes to the sightening of pores, as well as the disappearance of inflammation. In addition, the bold glitter decreases due to the reduction of skin salon. The price of tonic is 1560 rubles. It consists of active ingredients as azelain acid, vegetable components of white willow. This product is used once a day, but be sure to courses.
  • Another popular product “Arcadia” is a fabric mask for wrinkle correction. Its cost is only 350 rubles, but the result obtained is instant and long.
  • Bestsellers include the cream of Upgrade 40+, which prevents the manifestation of PTOs. Substance not only reduces the number of existing wrinkles, but also prevents new. A rich composition includes vitamins E, F, as well as an extract of Arjuna, carnosine and peptide complex.
  • Cleansing oil-oil from the PRIME series is intended for cleaning the skin of the face and eyelids. The tool can be used for any type of skin. It not only copes with deep cleaning surface, but also supports a healthy microbi and the optimal pH level.

What products to choose?

To choose to choose the cosmetics of the brand “Arkady”, It is enough to determine your skin type, after which follow the basic rules of home care. On a daily basis, cleansing, toning and recovery that combines moisturizing, nutrition and protection. For cleansing, you can choose a milk, eliminating not only pollution, but also cosmetics, skin fat. Behind the cleansing must be toning, The funds for which are also presented at Arkadia – it is about all sorts of tonic. And milk and tonic will be able to pick up for a specific type of skin.

At the next stage, it makes sense to conduct intensive care with more active ingredients. For this perfectly suitable active serum or mask. Completes the care process using Cream for a specific skin type. In the morning he should be a day, additionally protecting against environmental impact, and in the evening – night, providing additional food.

All products presented at Arkadia are easily combined with each other, therefore there should be no special problem in choosing and acquiring specific copies. Experts recommend to navigate not at age, but on the type and actual condition of the skin.

It must be said that on the official website of Arkady It is easy to get a consultation of a specialist with regard to the use of a product. Representatives of the company may choose integrated care in accordance with the stated skin condition, recommend funds to solve a specific problem or explain the features of the application of a product.

For example, for customers with combined, prone to fatty skin, wrinkles and dark circles under the eyes, specialists make up a full-fledged leak plan. For cleansing, milk is offered for sensitive skin and tonic from the PRIME series, providing the necessary cleansing, but not creating a sense. For morning nutrition, cream with bio-retinol AVITAGE is recommended, and for night – a cream lifting with Bio-DMAE.

Once in 6 months it is recommended to conduct a course of use of intensive peptide cream UPGRADE 40+. In addition, the list of funds also includes a cream for the eyelids, the cream “BotEF” and a milk-mask with fruit acids.

Many clients are interested in the question of whether the A3ELine cream can be combined with another product for better moistening and preventing aging. Specialists of the Company recommend adding a bold and combined skin cream to day care with bio-retinol Oily Home, and in the evening, limit the A3ELine. For additional moisturizing, a pair of droplets of special serum applied under day cream.

Review reviews

Reviews of Cosmetics Cosmetics “Arkady” can be found not so much. Most likely, this is due to the fact that Production of the brand is much more often purchased by cosmetologists experts than for ordinary home use. Nevertheless, it is still important to find.

Positive comments meet about milk with fruit acids. Buyers report that Although the effect manifested itself only after the third or fourth application, he was quite impressive – Pores narrowed, and skin relief improved. Many praise day cream series “Courage” for the complete absence of oily shine throughout the day and the required result of skin softening and nutrition.

Peelings Brand “Arkady” are not particularly popular. The buyers note their increased aggressiveness, even the subsequent appearance of acne. Enthusiasm does not cause an opposite mask. However, even experts themselves suggest that the problem may be in the individual “rejection” of the product. Other masks, for example, buyers even prases – mask for atony skin, mask after mechanical cleansing, sebamalizing mask, soothing with pink oil.

The number of positive and negative responses is approximately equal, so predicted, suitable or no cosmetics “Arkady” concrete woman, quite difficult.

Even more about Russian cosmetics “Arkady” will tell the following video.

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