All about snp patches

All about snp patches

SNP patches –This cosmetic miracle from South Korea, which has already managed to appreciate women in dozens of countries in the world. The brand successfully implements its products in the United States, where cosmetics should undergo strict control. The company specializes in products created on the principles of Total Skin Solutions, connecting the best scientific developments and natural ingredients to obtain perfect results in skin care.

The effectiveness of patches is repeatedly proven and confirmed by even the views of cosmetologists, not to mention simple buyers whose feedback is very enthusiastic. To learn more about them will be useful both fans of the brand and those who only look at SNP products.

Features and composition

SNP patches – Korean care cosmetics for eyes, allowing to fight with traces of fatigue, signs of aging, dark circles under the eyes, edema and other specific problems. The main specialization of the brand is the manufacture of face masks, as well as other means with express action and a prolonged accumulative effect in exchange rate.

Beauty’s own clinics make it possible to understand the practical side of the use of patches and study customer needs. Institute of SNP Dermatology, which emerged on the basis of small enterprises in the service sector, quickly turned a little-known brand into a real trend among the fans of intensive care of the face. Hydrogel patches from Korea helps to saturate the skin of the skin around the eyes and have the ability to moisturize deep layers of epidermis.

Among the active active ingredients used by SNP in their mini masks, many natural ingredients can be distinguished.

  • Pearl extract. This component is responsible for lightening dark circles under the eyes, contains valuable konchioline protein. It is added to anti-aging cosmetics to stimulate elastin production. Pearl extract can be considered as a natural antioxidant, helps moisturize and tone.

  • Rubic powder. Responsible for the seal of tissues, stimulates the production of collagen. It has a strengthening, rejuvenating, soothing effect on the skin.

  • Gold and collagen. Korean cosmetologists view gold as an effective anti-inflammatory component, consider the element that awakens cell regeneration. Colloidal gold strengthens the patches, rejuvenates the skin, restores its tour. Collagen is responsible for the formation of a dense and durable frame in the skin. When lacking collagen fabrics sag, weaken, the face will quickly age. Patches allow you to intensively saturate the skin by this substance.

  • Extract of swallow nest. The valuable ingredient received from the raw materials produced on the coast of the South China Sea. Salangani swallows are waters of their nests from cheeks, fry, mollusks, algae. For use in the cosmetology industry, this product is purified, processed, maintaining valuable vitamins, trace elements, amino acids, proteins, enzymes in its composition.

Patches with bird nest extract, with gold, with black pearls from SNP help to quickly eliminate all negative traces of a rapid night, spilled tears, accumulated fatigue, lack of sleep. They return the skin tone and remove the edema in just 20 minutes.

Principle of operation and efficiency

The principle of operation of hydrogel patches SNP is quite simple. When contacting the area around the eye, the lining of an unusual form begin to actively give the nutritious essence, which they are saturated. Tight fit to leather, provided by hydrogel pads, gives a pronounced anti-refective effect, amplifying if you keep the packaging in the refrigerator. For 25-30 minutes, patches give moisture, but after that time they begin to take it from the skin.

Among the results that can produce SNP hydrogel patches can be noted:

  • Leather Lifting Around Eye+
  • Intense moisturizing+
  • Elimination of signs of fatigue+
  • Removal of edema+
  • Elimination of dark circles and pigmentation+
  • General rejuvenation of cells.

These patches are suitable for daily use, especially effective when using courses for 2-3 months. In this case, the effect of their application will be more pronounced.

Due to the unusual form of pins, patches can be used not only in the eyes, but also in the nasolabial area. They are firmly held, and the nutritional essence covering them does not require flushing.

What to choose?

Patches from Korea for the skin around the eyes With Bird’s Nest Aqua Swallow Nest extract, Golden Collagen, created on the basis of Ruby Nutrition ruby ​​powder, Black Pearl with natural pearl extract and many others are truly unique. These products and themselves can be considered jewels capable of transforming and saturating the skin with essential nutrients.

When choosing SNP patches, it is important to pay attention to what skin problems have to solve. So, when dealing with dark circles under the eyes will be indispensable Black Pearl Renew Eye Patch with black pearl extract. They are well suited to eliminate mimic wrinkles, the first signs of age-related changes, traces of fatigue.

Anti-aging means SNP GOLD COLLAGEN help get rid of more serious age changes. They should be chosen after 30 years when the skin already needs the most intensive nutrition. As well as patches with colloid gold are relevant for use on problem skin, because they help ensure its cleansing.

Bird’s Nest Aqua Patch from SNP – optimal solution for deep skin moisturizing. Hyaluronic acid combined with valuable sea extracts helps to revive, refresh, make shiny tired, deprived of moisture fabric fabrics. Patches are well suited not only for the area under the eyes, but also to eliminate nasolabial folds, wrinkles on the forehead, between eyebrows.

To correct considerable age changes, it is recommended to choose Ruby Firming Eye Patch. Rubic powder seals the skin frame, stimulates the production of own collagen tissues. During the course application of the mask for the area under the eyes, it helps to achieve the effect of lifting, struggling with wrinkles, pigmentation.

How to use?

The use of patches for Eye SNP makes it possible to improve the condition of the region of the lower eyelid, in the temples, in the corners of the lips, between the eyebrows. Appliques are pretty easy to use. The only thing about to take care – Compliance with a number of rules that will help make the work of patches as efficient as possible.

Skin preparation

In order for patches to have been involved, it should be responsibly approaching the preparation process for their application. From the area around the eyes are washed away with pollution, traces of cosmetics. You can wipe the skin with tonic, and then be sure to wait for it to complete drying. If there are edema The area under the eyes is recommended to massage 20-30 minutes before the procedure.


The procedure for applying hydrogel patches SNP is quite simple.

  1. Patch removed from the packaging with a blade.
  2. Superimposed on the face of the narrow side of the “Crescent” to the nose. Eyes should be open, otherwise the pad can shift. Patch is better to pull slightly. The right fixation site is located up to 3 mm from the ciliary edge. If the patch is below, it will have to shift it.
  3. Horizontal position is accepted for 3-5 minutes. So patch is better to stick.

Hydrogel patches are kept in contact with the skin for 20-30 minutes. With a longer contact, the applique starts to pick up the wicking out of the fabrics. Reused is not recommended.

Frequency of applications

To obtain a pronounced result, SNP hydrogel patches must be applied systematically, courses, from 2 times a week and more. With one time, it will be impossible to talk about a sustainable effect. Their actions are enough except to eliminate edema and circles under the eyes.

Subsequent care

Usually after using hydrogel patches, it is recommended to give the skin for some time to rest, absorbing the remnants of the essence. After 30-40 minutes, it is possible to apply the usual day cream or makeup base. No additional tricks after using patches are not required. Flush the remnants of the mask are not specifically needed.

Review reviews

    According to buyers, SNP patches accurately deserve attention. Especially a lot of positive feedback leaves about the most famous product of the company containing the extract of a swallow socket. Unusual on the shape of a blue-colored pillow provide a pronounced moisturizing effect, but do not get rid of deep wrinkles. However, no one is waiting for these results – The manufacturer declares the composition as deeply restoring hydrobalans of the skin.

    Almost all buyers note the convenience of means. Patches do not rush, they are dense, well adjacent to the surface of the skin. The minuses include not too much essence in the jar. It is recommended to shake the packaging before opening, so the upper layers will be able to soak fluid better than.

    Hydrogel structure of patches has the ability to fit well to the skin, when used, they do not slip. This, according to buyers, is favorably distinguished by SNP products from analogs.

    SNP Patches Overview See next video.

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