All about the domestic brand of cosmetics Freedom

All about the domestic brand of cosmetics & Freedom &

Many consumers are interested in environmentally friendly cosmetic products. Cosmetics brand “Freedom” is completely harmless to health.

Brand history

A large cosmetic factory has grown out of a small Moscow perfume enterprise. Originally arose a partnership “A. Roll and Co. His creator in 1843 was the Frenchman. BUT. Roll. First, the release of spirits, cologne. Still at the enterprise produced lipstick, powder, cooked soap. Italian and french raw materials were used. The recipes of products were brought from France.

In magazines manufactured by the company, described 100 flower flavors of spirits. Completed the divine smell of perfumes with the romantic names “Source of Love”, “Russian violet”, “Bouquet of Napoleon”. A special aroma for use in frosty days was invented.

Fascinated liquid It was customary to sprinkle fur collars, caps, gloves.

In 1857, the founder of production was forced to return to his homeland due to a pulmonary disease. The manager remained Eduard Bo – the Son of the prisoner of the French soldier who arrived in Moscow. Products have repeatedly honored the highest premiums on all sorts of domestic and foreign exhibitions. Expert Commissions have noted a high quality of produced goods.

In 1917, the partnership was nationalized. At first, he was replaced by the name on the “State Soap Plant No. 4”, and since 1922 he became referred to as the Freedom factory. Later equipment for the production of perfumery has moved the factory “New Zarya”. Freedom companies instructed to produce soap. By the mid 40s, various varieties of soap were produced, dental powders, cosmetic creams.

In the 50s, the factory settled the production of toothpaste, which quickly became a publicly available product. A paste was produced under different names: “Moscow”, “Special”, “Mint”, “Forest”. Later began to produce pasta for children “Berry” and “Cheburashka”.

Since 1992, one of the largest enterprises of the chemical industry has begun to be called OJSC “Cosmetics Association” Freedom “. Modern manufacturing corporation operates in the following areas: Glycerinovaya, soap-made line is functioning, the release of cosmetics, mouth and hair cavity care products.

Factory cooperates with many foreign companies of the world cosmetic and perfume industry.

Cosmetic lines

Corporation is famous for the diversity of goods intended for women, men, kids. Children’s lines “Alice”, “Tik-so”, “Luntik” Famous with gentle creams, fragrant water with berry-fruit aromas and other cosmetic products created for the smallest consumers. Many men use All sorts of liquids and creams before and after shaving Brand “Freedom”.

The company produces means for staining hair “Gamma”. Liquid with the name “Lokon” is designed for cold chemical hair curling. With it, you can create a spring curl, straighten curly curls, remove paint from the skin after home painting strands. There are lines of release of various cavity tools. Popular series of toothpastes and rinsers are known under the brand “PERODONTOL”, “Fluorodent”. Improved edition “Family” toothpaste with extracts of various herbs, “Pearls”, “Freedom”.

For the manufacture of cosmetics “Freedom” created a large number of cosmetic lines.

  • Milk and Honey series Known with creams that contribute to body rejuvenation, and tools.
  • The direction “Green Tea” famous for excellent preparations for the eyelids and massage creams. Green tea extract contained in the asset cream helps to remove inflammatory processes. Means are often used with complex treatment of problem epidermis. They brighten the spots on the face, weaken the acne rash, clean and narrow the pores, regulate the metabolic processes of the skin.
  • Tools series “Business woman” are valued for restoring complexes that have the ability to remove toxins from the skin. The components of the drugs contribute to good humidification of the skin, removing dark circles under the eyes, improving the epidermis in general. There is a counteraction to rapid aging of the skin. All means of this line have a light texture, so they are great for use as a base for makeup.
  • Line “Aloe” Known with high-quality moisturizing creams.
  • Cosmetic agents, Krasiva Cosmetics line tones are highly appreciated by fans of the brand “Freedom”.
  • Products Line “WoW” Provides perfect absorption, leather equipment moisture. Preparations perfectly matured skin.
  • Line “Ballet” famous for a series of funds for any skin types. They are made of natural substances that contribute to maintaining elasticity of the epidermis, withdrawing inflammatory processes. Massage cream tones, heats up. With it, the hand is easily sliding when body massage. Means helps to remove fatigue.
  • Line “Diamant” known to drugs preventing skin wadering. Products for face, eyelids and 2 types of lifting cream.

Review of creams

All cosmetics brand “Freedom” superbly regulates water balance, Regenerates damaged areas and provides full-fledged epidermis nutrition of any type.

  • Much popularity of the ladies won face creams “Ballet” and “Natasha”. They help keep skin elasticity. Skin covers wonderfully moisturize and get high-quality food.

  • Nutritious means “Evening”, “Herodont”, “Suite”, “Yantar” In its composition, they have predominantly natural raw materials, which slows down the aging processes of the epidermis. The effect of natural substances helps maintain the energy balance at the cellular level, accelerating the exchange process.

  • Lifting cream “Diamant” Updates the structure of the skin. It has substances that can activate cellular functioning. Avocado oil, plankton extract, silk protein and other substances soften and saturate skin cover, protect them from premature wilts.

  • In the leather care products around the eyes “Diamond” Contains Vasilka, Peach and Chamomile Extract. Substances toned, refresh, moisturizes. Punching around the eyes passes, wrinkles are smoothed, dark circles disappear.

  • Children’s funds “Classic”, “Alice”, “Tik-So”, “I and Mom” absolutely safe for kids. They do not cause allergies because they consist of natural components. There are lavender, chamomile, Lanolin, Menthol. Baby remedies eliminate baby from itching, irritation, diaper. They refresh, cooled, moisturized, tone and nourish tender skin of children. Cream eliminates children’s epidermis from peeling, redness and dryness.

Daily use is allowed, since addiction does not occur.

  • The main action of hand processing tools is directed to their mitigation and nutrition. Cream “Silicone” protects the skin from any annoying factors. Means “Ballet”, “Elegy”, “Gentle Velor”, Zodiac Perfectly nourish the skin of the hands, promote the elimination of edema, inflammation. Most creams have a herbal composition, and handicap care products are enriched with vitamin F.

  • Foot cream “Effect” perfectly softens the surface of the foot, updates it. Circular areas of skin, corn, natoptyshi heal better. Fir-firing oil substance removes inflammation, promotes skin color alignment.

  • Ballet line Promotes blood circulation, removal of gravity in the legs. It contains a tincture of chestnut, oak, wormwood.

  • Preparation for legs “Comilfo” characterized by antibacterial, disinfecting and deodorizing properties that destroy a sharp smell. The drug is known for its healing capabilities. It helps to get rid of damaged sections, cracks on heels and fingers.

Reviews and advice of cosmetologists

Experts agree that the nutritious and moisturizers of this brand deserve great attention. Ladies older than 35 years old Cosmetologists advise a magnificent liquux nutritional preparation. It has a compacted texture, so it is necessary to apply it with a thin layer, and after half an hour, it is recommended to wash the layer.

Dermatologists offer to take a cream mass consisting of the same ratio of “Evening” creams, “amber” and “luxury” and make a nutrient mask. She wonderfully moisturizes the epidermis. Evening mask in the morning will serve as an excellent basoy under makeup. Tool is provided Effective action on peeling skin of spring and autumn sometimes saves from allergies to winter air.

According to experts, The desired effect of drugs for rejuvenation is not achieved quickly, as many beautiful beauties would like. Cosmetologists note that the tonal cream “ballet” on the face is noticeable, with hot weather a shine appears, there is no feeling of freshness and lightness. Different hair fluids brand “Freedom” attract consumers with their unique thin aroma. Cosmetologists celebrate a folding feeling of a rose bush. As if new buds bloom and spread around an incredibly fragrant smell.

Good results were obtained using most cosmetic products for children, as well as hand care products and legs. Cosmetologists estimated all the produced products on the five-point system and put out the overall mark “4”.

Overview of new cosmetics factory of Freedom Factory See next video.

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