All about the Israeli professional cosmetics desheli

All about the Israeli professional cosmetics desheli

Cosmetics, which includes the minerals of the Dead Sea, always attracted the attention of buyers. Desheli, which actively uses them is known due to its innovative approach to the manufacture and distribution of cosmetics. About her products and let’s talk in this article.

About company

Israeli Cosmetology Firm Desheli is known since 2008. The corporation was carried out biotechnical development called “Smart Crystals”. Original “crystalline” substances charged by a specific program are included in the composition of cosmetics aimed at rejuvenating the epidermis and strengthening immunity.

The developers claim that the program laid in “crystals” reads the outlining skin aging processes and turn them back: the epidermis is updated and restored at the cellular and molecular level. The uniqueness of the method is the work not with the skin type, but with its condition.

Cosmetics are a good combination of plant ingredients, the Mortight Sea minerals and “smart crystals”. Products are tested at Israel Cosmetology Institutions. During the existence of the corporation, more than 100 representative offices in different countries of the world. Produced in Israel drugs of this brand are related to professional cosmetics, because visible results appear immediately after the first procedure.

The face lift occurs without surgery, the skin color is improving, the pores are narrowed, inflammation and swelling of the skin disappear.

Lines of cosmetics

The company has 7 Basic Lines for Production of Professional Cosmetics Desheli.

  • Crystal Youth Line offers 2 series: Crystal Youth Pro-Age (up to 35 years old) and Crystal Youth Anti-Age (after 35 years). All agents for the care of the skin, face and bodies are enriched with minerals, vitamins and other indispensable substances. They are aimed at improving the condition of the skin, normalization of the water balance, the preservation of youth and the fight against cellulite.

  • Sea Illusion series Anti-aging cosmetic line Sense of Perfection became famous for hair care and head care products, created on the basis of Mortvo Sea minerals. Preparations carefully restore the scalp and hair. They are completely harmless to health and do not cause allergies. Are suitable for all skin types and any hair structure.

  • Body Language Skin Care Series aims to strengthen the immune system, the weakening of age-related signs, giving the skin of elasticity and elasticity.

  • Treasures Men Gear line offers a series of goods for men. The anti-aging cosmetics uses in great demand, thanks to which the process of leather fading, the amount of wrinkles decreases.

Popular shaving creams and balsams that strengthen hair products, deodorants that ensure maximum sweat protection.

  • Treasures Skin Glory line famous for professional body care products. Cosmetics aimed at the destruction of toxins, update, saturation of moisture and nutritional components. It restores the ecological balance of skin. With the help of cosmetic drugs there is a smoothness and a delicate seal.

  • Line Cosmetics for Hair Care Treasures Brilliant Hair helps consumers in a short time improve the condition of the scalp and strands themselves. Damage caused by staining or chemical twist are easily eliminated due to the active natural ingredients contained in all means of this series.

  • Treasures Face Line It offers nutritious, moisturizing and rejuvenating faces. Natural components contained in preparations are saturated with each cell with oxygen, moisture and useful trace elements. The skin acquires a healthy look.

    Rating of the best tools

    Several funds deserve special attention, intended to care for the body and face.

    • Nourishing neck cream and neckline zone is one of the most effective drugs for humidification and skin nutrition. The unique remedy superbly refreshes the skin, satures its nutrients of natural origin. It has preventive impact, struggling with the advent of declaration and fading of the epidermis.

    • Night coat Contains bee wax, vitamin E, jojoba oil and ginseng. Skin restores, acquires life glitter, freshness and youth.

    • Softening Contains several types of oils: sunflower, cocoa, menthol, mint, calendula. Their combination contributes to the effective fight against microcracks, softening the coarseness, hydration and duration of the dermis. Aloe vera leaf juice perfectly moisturizes epidermis, exercises skin hygiene, natural antibiotic cells. Water of the Dead Sea enriches the skin of the legs with important trace elements and regenerates the dermis at the cellular level.

    • Anti-cellulite body gel It has in its composition algae of the dead sea, which contribute to the activation of cellular exchange. The caffeine contained burns fat deposits and slows down the premature wilting of the epidermis. Yellow poppy flowers have anti-cellulite effects on the body.

    After applying the drug leather pulls up, fat deposition decreases.

    Many consumers celebrate and the best products for men.

    • Shaving cream Contains minerals and proteins of the dead sea, lecithin, various essential oils, ginger root extract, aloe vera leaves and diamond powder. It has an antiseptic effect, refreshes and healing the skin.

    • After shave balm fully moisturizes epidermis, providing protection against redness and itching. It feeds, soothes and updates the skin. The oils of sesame, avocado, almonds, mint and grape seeds give the body a feeling of freshness and rejuvenating effects.

    • Roller Deodorant for Men qualitatively protects against sweat. The tool has a pleasant aroma of sea freshness. The composition includes only natural components, so irritation and allergic reactions are minimized. Deodorant protects the skin from excessive dryness, normalizes sweat glands and maintains water balance throughout the day.

    Especially popular head care products for head and hair. They include diamond powder, which helps useful trace elements to penetrate deep into the skin of the head.

    • Firing nightlife able to restore damaged strands and return them a healthy look. Dull, thin, secant hair after applying the means are acquired by silkness, well maintenance and beauty. Rosemary extract helps to give flexibility and softness by hair cover, camellia leaves and ginseng – removal of irritation of the scalp, echinacea – skin calm and regulation of seabe. The extract of daisy flowers has excellent anti-inflammatory properties, verbena leaves – the qualities of a powerful antioxidant. Substances counteract hair loss.

    • Regenerating serum against the sequential ends Contains rosehip oils, jojoba, sweet almond. In the aggregate natural oils provide skin and hair with intensive nutrition, the bulbs are actively saturated with useful substances. Around each hairs, a protective layer is created, which will remove from the wind, the sun and excess moisture.

    • Saturated hair mask is a rescue for weakened strands. It has natural ingredients that provide a miraculous effect. Increases hair growth, dandruff disappears. Keratin hydrolyzate penetrates deep into the shell of each hairs and fills damaged areas. The inflicted substance does not form a fatty film and gives hairstyle. Brick hair acquire silkiness and healthy view.

    Among the cleansing funds most appreciated lotions, face masks and body scrubs.

    • Cleansing mud mask well suited for problem skin. It is a good prevention of the appearance of acne, restores the water balance, refreshes and carefully cleans the skin. Mask contains natural cranberry extracts, cleanliness, chamomile and propolis. It has the Dead Sea minerals, clay and dirt.
    • Body Scrub Contains in its composition fine salt and vegetable garnet extracts, roses, chamomile, green tea, jojoba sprouts. There are various vitamins, rice powder and diamond powder. Gentle scrub softens, moisturizes, refreshes and cleans the skin from the dead cells. The remedy soothes the dermis, relieves irritation and redness. It improves the metabolism, normalizes blood circulation, prevents skin fading.
    • Cleansing lotion Contains in extracts of figs and ginseng, hood from white tea leaves. It perfectly removes the dead cages from the body surface, perfectly eliminates all pollution. Means recommend using for removal of makeup. It moisturizes the skin well, slows down the aging processes.

    Advantages and disadvantages

    Desheli has a number of advantages:

    • Conducting free cosmetic procedures+
    • Availability in highly qualified psychologists.

    The minuses include:

    • Lack of medical education and sanitary books in cosmetologists+
    • incompetence of most freelance consultants+
    • annoying imposition of goods+
    • Lack of expiration date on packaging drugs+
    • Insufficient information on the use of funds+
    • Lack of clear consumer information+
    • The inconsistency of the ingredients indicated on the packaging with the real composition of drugs.

    Review reviews

    About Cosmetics Desheli and Methods of the Company meets a lot of positive and negative reviews. The quality of cosmetics does not cause special complaints from consumers. Negative reaction cause products distribution methods.

    Most people scare up aggressive marketing strategy. The company is looking for customers through phone calls to the numbers of potential buyers who are offered to undergo a free cosmetic procedure. After processing the face or hair, the patient is offered to purchase an expensive suitcase with cosmetics. If the client does not have money, he is directly in the office make a loan.

        Many consider the myth of the history of “smart crystals”, as it is impossible to reverse the skin aging processes at the molecular level. Dermatologists assure that the absence of “smart crystals” does not reduce the quality of drugs, which is significantly improved by the minerals of the Dead Sea.

        Permanent clients of Desheli note the lung structure, a pleasant fragrance of all brand cosmetic means. Many believe that moisturizing and nutritious creams, balms are very effective. They are pleased with the efficiency of drugs. Other users complain about the appearance of allergic reactions to DESHELI cosmetics.

        Cosmetologists converge in the opinion that Cosmetics of this brand possess anti-inflammatory properties. They remove the irritation of the epidermis and perfectly moisturized the skin. Cosmetics gives the skin of a matte shade and removes the fat shine, promotes the lightening of the face and the disappearance of pigment spots.

        Specialists recommend DESHELI cosmetics for professional use. In their opinion, all procedures should gradually perform professionals, otherwise you can not wait for a good result. Cosmetics are successfully used at home.

        Review Cosmetics Desheli See More.

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