All about tonal fluids

All about tonal fluids

The market of cosmetic goods is infinitely replenished with new products of the highest quality. The choice of ladies is presented a great many effective funds with which it is easy to create, indeed, spectacular and feminine images. We learn more about the tonal fluids and will understand how they need to choose.

What it is?

If today every girl knows about all the features of the tonal foundations, then the “fluid” attack is misleading, since not everyone is understandable.

In order not to be confused in the concepts, you can immediately open the “all maps”: the fluid is a special representative of a group of creams that differ in a lightweight formula. They have fewer fats and more components of natural origin.

Conventional fluids absorbed at the maximum speed – literally in some seconds. At the same time, there is no need to apply day and night creams. But the tone fluid is an excellent start for making makeup absolutely any complexity and destination. This is due to the fact that the pigments that are contained in such cosmetics may effectively mask all existing irregularities and disadvantages.

What is the difference from the tonal cream?

Do not confuse tonal fluids with classic tonal creams. These are different means having a lot of differences. Need to take into account that Modern tonal fluids not only successfully hide disadvantages. Components may also be present in their composition, making products more multifunctional and practical.

For example, high-quality copies with reflective particles, special sunscreen filters, natural ingredients, which moisturize and feed the skin of the face, are expanding.

Thus, it is possible to summarize the main differences between the tonal fluids from the classic creams, with which many women are familiar:

  • Tonal fluids are characterized by more liquid consistency than standard creams+
  • In fluids there is a smaller percentage of fat+
  • Cosmetics under consideration are much faster absorbed+
  • Their composition provides special polymers that can neutralize the skin fat and mold the surface of the dermis+
  • Fluids, unlike tonal creams, possess a careful effect.


Modern tonal fluids can be chosen for any skin: both for oily, and for dry, and for problem, and for age. They are presented in a rich assortment, Therefore, every fashionista has the opportunity to choose the perfect suitable option.

    All existing formulations are divided in accordance with several main criteria.

    In the form of release

    Different tonal fluids are available in various packages. The most common are Products sold in bottles. They are found in many stores and are convenient to use.

    There are tonal fluids manufactured In the form of Kushon. These are such improvised sponges that are impregnated with a tonal agent. On this device, just need to press with the help of a sponge or brushes, and then distribute the facial skin.

    According to the presence of additional components

    Modern tonal base of the type of type can give a larger more attractive and fresh tone, unique shine. Many girls enjoy tonal fluids with a matte velvet effect.

    The listed effects, as well as the caring effect on the side of fluids, are provided due to the presence of different components. Distinguish several options.

    • With SPF filter. Fluids with such a component are able to ensure the skin of the face is excellent and effective protection against harmful solar radiation.
    • Moisturizing. Modern tonal fluids with a moisturizing effect are very popular. It is usually a means with hyaluronic acid, various oils and other necessary elements. If you regularly use similar products, the skin of the face will become gentle and silk.
    • Rejuvenating. These are funds with vegetable extracts, vitamin complexes and minerals.
    • Soothing. Soothing effects have tonal fluids, in the content of which there are components such as aloe extract, niacinamide and other necessary components.


    One of the most important criteria for the selection of high-quality tonal fluid – a brand that released it. Today, there are many well-known and large manufacturers offering a safe and effective product to choose a safe and efficient product that can be used in relation to the skin of any type.

    Consider several popular brands producing better and weightless tonal fluids of good quality.

    • Yves Rocher. Famous brand produces high-quality tonal fluids for different skin types. Branded products are easy, safe and highly efficient. Many copies provide a very comfortable pipette, with which you can dose with maximum accuracy to the ultrafluid texture. Assortment Brand has good budget funds.

    • Vichy. This major manufacturer is engaged in the development of fluid fluid combination. The modern series Dermablend is especially popular. Cosmetic products can be selected from different shades. Fluids have thick consistency and most carefully cover the skin surface.

    Vichy produces excellent cosmetics with which you can successfully hide even serious defects of the dermis.

    • Chanel. Luxury French cosmetics boasts impeccable quality. The brand has released its own unique agent – a tone fluid with a protective filter from sun rays SPF 25.

    Tonal fluids Chanel quality, easy to apply and practically do not feel on the face. Fragilely distributed over the surface of the skin and look natural.

    • Lancome. This well-known manufacturer offers fashionable fashionable tonal fluids of excellent quality. In many products, applying funds on the face is carried out using a disk-applicator, which is very convenient. I am glad and the rich palette of the shades of tonal means – to choose the appropriate option can almost every lady.

    • Lirene. Polish company also produces good tonal fluids in a large assortment. Quality compositions are offered in a rich palette of shades. Brand products are easily applied and distributed over the surface of the skin.

    The PERFECT TONE means is especially popular, which includes an important component – hyaluronic acid. The product is designed for all skin types and contains microscopic particles that make the skin shining.

    • Bell. This company is not standard about the issue of choosing the form of the production of tonal fluids. Under the brand Bell are produced in the form of pencils. Such products demonstrate themselves very convenient to use. With the help of tonal poetics, women are much easier to mask flaws on the skin of the face.

    Cosmetic products Bell are almost imperceptible, especially if it is good to grow sponge or brush. Fluids do not cause allergic reactions, which pleases many ladies.

    • Juvena. This is an elite brand from Switzerland, offering women full skin care at the age of 18+. In the assortment of the manufacturer there are tonal fluids, with which you can give a bronze shine with a leaning, protect the dermis from the negative effects of the Sun, smooth it. As part of many funds, there are such components that not only allow the skin to protect the skin, but also stimulate its self-renewal – contribute to the production of elastin and collagen.

    How to choose?

    If you want to buy, really, high-quality tonal fluid, which is valid for you, You should stick to some simple rules.

    • Look for suitable products in good stores. These can be specialized trading points in which branded cosmetic products are implemented. Do not buy such things in the market or in questionable cheap stores. In such institutions, you hardly manage to find the original corporate product. Moreover, buying cosmetics here, you risk colling with allergic reactions and other unpleasant consequences.
    • Find the shade of the cosmetic tool that the most suitable for you and matches your natural skin tone. If you grab the first trunk fluid, without paying attention to its shade, you later risk regret on the perfect purchase.
    • In search of a high-quality, efficient and safe product should be treated exclusively to branded tonal fluids. Fortunately, today such things produce many major firms known worldwide. Do not think that the branded cosmetics of this type will definitely be expectable – in stores you can find many inexpensive, but not less high-quality fluids from large companies.
    • Do not be lazy to get acquainted with the composition of the selected product. Make sure that the tone fluid does not contain components that can provoke an allergic reaction in you.
    • Take a look at the branded packaging with a cosmetic agent. Whether it is plastic, glass bottle or box – they should be safe and preservation. Covers must be hermetically closed. If you have noticed that the tool is not closed, and the packaging will change or damaged in another way, then the purchase is better to refuse.
    • Pay attention to the cost of the goods. Of course, today many firms produce high-quality tonal fluids for a democratic price, but do not count on high quality cosmetics, the cost of which it seems to you exempted low. Often, similar products are found in dubious cheap stores.

    As you can see, in the search for optimal tone fluid there is nothing complicated. The main thing is to consider all the listed rules. Be extremely attentive and responsible, because the beauty and health of the skin depends on the choice of high-quality cosmetic equipment.

    How to apply?

    The creators of modern tonal fluids well thought out all the nuances of applying these cosmetic products. In most cases, the compositions are sold in compact vials with a convenient pipette or dispenser – different manufacturers use different parts. Externally fluids can more resemble ordinary serums. Popular and mentioned above packaging in the form of cushions – they are very convenient in the context of the long trip, because they usually have a mirror and a sponge for applying.

    Before proceeding with the application of masking and leaving composition, it needs to be pretty shake. Before this, it is advisable to make sure that the bottle is hermetically closed to avoid excesses. Shaking the cosmetic, open it and carefully, point it to the surface of the skin. The next step will be required Carefully growing applied tonal fluid, making circular movements. For this you can use sponge or special brush, having a tight stuff.

    If you follow this simple and understandable technique, you can easily achieve the perfect translucent effect.

    Review of tonal fluids See next video.

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