All you need to know about Cosmetics Kat Von D

All you need to know about Cosmetics Kat Von D

Catherine von Dauchenber, also known worldwide as Kat von Di – American Tattooker, Author of two best-selling tattoos and the creator of the cosmetics of the same name. During one show, in which Kat participated, representatives of the Sephora brand noticed her bright, perfect red color lipstick, which “lying” on the lips to a smooth layer, without cracks and roughness.

As it turned out, to achieve this color, the tattoo driver simply mixed two outclasses. And representatives of the brand offered her cooperation under their beginning, aimed at the release of a limited lip line in the number of four shades. Since then, the cosmetic brand Kat Von D is gaining momentum of popularity worldwide.


Kat is a fairly spectacular girl, her bright images are perfectly combined with her tattoos, and makeup only emphasizes her personality. Why cosmetics background di so popular? Most likely, the answer here is only one – It is all thought out to the smallest detail, ranging from the design and color palette and finishing the packaging.

It is safe to assume that Catherine itself enjoys its cosmetics. After all, with the line of products of her brand, it is possible not only with ease to repeat its everyday makeup, but also experiment with bold images.

Everyone love cosmetics kat for It can be attributed to professional, which is easy to use independently. Dense tonal bases with ease hide defects (and even tattoos). This is what many girls like – a dense coating that overlaps any flaws. And this is an unspecified plus. After all, few tones can boast such density and resistance.

Another plus can be considered that Cosmetics from Kat does not contain a single component of animal origin.

It is not tested on animals. After all, this is the main goal that Kat puts for itself when creating its cosmetics.


Total products in ruler 23. They are available to purchase and have not changed over for 10 years. Lock-IT Foundation Tonal Remedy has 19 shades. It is very dense, but light. It is famous that it can overlap any flaw. In addition to it, it is not necessary to use a console under the eyes, as the finish will be excellent and without it. Separately, you can mark the design and convenient dispenser of its packaging.

The next product to pay attention is Tattoo Liner eye. Perfect liner for drawing arrows of various shapes, length or density. Many celebrate its resistance during the day. It is suitable for both professional makeup and beginners in this matter. The eyeliner for its type resembles a felt-tumbler with a very flexible tip, which can draw both as soon as noticeable arrows and “cat” eyes, which prefers and Kat itself. Pigment is very resistant, saturated black. Dries on the skin for counting seconds and is not lubricated, even if you are very often blinking.

The next product that should be in each cosmetics is Liquid lipstick Everlasting Liquid Lipstick. It has a finish in the form of a matte velvety coating. Consistency is light, completely not felt on the lips. Pigment is bright enough, even in one layer you can get a dense coating. Applicator has an acute form. This is done so that you can carefully draw the contour of the lips. If you are a fan of the effect of “naturalness” or “kissed” lips, then simply apply lipstick on the middle of the lips and grow in her pillow. Lipstick during wearing does not roll, not clogged into cracks and does not emphasize peeling.

Shades in the lip palette has about 40 pieces – from the casual Nude to the bold red. With so much lipstick you can create any makeup. Moisturizing lips give such components like vitamin E and sunflower seed oil. In addition to liquid lipsticks, the line is represented and Simple lipstick called Studded Kiss Lipstick. Total 39. This is 15 lipstick with shimmer and 24 lipsticks having satin or matte finishes. They do not enjoy so popular as liquid, since slightly dry.

Cream Consillion Lock-It Concealer Cream perfectly copes with its task, overlaps pigment spots, any redness or acne, as well as circles under the eyes, but requires additional fixation of powder. Pallet for Shade + Light Contour Palette It consists of only three 3 shades of the halatera and 3 sufficiently deep dark shades for the contour. On the texture they are dry and very light. Perfect for easy and hardly noticeable correction of any flaws. Minus funds can be considered the fact that his colors are very dark. But if you have a tanned dark skin, then the palette is suitable for you perfect.

Shade Shade Palets + Light Eye Contour Palette do not differ in some bright or screaming colors. Shades Casual, Dark. They are well pigmented and for one application fully transmit color. Mascara IMMORTAL LASH 24 Hour Mascara – Universal mascara for eyelashes, with effect 3 in 1 (lengthening, twisting and volume).

Due to its durability, this mascara fell in love with many. It is waterproof, does not appear, has a silicone brush.

Cosmetics from Kat von Di Unique. Beautiful design will delight you every day, and the products themselves will serve long enough. Of the minuses of cosmetics, I would like to note only:

  • Possible allergic reactions to natural components in the composition+
  • Poor accessibility (not in all cosmetic stores you can purchase products of this brand)+
  • The cost that varies from the dollar course.

But all the same listed minuses with interest overlapped by the positive sides of Kat Von D cosmetics.

In the next video you will find a review of cosmetics Kat Von D.

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